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The proper way to preserve a Bridal Gown

Choosing the right fabric, sewing and embroidering a bridal gown can take several months in order for it look elegant and dashing. The bride to be is encouraged to try several fittings to make sure of its perfect fit.  The wedding gown reflects the bride’s social standing and lifestyle. It is most important for a bride to look charming and elegant on her wedding day. When the big day’s over, you can’t just dump it inside your hamper together with your other soiled clothes. This type of clothing deserves proper pampering and should last a lifetime.

If you’re too busy with your honeymoon at least have someone else take care of your wedding gown immediately. Some brides change and wear a special dress during the reception so that their wedding dress will be immediately cleaned while the party is going on.

More often than not the hemline gets soiled and stained easily and if not attended soonest, some of these stains can set permanently and you’ll be having hard time getting rid of it. In as much as you want to do the cleaning yourself, it is still recommended to have it done by the experts because they have the know-how and it’s their line of work. The bridal gown might look clean for you but for them, it isn’t.

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Always remember not to put your wedding gown inside a plastic bag or wrap it with one because when plastics breakdown it will release certain chemical that could destroy your dress. Place it inside a cardboard wrapped with acid-free tissue paper.

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