How To Make Your Life That Little Bit Easier

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make your life that little bit easier

In this busy and sometimes hectic modern age, you’d be forgiven for wanting to ignore the world for a short time and stay at home and enjoy the activities you take pleasure in doing. Home comforts are the just ticket to make your life that little bit easier. With some home improvements, you could see your life become a little less stressful, and fingers crossed, you’ll be afforded more time for the activities you enjoy, such as exercise and sports, having a home-cooked dinner with your family, and with any luck, getting into bed an hour earlier. Reducing stress in your life is possible, you just need to know how, and this list should provide you with some useful tips you can utilise.

Home Organisation

The prospect of organizing your home from top to bottom may be unappealing. However, it needn’t be as it’s probably not the feat you believe it to be. First and foremost you’ve got to start with the problem places, the spaces that cause you the most stress, so, if that’s the kitchen, then start there. Separate out every item you have and lay it aside; you could even take a mini inventory of what you have, that way, it’ll be clear what you can throw away if you’ve got unnecessary and miscellaneous clutter that’s no longer serving any purpose. Be ruthless with clutter and chuck or donate anything you neither want nor require. Have somewhere whereby you keep items you use every day in one place like a desk or a handy ovebed table designed for fitting over your bed to keep all your possessions in one place. Enjoy the ease of having your laptop set out with important files, magazines and numerous drawers for items like charging cables, television remotes and books.  

Food Deliveries

Having your groceries delivered to your door could save you hours of shopping time, the time you could be spending doing the things you want to do. Order your food and other household wares online and choose the optimum time to have them delivered to your home. Many companies deliver fresh and organic produce to your doorstep so be sure to look around and find one that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Get A Cleaner

Consider employing a cleaner to blitz clean your house every week, you can still see to the everyday cleaning but having someone clean your house thoroughly once a week can free up the time you would have spent doing so. Having a clean and tidy house provides that calming space you can unwind in too, so it’s impossible not to benefit from this.

Voice Recognition

Amazon Alexa is a voice recognition device that aids how you complete tasks by essentially performing as a personal assistant to answer your enquiries. You can stimulate a response from this gadget simply by raising your voice and asking Alexa the question. If you’re cooking in the kitchen and need reminding of the ingredients, then consider it done, without having to search your phone or consult a cooking book – Alexa has answered your question. Alexa is capable of making to-do lists, setting alarms, giving weather forecasts, and reporting the news. Having this device in your life could be all you need to make it that little bit easier.


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Why You Need The Right Pig Dog Hunting Equipment

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hunting equipment

Pig dog hunting can be dangerous – if you don’t have the right equipment. But, with the right equipment, it can be an interesting past-time.

Among the collection of pig dog supplies is a wide range of pig hunting accessories that are vital for hunting feral pigs with maximum efficiency and dog safety. Chest plates and collars, for instance, allow for a fast and easy release when you’re traipsing through the woods and will also protect your pig dogs from infuriated pigs should a tussle occur.

What’s more, dog tracking GPS equipment can help you to track your all-important pig dogs during the time between dusk and dawn when the pigs come out to feed. First aid, stitching and skin stapling kits can help you to patch up your pig dogs until expert attention is on hand.

Importantly, pig dog supplies and equipment should be of the highest possible quality to ensure the utmost safety. Let’s take a closer look.

The Must-Have Pig Hunting Accessories

Collars should be right at the top of your must-have accessories list for pig dog hunting. The collars should be designed for field efficiency and complete durability. Leather collars are a good choice as they are usually trimmed easily for the dog’s comfort as well as flexible manoeuvre. You may also want to consider important and quality high visibility dog collars that are very handy for tracking and locating your pig dogs with your own sight. What’s more, swift release means you can release your pig dog at the right moment, just when the pig is within its reach. High visibility, tough, durable chest plates are important, too, and can give your pig dog all-out security from a pig’s tusks if they get into a battle with feral creatures. Adjustable chest plates, especially mean your pig dog has optimum protection no matter what breed it may be.

GPS Trackers and Pig Hunting Tracking Equipment

You probably already know that feral pigs come out to feed in the dark. That’s why a modern GPS tracking system is a must-have for today’s hunters. And, you want to find the best possible model you can afford. Whip and long range antennae are ideal for tracking pig dogs without negating flexibility during its chase. The practical covers and holsters on the market allow you to effortlessly carry your GPS equipment over the toughest of hunting terrains.

