Two LEGO fanatics at the 1st LEGO Giant Christmas Tree & LEGO Christmas City

My two sons were very excited as we went to see the exhibit of the First LEGO Giant Christmas Tree & LEGO Christmas City at the SM City North Edsa. My eldest son started to play LEGO building blocks at age 7, way back 1998.  His interest in these small bricks influenced his younger brother who’s now 12 years old.
JM’s collection of LEGO blocks were still intact and keeps on growing as he and Yahmir continued playing with it all these years. It keeps them quiet and busy as I can finish my house chores without much disturbance from them.
At first, I only see it as an added clutter but as I saw JM’s creation of beautiful structures. I came to realize that there are many educational benefits that a child could get simply by playing with it. It can improve the hand and eye coordination, encourages interaction and imagination as they converse and exchange ideas on how will they put up a structure, and lastly it can develop and stimulate creativity as they design their own creation.

The LEGO Giant Christmas Tree. I just wonder how long does it take to put a tree made of small bricks and how many hands had worked on it? Sad that I was not able to ask the woman in the front desk for there are many people lingering and asking questions on her, so we just proceeded to see the exhibit instead and I totally forgot to ask my concern afterwards, lol.

My two sons who are LEGO fanatics, happily smiles for a picture-taking with the giant Christmas tree behind them.

Ninjago, one of the latest LEGO products they purchased to add into their collection.

As they look on the details of the creations, they also hunt and keep on counting the minifig Lego Santa.

The next pictures are the beautiful, very creative and fascinating handiworks of small bricks.

My husband and I also enjoyed viewing the exhibit and at the same time happy watching our children so much engrossed in looking at the creations one by one. You can still catch and view it, for the exhibit will go on till January 10, 2012.

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  1. Lego is very good for enhancing the creativity of the minds of young kids. I played with it, when I was a kid. I usually create robot like structures and make them battle  with each other.hehe

  2. Lego bricks was once a faves of my youngest son. I used to buy him for that and through his creativity, he could make several unique and out-of-this -world creation. I enjoyed and appreciated his creativity. I miss these things. Now my son is a grown-up man. He has another hobby and favorite things to do. He loves computer. He adept in computer programming.

  3. I remember watching mythbusters on discovery channel and they created a humongous Lego ball and they tried to make it roll downhill! haha It's interesting to see different structures made out of it. 🙂

  4. It's impressive! I also wonder how many people were needed to pull off such a gigantic Christmas Tree. Children will really enjoy these things. I don't know if I had LEGO when I was small, hmmm..

  5. awww… I wish I could have taken Yana to the event.. She would have loved to see those.. but then, there's also a next time – I hope 🙂

  6. words like LEGO fanatics, LEGO Giant Christmas and LEGO Christmas City really caught my attention… 😛
    back then(eons ago), I'm also a fan of Lego bricks. =)

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