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No-reno Solutions to Get a New Look Bathroom


Your bathroom might not be the most exciting room in your home. It’s for a practical purpose, although you might also spend time relaxing in there. Even if you’re not going to have tonnes of fun in your bathroom, it can still look good. In fact, most people like their bathroom to look beautiful. Otherwise, it would just be a little depressing. Not to mention that it wouldn’t give a great impression to guests. If you want to update your bathroom, your first thought might be to remodel. But this can mean extensive work, which might take a long time and perhaps get expensive too. If you want to avoid renovation, you could try one of these options instead.

Repaint or Wallpaper

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a new look is to repaint it. A fresh coat of paint could change the room dramatically, depending on what you choose. Many bathrooms stick to neutral colours, but you could be much more playful if you wanted to be. You could use brighter shades or perhaps try out some pastels. However, paint isn’t the only option. You could also use wallpaper to refresh your bathroom. Of course, you have moisture to contend with, as well as heat. However, you can buy special bathroom wallpaper that will withstand both of these things.


Update Your Existing Bath

If you want to give your bath a new look, you don’t have to replace it. You have other options if you feel like a change. One of the things you can do is to remodel your existing bathtub. You can find a company like Service Today Plumbing that offers this service. It works by installing a liner in your bath that gives it a new look. While you can’t change the shape of your bathtub, you can change the colour. This is ideal if your bathroom has an old-fashioned pink or green bath. If you think it’s an eyesore, you can simply turn it white. You can do the same to your shower tray.

Play with Lighting

Your choice of lighting can make a huge difference to your bathroom. It’s relatively easy to change if you want to avoid a complete renovation. You could start by looking at new shades you could use. Find fixtures that you think could elevate the look of your bathroom. You could do a bit of rewiring if you want to install something new. However, you don’t need to do that if you want to change the lighting. You can stick to more straightforward options to make things cheaper and easier.


Update Hardware

You can also change your hardware and accessories for a new bathroom look. Think about things like door handles, taps, and even your shower curtain. A few well-placed accessories can make all the difference in your efforts to update. Something as small as a soap dish might make your bathroom look better.

There’s no need to renovate completely if you want a new look for your bathroom. Some more minor changes could be enough to get your desired effect.

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