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Tips to Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

When it is time to design your new bathroom, you must get it right. After all, it is likely to cost much money, and you will have to live with it for many years to come. A beautiful room can add value to your home and make it easy to sell in the future should you decide to.

You will see thousands of different suites and vanity units, and we cannot recommend one to you because everybody’s taste is different. But there are a few principles you should follow to make sure that your bathroom design will be a success.

Here are some top tips for creating the bathroom of your dreams.


The Kassandra Bay Hotel Interconnecting Family Room bathroom
Photo credit: Kassandra Bay Resort, on Flickr


Natural Light

As in any room, natural light is a vital feature in this setting. Many bathrooms have tiny windows that do not allow in enough light. Think about enlarging them before you start work on the interior remodelling. A new window frame is inexpensive, and it will only take a builder a day to enlarge the opening and install it. If they fit a new lintel, it might take two days, but that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. The benefits of extra light outweigh the inconvenience of the building work.


Artificial Light

New LED light fittings are perfect for bathrooms. They work on low voltage, and many come with a suitable IP rating that makes them safe for moist atmospheres. These lights will make the glass, and expensive chrome fittings sparkle.



Nowadays it is possible to move your bathroom fittings to any location within the room. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics reckon that modern, flexible pipes can make the job easy. Here are a few things to consider when working on the layout of your project.


  • You will have to move the sewer pipe if you reposition the toilet. The pipe is usually six inches in diameter and is not easy to hide under the floorboards. It might be beneficial to leave it close to its original position to negate the need for extra boxing in the room.
  • We are so used to seeing bathtubs against a wall it is easy to forget that you can install one in the middle of the room. Roll top freestanding baths are en-vogue again and are a stunning feature in most settings, whether they are modern or traditional.
  • You have an opportunity to install two or more sinks for when there is a rush for the bathroom in the morning. This place is the cause of many arguments as people rush to prepare themselves for the day. When you consider the small cost, the argument for an extra sink is compelling.
  • Think about a separate shower cubicle rather than installing one over the bath. Install some high quality sliding glass doors.



The room must be tiled from floor to ceiling if you are to achieve the high-quality ambiance that you seek. The current trend is to use the same product on the floor and walls. Avoid those with intricate patterns; they make the room look smaller than it is. Designers often choose large tiles with natural patterns such as marble or slate.


With the knowledge here, you should be confident in your approach to the room. Remember though, just because you like bright orange, it doesn’t mean everybody else will. White is usually the best color for the suite. I wish you success in your latest project; it is an exciting time.

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