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When to Wear Cocktail Dresses

The popular “little black dress” is one of the well-loved pieces of cocktail dresses, but did you know that there are other types of this great semi-formal wardrobe that you can try out for different occasions? Depending on the current fashion trend, cocktail dresses vary in lengths – some fall just above the knee while others go as far below as two inches above the ankle and they are known as the tea length cocktail dress. The “ballerina length” in this type of dress already touches the ankle and this sometimes make it hard to tell if one is wearing an evening gown or not.

cocktail dresses

These days, cocktail dresses are raved about when worn at any formal occasion. They are favored for proms, weddings and anniversary parties as well as charities and benefit events. They come in beautiful materials such as silk, chiffon and satin. When wearing a satin or silk cocktail dress for party, pair them up with flattering jewelry, a statement handbag or a pair of shoes that will complement your look especially if you’re sporting something shorter in length. You may also choose the color of your dress according to the season. Florals, pastels and light colored cocktail dress are best for summer season, while jewel-toned ones are wonderful choices for the yuletide parties.

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