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What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room

What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room
What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room

We all wish we had more room at home. But we also all know that we would fill it up and need more in next to no time! If I did have a spare room that I didn’t need, I think it would become a bit like a den or hangout room. Somewhere just to sit back and read a book, or natter with friends over drinks. I think a room that had no purpose might even be used more than all the others!

I could also be creative and use it as a functional room – whether I would sew dresses, make art from resin, or paint flowers just to relax. Nowadays, having times to relax is truly needed to calm down the nerves.

Multi-Functional Room

My multi-functional space would probably have really casual seating. I’ve always fancied those huge bean bag chairs  like the ones that trendy offices have. I love bright and vibrant colors, so I think two or three in different colors will create a great look. I’ll probably need a low-level coffee table to put my wine glass on too.

Some blackout blinds in a bold color would look good in this room. I can get rid of all the light, so I can meditate or watch a movie. I’ll have to get a projector screen to make the most of the movies too. Perhaps there will be a little beer fridge humming in the background. Now I’m even thinking about popcorn machines!

What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room
What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room : Space For Hobbies

Relaxing and Surround

A good sound system will be needed. I can pop on some of my favorite tracks to sing along to, or choose something calming for Yoga. The decor will probably be a bit too bright and bubbly for Yoga though. If I choose some wild patterns for my accent wall, then the room might be more suited to a wild party atmosphere!

I think my ideas for this imaginary spare room are definitely heading toward the more energetic end of the spectrum. I kind of like the idea of using it for fitness too. Maybe I’ll have an exercise bike in there so I can work out while I’m watching a movie. Or I could invite the girls over for a dancing game on my games console. That’s definitely energetic so I’m bound to get a good workout.

My Favorite Colors

Blues, cerise pinks, and yellows are in my mind for a color scheme. I can see them all on a white background to help bring out the vibrancy and separate them clearly. I love art, and I quite fancy the idea of some modern pieces on the wall. Swirls and geometric shapes could look quite contemporary in my imaginary spare room.

I also like the idea of those kinds of a pattern for a rug. The texture is important to me, especially if I’m barefoot or seated close to the ground. Long, wooly fibers, and crinkly effects could look and feel great in this room. It will be nice to place the bean bag chairs around it and stretch my feet out onto it. Heavenly.

Dreaming about a spare room does make me want one even more. Maybe one day I’ll have the space. Or perhaps building the space will be my next big home project! How would yours look?

What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room
What I Would Do If I Had A Spare Room : Art Room



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