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The perfect Wall art pieces for your home

wall art, bambooWall art may not be the first thing you think of upon waking each morning. In fact, you may not even have got around it to by morning tea. Wall art, schmall art, you say. I have some stuff on my walls. That’s as much thought as I’m prepared to give to the matter.

Wall art, in fact, is a much more interesting topic to ponder than you might imagine. It’s entirely possible to track your evolution as a human being through looking at the choices you’ve made in wall art. Age 5 – Tinkerbell. Age 10 – New Kids On The Block. Age 15 – Courtney Love and handcrafted ‘Meat Is Murder’ murals. Age 20 – Tim Burton movie posters, Betty Page burlesque photos. Age 26 – tastefully blah Ikea prints. Age 34 – childrens finger paintings, ex-lovers sketches and 1950’s Lynch prints.  

Wall art, you see, is actually a very strong statement regarding your current tastes, preoccupations, and state of mind. My meat is murder collage and riot grrl posters gave a fairly clear indication of who I was as a teen – a sullen, reactionary rebel without a cause. What you hang on your walls says much about who you are.

Customised metal art is a fantastic way of adding character, not to mention a bit of ‘wow’ factor, to your living spaces. Additionally, metal art can be used for outdoor spaces, creating the impression of an outdoor living room. As our suburbs fill to squish point (to use the technical term)it’s increasingly important to properly utilise our outdoor spaces. By simply enclosing a section of your backyard, scattering some comfortable furniture about, and installing an eye catching piece of wall art, you’re creating another room of the house.

Companies such as Melbourne based Entanglements specialise in wall art and metal sculptures, creating pieces tailored to your tastes and requirements, using laser cut, oxidised metal in a wide range of styles.

If this article has prompted you to realise how unsatisfactorily decorated your own walls are, perhaps now would be a good time to contact the team at www.entanglements.com.au and learn more about how to turn your walls from bland to grand.


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