Puppy Training

Owning a pet dog is like having a kid that needs attention and constant care. Monitoring their health through proper food intake, vaccinations, hygiene and activities will ensure them to grow fit and sound.

Timmy’s food

Puppy training is not an easy task, the process of teaching skills and behaviors, including teaching a puppy, responding to certain commands will need a lot of patience. I was able to buy this book on dog training at the bookstore last weekend which indeed will be of big help for me on house training our miniature dachshund puppy, reading it together with the articles I researched on the web will provide me knowledge on what I need to know in order for me to stay on track when raising a puppy.

Keeping a pet inside the house gave us a bigger challenge ( lol) ; lately we are having problems with Timmy (our pet dachshund) chewing papers, shoe laces or anything that he could reach including furnitures. So, as I learned through reading, we bought him additional chew and squeaky toys to keep him busy.

I am already successful in training him to defecate and pee in a designated area, but there are times he still forgets, so when I see him get super excited or zipping around which is an indication that he needs to poo or pee, I will talk to him and point the area where he will do his relief.

We are now in the process of teaching him to the most common verbal dog obedience training such as “come, down, heel, no, sit, stand, stay, fetch, find it and more. He is a fast learner but stubborn as well.

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