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Selecting the best fireplace for your homes

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Fireplaces come in so many different styles and designs that you’re sure to find the fit and finish to suit the setting of your home. They bring a beautiful atmosphere for cozy relaxation and offer an inviting and perfect place for social interaction. The blazing and dancing flames bring warmth and a feeling of good comfort. 

limestone-victorian fireplace
There is of course,quite a lot of time and effort that must be put into the maintenance and cleaning of a real fireplace. Every time the fire dies out and you want to build a new one, the ashes must be collected and hauled outside. The chimney must then be professionally cleaned each and every year.With the advancement of technology, different styles, designs and types of fireplaces have become available within the marketplace for an alternative preference when it comes to easier maintenance, cleanliness and convenience. Modern fireplaces mimic the conventional type, but are cleaner and much more energy efficient.

flueless gas stoves

Nowadays, there are flueless gas fires, smokeless or fireless types. Other forms still use a real flame but instead of burning wood, they burn an odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly jelled alcohol compound. If you are planning on a no-chimney or vent less fire- The flueless gas fires are your best bet. 

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