Tips in cleaning silver earrings

A lot of people, especially women, wear earrings to complete an outfit. It’s one of those fashion accessories that gets immediately noticed. There are literally thousands, if not millions of design variations to choose from…earrings made from jewels, pearls, gold and even sea shells. While generally upkeep is minimal, in the case of silver earrings tarnishing could be a problem.

These type of earrings are sparkling and flawless out of the shop but in time may get darker, dirtier and the glitter slowly fade due to the elements. So, here are several tips on how to clean them up to maintain its long lasting shimmer and exquisiteness.

  • Use microfiber cloths when wiping your earrings, this special cloth gives better results than normal cloths.
  • Use toothpaste to make it spotless. Simply brush them with pea size toothpaste on an old toothbrush then rinse well with clean water and dry them afterwards.
  • Several jewelry outlets suggest cleaning silver earrings by placing it in a bowl for a couple of minutes with aluminum foil on top of a bowl filled with a mixture of water, baking soda, liquid dish soap and salt, then rinse it with clean water and set on a clean cloth to dry. However, the baking soda method is only recommended for pure silver earrings or those joined together by glass or crystal beads because some gem stones like turquoise reacts to baking soda solution.
  • To remove finger prints and make-up stains, a warm water and detergent solution can work best, just let it sit for a while then rinse with clean water.
  • To diminish tarnishing, keep your jewelries in a moisture-free environment.  A jewelry box or plastic bags with zipper lock with anti-tarnish strips or moisture absorbent products are best and safe store areas for your earrings.

A lot of women of all ages are earring aficionados which find an outfit incomplete without wearing any. Have a look at these exquisite images from Boticca site that will surely tempt you!


Large gypsy silver hoop earrings
swarovski-baby-blue crystal , long-dangle earrings

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  1. I honestly haven’t tried cleaning my silver earrings or any other earrings for that matter…thank you! when I don’t feel like a lazy fox, I will follow your tips…

  2. I don’t actually see a pure silver thanks for this but it looks white for me. I also boil 925 silver after cleaning it, looks new after

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