Mandarin ducks, strong symbol of love and marriage bliss

Mandarin ducks are considered the most powerful symbol of love used in the Fengshui practice. A pair is usually kept and displayed in the southwest corner of the couple’s bedroom to enhance and strengthen relationship.

 mandarin ducks


These ducks live in couples and fly in pairs. One unique and special characteristic that they possess is that they mourn on the loss of their mate, the reason why traditionally they were regarded as symbol of enduring love, fidelity, devotion and togetherness in marriage.


These pair of figurines as you can see in Fengshui stores are made from different materials – Swarovski crystals, jade, brass, rose quartz and wood. Most Fengshui believers opt for the ducks made from rose quartz as it holds and render healing love energy. However, Fengshu experts highly recommend the orange-colored ducks.

 mandarin ducks


Mandarin ducks are a perfect gift for the newlyweds. It is advised to let them sit on a well-lit area of the southwest corner of your bedroom and display them as a couple, facing the same direction.  Singles who are searching for a devoted partner may also keep a pair of Mandarin ducks facing each other placed on their bedside.

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  1. This is so true, though i never really kept one in my room I always believed this since we do a lot of feng shui – it still all based on the experience and all that but I have to say energy-wise – it helps. 🙂

  2. Awe! So cute and beautiful. Just like the Guess, they fly in pairs and they only stick to one partner for life. How amazing is that. It is fascinating to learn some things about animals.

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