Scrimp and Save

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For Mommies out there, don’t fret! We can still pamper ourselves and enjoy little life’s pleasures the budget-friendly way.  Here are some ideas how.  Skip it or skim it – take your pick J


Hair treatments at the salon.  We can reduce expensive salon hair treatments by giving ourselves hair treatments at home.  Hair hot oil treatment can be done at home.  We only need to buy a shower cap and your choice of hot oil treatment in beauty stores wherein we can use it in a number of times.  In the morning before we do house chores, we can apply it on then put on the shower cap.  As we finish our chores, our hair treatment is also done.  We still go to salons for a professional haircut or hair dye treatment but only every other month or so.


Manicures and Pedicures.  We can invest our own mani/pedi tools and do it ourselves.  You will realize that you clean your nails better.


SPA or Home Service Massage.  We can opt for this home service massage, or inquire about off-peak hours in SPAs usually early afternoon to get your massage at less expensive rates.


Books.  Check out secondhand bookshops or those that sell books at marked down prices.  I am enjoying this book shopping at Booksale, I get excellent books for a third of a price.


So far these are the things that I have in mind at the moment.  If you have other ideas, don’t be shy to contribute.  Your suggestions and comments are very much welcome!

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  1. Yup, I'll just do my nails myself. I don't want to risk getting toe surgery, just like my friend, because of an ingrown nail from a pedicure…hehe. thanks for your advice

  2. Ay, I love books but the only problem with second hand bookshops, my goodness you will be the one to locate the book that you wanted to read, you can't asked them if they have it or not because they don't know wahhh. Visiting you from Bloggers Exchange
    I hope you can visit me here too, Joy, thanks!
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  3. Hello! I am visiting you through The Bloggers Exchange. Have a nice day!

    My Comfort Zone
    Unwritten Chronicles

    I miss the pinoy way mani pedi. It's expensive here in the US for about $25 and I could get it for Php 35.00 in the Philippines.

  4. hi mommy joy! i love books too and magazines…i buy back issues sa booksale… hehehe… visiting you here via TBE April!

  5. thanks for the tips 🙂 i have bought lots of DIY mani/pedi even spa, but i couldnt do it myself 🙁

    visiting you from TBE 🙂

    Drop by my CRIB. Please don't forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!

    Have a great week!

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