Ways on Keeping Your Shoes Crease and Crack Free

Shoes are considered to be one of the essential accessories for both men and women and since they aren’t cheap items, it should be well taken care of to last as much as possible. This footwear protects our weary feet against a lot of environmental factors like heat, dust, extreme cold and a whole lot more.

However, your shoes need protecting as well and one of the most common shoe problems are those annoying creases and cracks caused by moisture from feet perspiration. Shoes should be kept dry most of the time. You can make use of cedar shoe trees and place them inside your shoes when they’re not in use.

In as much as you want to keep them dry, do not ever attempt to use blow dryers because you’re just introducing too much heat causing cracks and they’re equally annoying. Air drying is the best thing to do after wiping them with clean and absorbent cloth. Place your shoes in an open shelf instead of keeping them inside their boxes. You can still place them inside their boxes but make sure to keep it open.

The key in keeping your shoes in mint condition is to keep them clean and if possible do not use them consecutively as they need rest just like you do.


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