Travelling on a Shoestring Budget: How to Do It

Just about anybody can go travelling. Whether your dream is to travel to one country in particular or to travel to multiple countries, anybody can do it – even on a shoestring budget! If you’re very careful, you can still have the time of your life while travelling. Let’s take a look at a few different tips that can help you along the way:


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Search Online for Good Deals


The first thing you need to do is search online for good deals. Sites such as Tripadvisor and Skyscanner are great for this. On Tripadvisor you can read real reviews of places to stay, and get an idea of where you’re better off going. Skyscanner will allow you to compare flights, hotels, and other aspects of travel to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal for your budget. It’s all about proper planning at this stage!


Eat Street Food


While you’re away, the best thing you can eat is street food. You can usually get a full meal for very little at all. Although you might be tempted to eat out at restaurants, I’d only do this once in a blue moon if you want your shoestring budget to stretch further. Street food is usually delicious, and you get a real taste of the place you’re staying.


Travel Light


By travelling as light as possible, you may save money on luggage costs. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of dragging a load of heavy stuff with you every time you go some place new. Anything you need you’ll be able to find while you’re travelling. This means you’ll also be living like a real traveller! You can find more tips on this here.


Couch Surf


The cheapest way to stay in a certain place is to couch surf. Couch surfing isn’t mainstream yet, but it’s certainly becoming more popular. In most cases, it’s free to stay on a stranger’s couch. Don’t worry though; this is all done through a proper website, so you know you’re unlikely to be kidnapped by a crazy person. This isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, I know that. If it’s not yours, the best thing you can do is check multiple accommodation sites to find the right place for you. You can check out some deals here.


Find Some Work


If you plan on travelling for a long time, then you may need to find some work while you’re over there. Saving up as much money as possible before you start your travelling journey is always a good idea, but your budget may dwindle faster than you think. If this happens to you, find some work to make ends meet. You’ll still be able to have a great time if you find some part time work in a bar, for example! You’ll also meet some great locals, and possibly more traveller friends.


Just about anybody can travel with the right attitude and knowledge. You don’t need to have thousands of pounds behind you to get started! Use these tips and see how far you get. Have fun!

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