Pay for Protection or Download Free Antivirus?

Computer crashes, hacked accounts, and deleted files are some of the horrific possibilities that can happen if your PC, laptop, or smart phone gets infected with viruses and malware. As such, it is imperative that all these devices are equipped with security tools to protect them at all times. Antivirus software is a basic internet security tool that shields your device from malicious malware, viruses, and other cyber attacks. This tool can be purchased from retailers or can simply be downloaded for free. But what exactly do you get when you download it for free?

Internet security software companies provide a wide range of products that have different levels of protection. Antivirus programs that can be downloaded for free usually offer basic protection only or have limited trial periods only. At a minimum, your device can block viruses, spyware, and malware when you download free antivirus. Other features that may be included are e-mail scanner, link protection, identity protection, firewall, wi-fi protection, parental control, browser clean-up, etc. Internet security providers have products that are free for an unlimited period but they mostly offer minimum protection only. Given these limitations, a premium version provides a better alternative for those who rely heavily on their devices for business, finance, and professional transactions. Aside from blocking viruses and malware, premium versions can also provide password protection, data encryption, automatic updates, enhance firewall for online banking and shopping, file shredder, online back-up, and online support.

Availing of free antivirus programs has its own benefits. The minimum protection offered by basic packages may be suited for devices that are for home use only. If you are shopping for a premium version then it can also be beneficial to download free antivirus for a trial period. This allows you to test the product before actually paying for it. The right brand of antivirus software can give you more than your money’s worth whether you pay for protection or download it for free.


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