Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family

Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family
Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family

For years now, special days out have been popular gift ideas to give to friends and family, and one of the more popular has been tours of various sports stadiums around the country. While this may seem like something that would normally appeal to the men in the family who would love the chance to have a behind the scenes look at their favorite sports team, increasingly, these have a lot more to offer the whole family.

Where Can I Go?

With many tennis, baseball and soccer teams offering tours of their stadiums, there’s a very strong chance that your favorite team or favorite player will be one of them, and that you won’t have too far to travel to be able to visit one. The cost and what you get on each tour will vary from club to club, but if you’re a fan of a team then you’re already going to be excited about going, no matter what is on offer!

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What Can You Expect

Most of the tours will generally last for around 60-90 minutes, and because of the popularity of these and the number of fans that the larger clubs attract, you’ll have to take your tour as part of a large group. This won’t spoil your experience as there are never usually more than around 50 people on any given tour, to keep things relatively friendly.

In terms of what you’ll get to see, most will offer a full guided tour of the stadium including areas that are generally closed to the public, and the chance to see the players’ changing rooms, the press rooms, the director’s boxes (and see for yourself the spectacular views of the ground that they offer), get a tour of the club’s museum (for those that have them), and you can even get to walk out of the player’s tunnel towards the pitch – a once in a lifetime opportunity! And you can get to do all of this while you learning about your club’s history.

Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family
Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family

Something For Everyone

There really is something that will appeal to all members of a sports-loving family. Parents will love to learn about the club’s history and see what goes on behind the scenes with the club. The kids will be able to imagine themselves as their favorite present-day players as they look around the changing rooms, and walk out towards the pitch, and will take away memories that will be with them for a lifetime.

Meet The Stars

If you’re looking for something even more special and a day that you’ll never forget, some clubs do offer extended tours that can last for half a day or longer, and rather than just offering the tour of the stadium itself, many will give you the chance to have a tour hosted by one of the club’s former players, and the chance to get autographs and photos taken with them afterwards. Usually lunch with the player is included as part of that package and while it’s obviously going to be more expensive, it’s a memorable experience sure to give a wealth of memories.

If you and your family love sports, and it’s something your favorite team is offering, you could have a great day out for less than the price of a family ticket to a game – and for something as unique as this, you really can’t beat that.

Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family
Family Fun: Why a Stadium Tour Will Win Over Any Family

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