First Response Gear and First Aid Kits

You should never head off on a hunt without first aid kits. While an efficient kill is any hunter’s aim, enraged pigs are unpredictable and rather fearsome beasts, and there is always the chance of your dog suffering injury far away from an expert to help at the time. So, among your essential hunting items, make sure you have an easy to use and highly portable first aid kit, so you can carry out emergency procedures before you get your pig dog to a vet. Never head off without your emergency equipment.

Make sure you pack the things discussed above before you head on to your next hunting trip.


Photo by Fredrik Ohlander on Unsplash

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How to Build Your Future Like a Modern Person

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We live in a time when we have so much access to information about pretty much every topic that can interest us, and yet we use very little of it and prefer to stay in the dark for the most part. We need to wake up and make sure that we are using all available resources in planning our future and acting on those plans, otherwise, it’s easy to each old age filled with regret and disappointment.


Keep a Healthy Circle of Friends and Acquaintances

It’s easier than ever to stay in touch and keep your social circle as wide as possible, but this can also make us socially lazy in some ways. It’s important to ensure that you clean out the closet every now and then and cut ties with people that are not bringing anything good in your life. Yes, that can even include those that have been with you for a long time if they start being a toxic presence for you.

On the other hand, you should also put effort into maintaining the relationships you already have. That’s not very difficult with the help of social media and the various communication tools we have available, so make use of all that. Just don’t overdo it of course, and remember that personal communication still has numerous benefits that should not be forgotten. Supplementing it with online chats in a healthy dose can work great though.

Find a Viable Career and Pursue It

You don’t have to stick to the first career path that comes your way, and you should definitely put some effort into researching what you can do best and how to develop your skills. Checking out a list of accredited medical billing and coding schools in NYC is not a bad idea if you’re good with numbers, for example, and it’s a great way to work in the medical field.

There are many ways to put a person’s skills to use that are not immediately obvious, and it’s important to explore the full range of options you have available. And that brings us to another important point.

Don’t Stop Being Curious

It’s so easy to stay informed on everything that interests you nowadays, and you really have no excuse for complacency. You can’t stay where you are forever, and the best way to expand yourself and grow as a person is to make sure that you never stop being curious. You must always be on the lookout for new things you can learn and do, and don’t forget that there is a world of opportunities right around the corner.

There are plenty of places online where you can learn and grow, no matter if you’re looking to become a programmer, a chef, or anything else. In fact, you should pick a skill that’s completely outside of your zone of comfort and try it out. You never know where you’re going to find your new favorite thing, and the right factor can bring great improvements into your life.


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Rubbish Clearance: Keeping Uniforms Out of Landfills

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Rubbish Clearance

An under recognized rubbish clearance problem has been the thousands of old uniforms that end up in our landfills. As they lay there in the layers of landfill rubbish, they decay slowly and exude greenhouse gases as they do. To give you an idea of just how massive this problem is, consider the fact that the Royal Mail Group (RMG) alone, constituting about one percent of the total UK workforce, requires 150,000 to 170,000 of their employees to wear uniforms!

Of course, both business and governmental entities require their employees wear compulsory uniforms. Therefore, there are literally millions of uniforms coming to the end of their lifecycle in the UK each year! Luckily, we have citizens and organizations that are taking steps to intervene and ensure these old uniforms do not end up in the company rubbish clearance bins!

Formed in 2008, Uniform Reuse is a group that helps businesses and other organizations find a better fate for their old uniforms than the rubbish clearance bins. Uniform Reuse works closely with the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), an initiative of The Waste and Resources Action Programme, better known as WRAP, a UK charity dedicated to working with government, business, and people to save our resources. They encourage all to move toward a “circular economy” where the resources used to create products are put back into the system at the end of the lifecycle of those products so new resources are not needed to keep producing the same products.

Uniform Reuse works with uniform manufacturers, business who purchase uniforms, and the reprocessors of old uniforms. The idea is to improve the situation along every step of the entire lifecycle of a uniform. So, for example, uniform manufacturers may be advised to switch to a different combination of fibers in creating their uniform fabrics. This is because it is much harder to recycle certain combinations of clothing fibers than others. The type of patch used on uniforms also becomes an issue in recycling. Businesses who purchase uniforms are encouraged to ask good questions about their uniforms before they make purchases. Since they order such a high volume, their concerns carry a lot of weight in how uniform manufacturers design all their uniforms for all businesses.

