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Tempted By Wooden Garden Furniture? Here’s What To Look For

High-quality wooden garden furniture will look great in your outside space, and last a long, long time. But how do you know the good from the bad? Here’s what you should be looking out for.

Teak garden furniture and wooden decking
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It might seem obvious, but many people forget about the size of their garden when they start looking for furniture. Bear in mind that a lot of furniture – particularly the high-quality pieces we are talking about here – are delivered. So, it’s important to make sure you have the correct measurements to ensure your new table and chairs fit. This is especially true with made to order pieces – and if they don’t fit, you may face a hefty bill.


Even the strongest wood won’t last long if it has been constructed poorly. Look for furniture that has substantial fittings and hardware, and has enough connections that can take a healthy weight. For example, armless chairs can often be weaker because there is little support for the legs and backrest. That’s not to say your pieces need to be bulky. But there does need to be some support in relative terms. It can be devastating if you spend a small fortune on a one-off garden set, only for it to break after a couple of seasons.

Wood Types

Teak is the obvious choice for any wooden garden furniture. It’s strong, long lasting, and hardy throughout the seasons. But because it can be expensive, there are alternatives for those who don’t have the budget. Eucalyptus, if looked after correctly, can last as long as teak. But it does need regular treatment with a sealant once or twice a year. Cedar is another option. Again, it requires an annual treatment, but could last a couple of decades if you give it the right level of care. A final option is to go for rattan garden furniture. It’s made from palm trees and is very hardy, and great value. Plus, it is a sustainable material that grows quickly and has less impact on the environment.


Metal fittings on your wooden furniture look great at first, but there is always the danger that they will corrode and rust over time. If you are worried about this, look for corrosion-free aluminum fittings that will last the distance. It’s also a good idea to buy covers for your furniture for when it rains. Once water droplets start getting inside the fittings, it can increase the likelihood of rust. Sure, it can be a pain to put them on every time it rains, but if you want to keep your garden furniture in great condition, it is worth the hassle.


When you have spent a lot of money on some attractive wooden furniture, you want to know that you can sit in your patio or garden in comfort. Make sure that the cushions that come with your furniture are nice and thick and have machine-washable covers. You should also go for a UV stabilized finish, so they keep their good looks.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when it comes to buying great wooden furniture. However, with this guide, you should be in an excellent position to make the best choice.

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