Most Important Things in Life

Another year has been added to my life as I turned 47 weeks ago and as I reached the prime of my life, I have learned that the most important things one should live up and possess are faith, love, harmony and contentment.  These are the things very essential in order for a person to live life to the fullest and enjoy every single minute of it. 
Whatever is your religious belief, don’t forget to count your blessings.  Physical body is not the only one that needs feeding but spiritual needs as well. Holding on to our faith in the Supreme Being will give us more emotional strength to face whatever problems and obstacles come our way.  Spare a moment to pray.  The goodness and trustworthiness of a person develops and comes out naturally if we commune and believe in Him.  I keep in mind that the lost of my soul will be my greatest failure in life.
I have met some people who find it hard to show love to their loved ones, maybe they are just shy and remorseful, I do not know why.  Love is the most wonderful feeling a person could feel.  We should not be reluctant in showing it.  A simple hug, a kiss, words of compliment and gifts are only some of the ways we can let a person feel he’s being loved, cared for and to let him know his importance to us.  The lives of our loved ones are irreplaceable.  They will never know how much we love them if they are already gone, so why not let them feel it now.  Showing affection and appreciation will make them happy at the same time it will be reciprocated.
Love and harmony are important factors in a relationship.  Family quarrels can be resolved.  Do not prolong simple issues and problems.  Arguments are normal, especially between your spouse or children. Open the channels of communication and lend an ear to hear both sides.  Cooperation and conformity among family members will bring out a harmonious family relationship.
To find comfort with what you have and living only to your means will keep us debt-free.  Money can be earned, only patience, perseverance and hard work is needed.  Do not let money ruin our lives. As the saying goes “money is the root of all evil.”  Proper budgeting will make us get by to our daily needs.  Happiness can be found in many ways which money cannot buy.

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