There have been some tremendous successes in just a few years as Uniform Reuse and SCAP have gotten involved in this previously overlooked important landfill issue. Literally, millions of uniforms have been diverted from rubbish clearance bins and landfills as a result of their dedicated work. Luckily, the Royal Mail Group (RMG), as discussed above, has been inspired to have a central sorting and processing facility for old uniforms to make them more easily recycled. Other examples of the influence of Uniform Reuse and SCAP are covered below.

Klopman International, Europe’s leading textile manufacturer of cotton and polyester and cotton blended fabrics, has been convinced that the end of life characteristics of corporate wear is so important, they have moved toward an eco standard. In fact, they received the very first European Union Ecolabel for these efforts. They’ve also become Öeko-Tex Standard 100 accredited which means their textiles do not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde, cadmium, and phenols that are sometimes found in uniforms. This makes recycling easier and ensures these harmful substances don’t enter our ecosystem via our rubbish clearance!

Uniform Reuse and SCAP has had major influence on the reprocessor end of uniforms too. For example, they have worked with Eurostar to reuse their old uniforms to create travel related popular products such as commuter bags, laptop cases, and wallets for travel cards and other business cards. In this way, their uniforms are not only recycled but actually UPCYCLED into products with a longer lifecycle than the average uniform and often with a higher perceived value by the owner.

If you have an old uniform that you no longer want, instead of just binning it, you may want to call Clearabee to pick up the uniform and any other old clothing you want to discard. The councils have not yet been successful at diverting clothing or uniforms from our landfills. On the other hand, Clearabee, an on demand private rubbish clearance company, has an excellent track record in this regard. Give them a call and let them know what you have. They can explain how they are able to get old uniforms and clothing to places that will recycle the materials instead of sending them to the landfill.


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Simple Ways To Live A Healthier Life

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We all want to be fitter, stronger, faster, smarter and overall healthier than we currently are. It’s human nature to feel this way. Unfortunately for most of us, tending to the demands of daily life leaves us with little time to focus on improving ourselves. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do though.

healthier life

There are plenty of little things that you can work on every day that will help you become an overall healthier and happier person. Some of them may be more difficult for those who have fallen into bad habits, but none are impossible, regardless of who you are. So, without further ado, here are some things you can do every day to become the best version of yourself.

Only Drink Water

Kicking things off with something that may be daunting to many, it goes without saying that modern beverages such as beer, coffee, and soft drinks do no good for your health and provide no nutritional value to your body. All they really do is deteriorate it and leave you feeling bloated and under hydrated.

Water, on the other hand, helps purify your system and flush out all the toxins, leaving you feeling more hydrated and giving your skin a noticeable glow. It’s not pseudoscience or some misinterpreted idea; its pure fact, and if you think about it logically, it does make sense.

Water happens to be the healthiest and cheapest thing you can possibly drink, so it’s a no-brainer.

Start Journaling

You don’t have to be a master of calligraphy or have the writing talents of Shakespeare to keep a journal. You don’t even have to have a journal. Simply make use of an application that’s available on every device, such as OneNote or Evernote, and start keeping track of your life.

Write down where you want to improve, what you did, how much weight you’ve lost, how much money you’ve saved or anything else that comes to mind. This is also a great way of keeping track of what you need to do, possibly preventing a catastrophic anniversary day or a missed flight.

Practise Minimalism

Own less, live more. It’s a great way to look at life. We’re often so caught up in the pursuit of material items that we forget about what matters most. Go outside, spend time with family, run, hike, cycle and make memories. Don’t waste your money on the latest smartphone when you can go out to the park on the weekend, for example.

Get rid of things that don’t make you happy and aren’t necessary to your wellbeing and you’ll feel a million times better and less stressed. has more information on minimalism, among other topics to do with self-improvement.


There are a million other things you can do every day to improve your life. However, it wouldn’t be wise to attempt everything at once. Take a break every now and then and slowly phase everything in until you’re comfortable and confident. And when it hurts, just remember that it’ll all pay off in the end.

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