Safe road trips rely on the right tires

tiresLots of motorists are on the road everyday taking on different  routes and destination. Whether bound to short distance travel or long extra long drives, checking on the tire condition among other vehicle parts is important before driving out on the road to ensure safety and prevent unwanted car problems and awful accidents.

Tires need to have the right air pressure and tread depth to keep it in good condition.  Here are tips and signs if the tires need to be switched out to guarantee travel protection.

The most urgent instant to to change tires is when it has a puncture. This damage can easily be determined if its pressure drops rapidly. It is important to always have spare tires with you and change it as soon as possible when spotted because it poses danger when you continue to move and compromise your road safety.

To prevent slipping out of control especially during the rainy season and the roads are wet, make sure tire treads can still provide traction between the car and the road.  If the treads are worn out it is already an indicator that change is needed.

It is important to have your wheel alignment be checked and fixed every now and then, especially when you frequently take extra long drives on unfamiliar terrains. Tires can wear out faster due to improper wheel alignment.When pressure is not evenly distributed to the wheels it causes abnormal and uneven wear on the tires.

Check for damage on the sidewall of your tires. Damage on the sides of the tires can happen during a wrong curb turn or when it is hit by a sharp and hard solid object.

In due time, though you don’t take your car to long road trips or no major major damage is detected, tires eventually deteriorate due to aging and needs replacement because of wear and tear.

Ask your car shop for recommended tires and pick on the right tires that will suit your car’s needs. Right size, type and their function must be considered in order to make it last longer.  Choosing the correct tires will not only let you save on gas but can also prevent severe accidents.

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