5 Things Everyone Should Include in a Bathroom Makeover

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Every year, if we can afford it, it is good to get started on one major project in the home. Building and creating are just a part of our genes. There are certain things we can do that are almost guaranteed to add value to our homes if they are carried out to a reasonable standard. Improvements include:


  • New roof.
  • Gutters and soffits.
  • New windows.
  • Extension.
  • Conservatory.
  • Loft conversion.
  • New kitchen.
  • New bathroom.


There are other renovations and building projects; these are just the most obvious ones that spring to mind. We are going to investigate in this article, what to consider and include when renovating your tired old bathroom.



The first, and very important, thing to consider is the physical size of the room. No bathroom can be too big. If you have an adjacent, unused bedroom, would it be possible to move the partition wall sideways a couple of feet to increase the size of the bathroom? This is not always possible, but it is well worth checking out if the bedroom isn’t used. With a modern house, the wall may be constructed of timber frame and plasterboard finish. These are easy to move.



A separate shower cubicle,rather than a bath shower, is standard in modern bathroom design these days. Think big, however, and squeeze a double sized cubicle in, with a shower at either end. This can put an end to those moody, rushed mornings when couples are competing to get ready for work. Another question is what type of shower to install. Electric showers are simple to fit and can work independently. Unless a high quality one is fitted, however, they are prone to temperature changes when the water pressure drops or increases. Power showers fare better with pressure changes as the water to the shower is controlled by a pump.



Think along the same lines as with the shower. Two basins are better than one. Now you will appreciate the extra room gained by moving the wall. Compliment the twin basins by installing high quality bathroom taps and accessories such as towel rails.


Whirlpool Bath

Why not be the envy of your friends and neighbours with a whirlpool bath or jacuzzi? The chances are that this project is costing a lot of money already so another thousand pounds or so may not be too bad. For arthritis sufferers, they are the best invention since sliced bread.



A good lighting system in the bathroom will make the furniture and fittings gleam. Recessed ceiling lights are standard now, but they can be complemented with an illuminated bath panel, task lighting by the mirror, and even illuminated floor tiles. The mind boggles at the choices on the market.


After choosing the suite for you and following the above points, your bathroom will be on target to look stunning. It will soon be time to consider the wall coverings and flooring. The trend these days is to tile them with the same, or matching tiles. Alternatively, laminate flooring or modern vinyl will be the best choice for you. Only you can decide this; it is a matter of taste.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you have found some useful information to take away and apply in your own home. For now, I will leave you in the hope that your bathroom turns out just the way you hoped. Be bold.




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Top to Bottom: 5 Home Improvement Secrets For the Bathroom

A DIY project like redecorating the bathroom can come with some beautiful results if one uses just the right designing tricks. Armed with the right know-how, one can make a small bathroom seem twice as large, use space to one’s advantage, and keep things elegantly simple. Follow the tips below and create a bathroom everyone will love.


Planning Space

Bathrooms often have limited space, a reality that tends to decreases one’s improvement options. The solution is to use every inch available, planning out the use of space to create the ideal bathroom. This includes putting corners to good use by having Bedell Full Service Plumbing install a subway style shower in the otherwise difficult area. Getting plumbers in Indianapolis can drastically improve your space and make a small bathroom seem more large and luxurious. It’s just that simple, the wise use of space can create perfectly stylish and roomy bathrooms.


The Beauty of Contrast

A little bathroom doesn’t have to seem quite so small, a bit of contrast going a long way to create the illusion of space. The easiest way to pull off this simple trick is with the use of a large mirror in just the right location. In short, a large scale mirror running the length of the bathroom counters can make the bathroom seem twice its actual size.


Accent Eccentricity

The right accents can make a big difference in the effort to redecorate a bathroom, and the options almost limitless. A well placed vase of flowers on the counter can breathe life into an otherwise typical powder room, drawing one’s eye, and creating a focal point. For a more dramatic effect, tile a single wall, add a fresh coat of paint to the rest, and enjoy the breathtaking results.


Elegant Simplicity

Perhaps the greatest secret to redecorating a bathroom is to keep things simple. Bold attempts to create an elegant room often fall short while little things create an ambiance one wants. Remove the clutter and artwork, use clean lines, and keep things easy on the eyes. Plumbers in Indianapolis can help in that endeavor, installing showers, sinks and toilets that complete that ideal simple elegance.


The right DIY decorating tips can help one create just the right look for the bathroom. After all, knowing just where to place a mirror, or how to use every inch of space available ensures success. However, in the end, the key to remember in any home improvement effort is that simple is far more elegant than needless clutter, and failed attempts to create the chic bathroom.

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