Peak Season Logistics Solutions For Retailers

Logistics Solutions

For many online retailers, the peak seasonal surge is a stressful time, and trying to fulfill orders is a main objective as they struggle with their limited resources. Even though it happens every year, it is still a challenge and if the temporary staff leaves a lot to be desired, mistakes can occur and the business might suffer as a result. The third party logistics industry, or 3PL as it is known, has grown alongside eCommerce and the provider would offer a range of essential services all designed to make life easier for their customers.

Flexible and Affordable

The reason why 3PL is so popular is it gives the small business a tailored logistics solution, ranging from only transportation, to a complete pick, pack and send service. You might already have good logistics in place and only require help during the peak season, and by discussing your needs with an established 3PL provider, you can use their services as and when you need to, which means you are not paying for any more than necessary. When you factor in the very high cost of in-house solutions, a third party logistics partner makes perfect sense as it gives you a top quality service at an affordable price.

Adequate Stock

The online consumer does not like to wait, and with so much competition out there, you must ensure you don’t run out of stock. Providing you have the space, it is a good idea to bulk order, which will help you save a little, or you could ask the 3PL company to stock extra and let them handle the picking, packing, and transportation, which is the preferred solution for many online retailers. Ordering should not be left too late, and knowing your suppliers will help you to calculate latest delivery dates, and in the event you have stock left over after the rush, this can be stored for a while. If you would like a detailed description of third party logistics and what it involves, there are articles online that can serve as your guide.  

Outsourcing Logistics

If you forge an alliance with an established 3PL company, they have the know-how and the resources to ensure that all orders are fulfilled, especially during the peak season, and this allows your employees to focus on other aspects of the business. Any organisation is affected by a higher volume of orders, and rather than taking on extra staff to process the orders, it is more cost-effective to call in a 3PL provider, and they can provide essential logistics support as and when needed.

Seasonal surges bring with them the potential for errors, but with some planning and an experienced 3PL partner by your side, the higher than normal orders will not have a negative impact on your business. If you would like to talk to the experts, an online search will lead you to a market leader who can take the strain and help you grow. With their continued support, you will experience sustainable growth.

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