The Glamorous Women of the Grammy Awards 2012

I always look forward to watching the Annual Grammy Awards for I want to take a look at the formal gowns of the female participants created by top fashion designers. Wishing I could wear them too, hehe.
And so this year, at the top of my list is Tailor Swift. She looks stunning in this gown with her hair put on a bun. Simple yet glamorous isn’t it.

Taylor Swift
Next is the ever fashionable Paris Hilton, wearing a clean plain and light gown yet very elegant.

Paris Hilton
Kelly Osbourne, looks georgeous on her garb

Kelly Osbourne
 Rihanna, on a thrilling and seductive attire.

Katie Perry  in a sophisticated and enchanting dress

Katie Perry
Jessie J in a glitzy wardrobe.

Jessie J

Take your pick, who among the alluring women above catches your attention? 

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  1. Gorgeous, all of these glamorous women are looking stunningly beautiful on Grammy awards 2012!! Two alluring women among all of them attract my eyes. Rihanna and Jessie J both are looking very very very very nice. Thanks

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