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Tips in Maximizing Small Kitchen Space

Small kitchen space can still be functional, practical and stylish if you know how to maximize the limited space it offers. Discovering you have a very small kitchen when you moved into an apartment can be quite discouraging, but here are some tips on how you can do simple remodeling techniques that will enhance visual balance.


small kitchen


First, try to incorporate storage space in specific areas such as your kitchen window, your walls and others. You may hang a rack on your window where you can display kitchen essentials allowing you to go decorative and functional at the same time.


Light colors create an impression of wider space compared with dark colors that make small spacer look even smaller and a bit gloomy. Avoid dark colors if you will be doing a painting job on your small kitchen. You can also go for customized kitchen cabinets to truly maximize your available space and leave no unused space around.


Aside from that, customizing furniture for those who can’t avoid lofting, eating or doing stuff in the kitchen is also ideal. You can have a drop down table or a foldable one next to wall so that you can have additional space if you need it.


small kitchen

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