Special eyeglasses for playing basketball

Three weeks ago, my youngest son asked for permission if we would allow him to participate in their school sports fest by joining the basketball team of their level. My husband and I were really surprised upon hearing it, of course we said yes, but the problem is his eyesight being poor. So his dad told him we’re going to look for sport eyeglasses for him to be able to play basketball.

I was really thinking hard of why all of a sudden he became interested in basketball. He and his elder brother play it once in a while but he is not that enthusiastic playing it, for after 30 minutes of running, dribbling and shooting the ball, he would automatically quit the game. Well, maybe because he is now a teenager that’s why he is beginning to develop his interest in playing the sport.  

sports eyeglasses, basketball
sports eyeglasses
basketball, eyeglasses
Yahmir in basketball eyeglasses

We found a simple sports eyeglasses in the optical store where we used to have our eyeglasses made. We bought it and had the lens changed.  He is now ready to play basketball and we were all excited at the same time but after a week of several practices he changed his mind and opt to join the dart game competition instead ahaha.

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  1. HI! Is it fitted with polycarbonate lens? I have this problem with my son. It seems that they don’t have it here in our place. He wants to play basketball, but his eyesight is also poor. As early as now, I’m trying to look for a goggle type eyeglasses. How much did it cost you? Is it with polycarb lens?

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