Safety tips for Kart racing enthusiasts

A Kart is a small open four-wheeled motorsport vehicle made in different designs. Typical go-karts are intended for general public in amusement centers with limited speeds while karts used in Kart racing also known as superkarts can reach speeds exceeding 160 miles per hour.

kart racing

Recently, more and more people are getting interested to try karting on a race track as a hobby since it is full of fun and gives an enjoyable experience. However, there are several guidelines and information one need to know to become a Karter such as practicing the basics like starting, stopping and tuning the engine, learning the driving techniques and more.  Selecting and buying the appropriate kart plus proper equipment for karting needs is also a must for a beginner.

 kart racing enthusiast
my cousin, kart racing enthusiast

Among the motorsports, karting has a good safety record due to the assiduousness of the enthusiasts involved with the sport. Nevertheless, it is still risk associated. Most Kart organizations implemented rules to protect the kart racers and crews at the race track, like for instance the enduro karts are mandatory to have dual braking systems, oval karts have bodywork intended to protect the drivers’ feet, while sprint karts have FIA crash test bodywork that is designed to absorb shock and collision.

The following safety equipments are a must-have for Kart racers for protection.

  • Driving suit or jacket
  • Approved helmet
  • Driving gloves
  • Driving boots
  • Neck brace


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