Manila Staycation Fun with the Family

You do not need to leave the city to have a vacation.  Travelling to a far off place or an exotic destination can be quite a challenge especially when you have kids in tow.  Factor in the expense, it racks and most get discouraged to travel. It’s no wonder that the idea of a staycation has become a popular option for those who want to get away from the usual daily grind and have a little fun with the family without going far from home.  It’s great that you can find quite a number of staycation hotels in Manila using online travel agencies like Traveloka. Here are some ideas for your next family staycation.

Where to Stay

The city of Manila has a lot to offer for local tourists and vacationers.  Accommodations are affordable yet nonetheless comfortable and pleasurable.  The amenities and available activities are not all that bad either.  Here are two options for staycation hotels in Manila that you can consider:

  • Hotel H2O

    – exciting water fun – This is a smaller and relatively newer hotel in the Manila Bay-Roxas Boulevard area.  It is actually located right in the Manila Ocean Park complex.  Its different room types are attractions in themselves.  They have the Parkview Rooms, the Bayview Rooms, and the Aqua Rooms.  Depending on your choice of room, the floor to ceiling windows can offer you a view of the city/park or Manila Bay. The Aqua Rooms are signature rooms that surround you with aquarium walls – these rooms are always a hit with the kids.

Other Attractions:  Liquid Pool and Lounge, Zen Yu Eco Spa, Fitness Room, Makan Makan Restaurant




  • Manila Hotel

    – a taste of Old Manila – This hotel is a cultural experience in itself. Although rooms have been renovated and refurbished in the recent years, the look and ambiance still embodies the tradition and history that the hotel has been known for.  It would be a “big” thing for the kids to know the stories of the prominent historical personalities from here and abroad who have stayed in the same hotel.  Of course, you can still hop on over to the nearby Manila Ocean Park during the day if the kiddos would like to have a glimpse of Philippine marine life.

Other Attractions:  Café Ilang-Ilang, Pool and Garden, Manila Hotel Spa

Manila Hotel1.jpg


These two staycation destinations have their own restaurants where you can have your own meals.  If you book online, you might also find deals for free breakfasts.  There are also quite a number of restaurants in the area where you can eat and enjoy the view of Manila Bay.  The Manila Bay sunset can serve as a wonderful backdrop for your family dinner – definitely a step up from the usual fast food meals.  Seafood and local ihaw-ihaw (grilled food) are must-try dishes in these restos.

Family Friendly Activities

Both of these staycation hotels in Manila have onsite amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centers, and spas that you can enjoy. There’s also high speed internet access in these staycation destinations so you do not have to worry about being disconnected during your staycation.  As a tip, however, it would be good to avoid fiddling with your gadgets while you’re on vacation.  Maximize your quality time with the family.  After all, that’s the whole point of getting away from your usual routine.

Apart from onsite amenities, there are also other activities within the vicinity of these hotels that you can enjoy with the family.  Try these:

  • Manila Ocean Park– This park is touted as the country’s first state-of-the art Oceanarium.  It features lifesize aquariums and fish tanks filled with fish and sea creatures.  There are also stations for interactive activities and games.  If you are staying at Hotel H2O, you simply have to step out of your room and go down a couple of floors to get to the park.   It’s also just a stone’s throw away from Manila Hotel.
  • Catch a Play at the CCP– You can take the family to the matinee or a gala at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  Check out the schedules and book tickets for one that the entire family would love to watch.  As you are already nearby, you do not have to worry about braving traffic to make it to the opening curtain call.
  • Visit the National Museum– Make it a Philippine culture and history vacation.  There’s an extensive collection of art work and heritage pieces at the National Museum, several streets away from Hotel H2O and Manila Hotel.  This vacation activity will surely supplement what your kids learn from their history and art classes in school.  What’s more, entrance to the National Museum is now permanently free of charge.

There are plenty more places to see and visit in Manila if you do not want to stay indoors the whole time during your staycation. Packing light will free you from the usual heavy baggage and booking a room near the places that you want to visit saves you from having to go through traffic to get from one place to another. It also gives you a little bit of flexibility when you need to head back “home” because the kids are tired or need to take care of “personal” matters.


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