Moving Out: What You Should Know About Living on Your Own

Whether you are moving out to a dormitory or a new apartment, you may be feeling nervous about living on your own for the first time. Living solo is an adventure, but it can also make you feel like you have no safety net. To take some of the stress out of the initial move, take a few moments to keep these tips in mind.

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You Need In Home Food
Even if you have cash, you are going to get tired of eating out every night. Head to a secondhand store and grab some cooking utensils, since they are usually cheaper there. Learn to cook a few basic meals, like pasta, eggs, and potatoes. Learning to cook early on is something that can make a huge difference to your money flow, and to your comfort. A weekly trip to the grocery store is going to be far less expensive than going out to eat all the time, even if you are eating a lot of packaged food. Look up easy and healthy recipes whenever you can to stay healthier.

Clean Regularly
A lot of people have trouble with this one, but a clean house will help you feel refreshed and on top of things. Pick up a little every day, and do a bigger clean on the weekends. This is not always easy, but you will feel better if you do it. Get plastic hangers so your clothes don’t live on the floor, and keep things organized in your room. The National Hanger Company suggests organizing a closet by color so you can piece together outfits more easily.

Choose Roommates Carefully
Choose your roommates for compatibility rather than friendship. A friend may love you, but if they have habits you cannot tolerate, there are going to be some serious issues that need to be addressed. Instead, choose a roommate who has a cleaning style that is similar to yours, and make sure they are on the lease as well. Do not let someone live with you without putting their name on the paperwork!

Budgeting is not easy, but it is a skill you need to learn sooner rather than later. Be diligent about keeping track of your money, and take the time to learn what things cost. Figure out where your money is going, and make sure that you want it to go there.

Moving out on your own for the first time is a little nerve-wracking, but a little preparation can make a big difference. Just stay on top of things, and be ready to compromise, adjust, and figure out new solutions!


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