Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

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Valentine’s Day maybe overrated for some, but many still consider this special day as one of the most romantic day in history. It is also the time when couples go on an extraordinary engagement whether to travel on a romantic place or dine in an exquisite restaurant with a candle lit fine dining experience.


V day is also an ideal time to express love and affection through trinkets and simple gifts. While this day is marketed more towards men, there are countless thoughtful women who buy sweet gifts for their husband or boyfriend. Now the big question is, what kind of gift should you buy?


There are actually a lot of areas that you can look into that will give you some ideas on what your partner needs or wants. Just like in the case of my husband, lately he’s been very vocal about his sports watch. He said that maybe it will be retiring soon as it fails to give the right time every now and then. Very timely that Valentine’s Day is approaching and I do not have to rack my brain on thinking about a perfect gift to give. An early Valentine gift is not bad at all, so I searched online for a good replacement and found this good deal from Lazada.



Men do love watches whether it’s an elegant dress watch, a high tech watch with chrono and GPS or a sports watch with alt-meter or lap features that can be coordinated with his running exercise. I found an affordable yet quality and elegant looking sports watch in an online store. Bought it and have it delivered as soon as possible before my husband’s favorite watch stops working, lol.



Though, my gift is not as expensive as the one he is wearing, I am very glad that my husband appreciated it much for he is not expecting that an immediate replacement is coming soon.


For those who are still clueless on what to give, you may consider giving him a new wallet or a personalized money clip for his bills. For men who work in a corporate environment, they will appreciate getting a new pair of cuff links or a fancy tie tack that he can wear to work.


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  1. I’ve gifted hubby with a watch before and it has been ages… and it was not even V day! It’s the thought that counts though… that’s overrated.. lol! I wouldn’t expect anything for V day, hubby’s not the sweetest! lol!

  2. I say that this watch is one great gift for him on Valentines Day, he would surely love it the details of the watch is also magnificent.

  3. this is pretty. Love it when there’s occasion like this, you got to see all specific items just for men and for women… this looks cool. Happy Valentines to you and your family Joy!

  4. wow, how nice! that’s a good gift right there….I wanted to get a watch for the husband but he doesn’t like to wear watches.

  5. If I would be given a gift this Valentines Day, a watch, sunglasses, wallet and high cut shoes will do just fine! I would gladly use them right away! 😀

    And the gift you gave to your husband is so perfect!

  6. I always have trouble finding a gift for my man. He never asks for anything material. He’d often say, my love is enough. Naks! Stealing your thunder, Te Joy? Lol!

    Seriously, your husband is one lucky man to have such a sweet, endearing and loving wife. Like they say, it’s always the thought that counts, not the price 🙂

  7. God bless you and the women all over the world who gives their husband’s gifts on V day. Ako kasi, I claim it just my day, reason being that he makes it a two in one celebration every year because my birthday is two days later. Palagi akong lugi hahaha. But I more than make up for the missing V day gift naman on his birthday and the holiday plus I do all the shopping for him without him telling me, so pwedeng counted na din yun hihi.

  8. I’m not planning to give something to my husband any material things this coming Valentine’s day. I just buy food for him.hehehehe.

  9. It’s Valentine’s soon and I’m sure, lovers are on the prowl for the perfect gift to give their better halves or significant other. 🙂 I still haven’t chosen anything to give my hubby. I think I’ll buy him something like a necklace or pendant.

    Ria C

  10. What a beautiful watch that is Sis J 🙂 I really like the design. My man does not wear watch because of work safety 🙂

  11. Men are particular about time so watch is a great practical gift for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not. That’s a nice sports watch by the way.

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