The Wedge Comfort

Women love shoes aside from apparels and bags. Wedges come in various styles and heights, a wide array from casual to elegant. These shoes add height, but are easier to walk in than stilettos the reason I like wearing them. They add definition and shape to heavy ankles, creating a thinner appearance.

The solid, blocked sole allows the wearer to move freely and confidently over all different types of grounds or environment, thus giving a safe walk. The wedge shoe design supports the entire soles of the feet rather than all the strain and weight being placed on the balls and heels. It is comfortable to wear as the wearer feel feel more stable and secure in her movements.

It’s also a good thing that not all wedges are high heels, wedge heels range from low to high depending on your personal choice.  It is the shape and the length of the heel that categorize it as a wedge

Wedges can be worn with flowing, short or pencil cut skirts, shorts, wrap, thin or gauzy dresses, wide jeans, flared pants, capris and more.

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