Tips in Buying Clothes

When you are neatly dressed-up, people look at you with awe and respect.  Style of clothing expresses who you are.  What you wear signifies your choices and values.  However, clothing up yourself need not to be expensive. One can still be properly dressed without spending too much money.
Here are tips in how I buy clothes
  • I buy only what I can use and what I need.
  • Choose color of clothes that that fits my skin tone, height, size, age personality and style.
  • It is important to choose clothes we are comfortable with.
  • I select dresses that looks good and decent to wear.
  • Prefer an outfit that is appropriate for each occasion.

I pick clothes which I am comfortable to wear, decent, affordable and beautiful on me .  It is important to always observe wise judgement in selecting clothes, not only for me but for my family too.

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