Pick Your Dream Car through Motor Shows

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If you’re looking for your dream car, you might be surprised to learn that registering for the nearest motor show might help you in your search. One such show, the Moving Motor Show, takes place every year in Goodwood, and all types of models from some of the most famous car makers in the world including Ferrari, Ford, Morgan and MINI are on show there. A fantastic Auto Trader competition is being held where you can see some of the best new and old cars around, speak to top manufacturers and get a clear idea of what your dream car will be like.

If you’re intent on selling your current car, registering for the show at Goodwood will enable you to see for yourself what’s on offer, while also helping you to sell your car. For a small fee, you can run an advert for your car online, and it’s very easy to do. My husband has been looking into buying a new car for his eldest son, who’s having some difficulty in commuting to and from work. Speaking to him about the whole thing, he said that “It’s safe and secure to sell my car with Auto Trader especially as they have a good reputation, and some of my friends have done so before with no fuss”

I have always had a good idea of what my ideal car would be, but my husband keeps telling me that what might be my dream car today won’t be tomorrow, and that this will especially be true after we go to motor shows because of the massive choice of cars available. He always says to me that a dream car should be one that’s within your means and does all the basics.

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  1. I’m not really into cars so I actually don’t have a dream car yet.. hahaha.. Just an elegant-looking car with good features is already enough for me.. ^^ My bf is a big fan of cars though.. hahaha.. 😀

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