Rules to Observe for Condo Dog Owners

There are condominiums which allow pets like dogs or cats to reside in the unit together with the tenant or the owner provided that the pet owner abide the house restrictions and standards in pet owning.


People living in a condominium share the same common areas like hallways, lobbies, elevators and more, thus it is a must for the dog owner to train his dog in consideration and comforts of everyone else living in the same building.




Pet behavior and proper training must be observed in high rise living. Here are some rules to observe for condo dog owners.


  • Pets left alone in the condo unit while the pet owners are away must be taken cared of. Crate your dog and ask someone to look after it or leave them in dog/pet care institutions if you will be away for days.
  • Keep your dog close to you on a short leash when walking through hallways or lobbies.
  • No matter how well trained your dog is, it is a must to have your dog on leash when inside the common areas of the condominium.
  • Teach and train your dog not to jump up on people or run up to everyone.  Remember that not everyone likes dogs.
  • Stand toward the back when riding the elevator, teach your dog to sit next to you and behave during the ride. It is also important to have your dog walk next to you when you enter the elevator to avoid posing a serious problem.
  • Observe house rules on pet’s prohibited areas like in the pool or on the pool deck, restaurant or cafeteria.
  • Train your dog how to behave also on the parking lot, he should not be off leash until he entered your vehicle and close the door right away after unleashing.
  • Consider to pay a pet deposit especially when you are only renting the unit to cover the damage to the property caused by your pet.


Taking up residency in a condominium means you become a part of a community sharing the same common areas together, thus your dog requires a new set of training needs too.

It would be nice to have your pet being loved by your neighbors, would’nt it?

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