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Six Seemingly Simple Things That Can Make Your Home More Vulnerable To Theft

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you better start thinking simple. That’s because it’s the obvious signals that indicate you are vulnerable to burglars. With homes being burglarized every 15 seconds, you need to take everything into consideration. Here are six indicative factors that can put you at risk:

You Put Your Trashcan Out Days Before Pickup

If you set your trash cans out on Tuesday and your garbage runs on Friday, you may be setting yourself up to be robbed. Burglars take this as a sure sign that you will be gone. In fact, you need to be wary about what you throw outside in the trash can. Boxes from expensive items could indicate to burglars that you have money to spend and other expensive items inside.

Your Yard Has Overgrown Bushes Or Trees

Burglars love to have visual obstructions around the home. It makes their job easier, so if you have large bushes around your home or anything that obstructs the view of your porch, you might want to consider removing it. Most burglars enter your home from the first level, and some 34 percent of burglars enter your home from the front door.

Your Garage Door Is Broken

Surveys report that 80 percent of intruders checked to see if the homeowner’s vehicle was home before entering. A broken garage door is an easy way to see if anyone is home. It is also a gateway to your home. They can easily check to see if your door is unlocked or easy to break in. If your garage door is broken, anyone can also easily see your valuables and take them with little effort. Call professionals to install a new garage door if yours is broken, say the experts at DSI Door Services North Shore.

You Share What Type Of Pet You Have

If you have stickers on your car that indicate you have a cat, then you might be risk. Some burglars associate cats with open windows in order to let them come and go during the day. If you have a larger dog, they may look for dog doors they can get through for easy entrance into your home.

Someone Who Works At Your House Has a Key

If you let any service workers have access to a key to your home, you better know them intimately. If your cleaning service has keys to your home, they may come back to burglarize you, yard workers may peek through windows or steal a key to your home while getting a glass of water. Keep your home as private as you can.

You Turn Off All The Lights At Night

When dealing with intruders, you need to have as many lights as possible. Don’t cut each and every light out every night, this gives burglars more cover. A potential intruder that is suddenly illuminated could turn back and run.


Sometimes, it’s the small things that matter most when it comes to keeping your home safe. Take necessary steps to protect your home today.




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