Prevention is better than cure

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Joint disease is a common diagnosis when it comes to horses. They are exposed to this type of illness due to their posture, which implies having strong and heavy bodies and slender legs.  There have been a number of different approaches when dealing with such disorders.

Vetroflex is one of the brands which aim to reduce the risk of joint pain by using collagen. This substance accumulates around the body’s joints, thus regenerating and strengthening them.

When the amount of collagen is insufficient it leads to rupture of the cartilages, provoking pain to the horse.  Unhealthy body parts lead to stiffness, difficulty in moving as well as discomfort. 

horse painThis product is different from others on the market because it does not contain ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin which have lacked total efficiency in solving joint problems.

Another brand which successfully manages to bring relief is Vetrofen. Their approach focuses on keeping the horse’s metabolic processes under control, therefore keep the pet from applying too much pressure on the joints, which would lead to breaking of the cartilages.

The plants used to produce these tablets are Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu. Therefore, this product is 100% natural as opposed to other remedies which contain various chemical substances to achieve the desired effect.

The two brands mentioned above are designed to work together in order to provide horses with the best protection and maintenance of the joints.

In addition to this, equilibrium massage pads are accessories which aim to bring relief to animals, whether or not they are administrated tablets for the cartilages. It is designed to reduce stiffness and relax the muscles. When placed on the animal’s back, it gently massages the area and helps improve flexibility.  Such pads are ideal after long training sessions, allowing the pet to regain its strength and force.

Equipped with 3 different settings, it assists the horse when cooling after exercise, warms the muscles before training or when needed, reduces back problems and pain. The pad is battery charged, lightweight and fits the shape of the animal’s configuration. A controller with silicone waterproof cover is used to maneuver this accessory.


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