7 Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers have an incredibly responsible job. They nurture and teach your child for over 5 hours each day. As a parent you know there are days when your little cherubs can cause you incredible stress. All our children are loved, but part of being a parent is to deal with situations as they arise. Imagine being a teacher and having to deal with up to 30 different personalities each day. For this reason, a small thank you gift would show a good teacher how much they are appreciated.

Pamper packs

After a harrowing year, many teachers would appreciate a small pamper pack. You can put this together yourself or purchase one already made up. Add items like bath gel, body butter and hand cream.

Journals & bookmarks

Teachers have so many notes to keep about curriculums, parent interviews, excursions and the list goes on and on. Many use high tech gadgets to keep them organised but many teachers still like journals to write things down. Your child could easily make some coloured bookmarks to present to the teacher. All you need are coloured paperclips and a decoratively shaped button; try a flower, lollipop or character button. Place the button onto the paperclip and you have a lovely bookmark.    Continue reading “7 Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers”

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