Mastering your art: Career options every art major should remember

Although not generally thought of as a major with many career options, art majors actually have many different avenues to choose from when it comes to finding a job after graduation. They often get boxed into simply being viewed as an artist, be it through painting, illustrations, or sculptures, but there are also many behind-the-scenes jobs art majors find success with. Below is a list of five career options every art major should remember.


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Although sometimes left out of this category, photography is indeed a beautiful and thriving sector of the art world. Many photographers will take classes or basic lessons to learn the ropes, and then enjoy a relatively high level of autonomy. As an arts major you’ll have an extra edge over amateurs in the field and can get into more industries like magazines.

Graphic Designer

This is somewhat of a newer area because it relies heavily on technology and electronic media. Graphic designers are used in almost every company to help run websites, internal portals, client-facing documents, and print materials. Although some companies will require candidates to have a major specifically in graphic design, many will accept those with a general art major as well.

Student Painting Company

Art classes, student works painting, and art lessons have been, and continue to be very popular, especially among younger students. Students can sign up for classes in any number of artistic avenues, such as watercolor painting, sculpting, basic drawing, and art restoration. No matter what the concentration, these classes will always need someone to run them, so this is a great avenue for art majors to consider. According to many Calgary painting companies, teaching what you love to do is very rewarding and can allow for more freedom in your chosen field.

Botanical Designer

If you have an art degree and an affinity for flowers and all things growing, becoming a botanical designer is a great career to consider. These professionals work in many facets such as flower design for weddings and corporate functions, landscaping, and independent floral consulting. You’d be surprised the amount of art it takes to create these masterpieces.


A curator is most often associated with running and maintaining museums, specifically the art collections within museums, but also expands to include running other types of exhibits as well, such as zoos or music festivals. Curators are considered to be the experts of whatever exhibits they are overseeing, and have a lot of say about what is presented.

While this list is by no means an all-encompassing one, it will hopefully serve as a starting point for art majors who find themselves unsure about what career path to follow. You may think job options are limited, but in reality there are multiple fields to find. No matter what concentration of art you are interested in, there will be career options to choose from.


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