4 Daily Actions That Add Value To Your Life

It’s about what you do each day that adds up to a healthier you. Think about your schedule and what parts of your routine you believe are good for you and what behaviors you suppose are worth stopping. This little exercise will give you insight into how you live and what you could be doing better.

It’s easier to break your life down into moments and make changes this way than it is to look at the big picture. That is overwhelming and may cause you to freeze and not make any modifications. Focus on the actions that add value to your life and support a healthy lifestyle.


Your mind needs to be worked each day. Challenge it or relax it with what you read. For example, reading a publication outside of your normal scope will teach you information like how the Genghis Khan tomb was uncovered. This will spark interest in your brain and you’ll be challenging yourself to digest new types of information. Another idea is to engage in a good book that allows you to unwind each evening before bed.

add value to your life


While it’s good to be busy, it’s not healthy to overdo it all the time and exhaust yourself. Make it a point to set aside time each day to rest without any distractions. You need these moments to refresh and collect your thoughts. Even five minutes of silence will do the trick. Do it whenever you’re starting to feel anxious or overwhelmed. Deep breathing is also a great tool for relaxing and resetting. Never underestimate the power of a quick quiet time session that allows you to reduce stress and compose yourself.


It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone benefits from exercise. You’ll feel happier and will have more natural energy to get through your day. Pick a time that’s convenient for you and an activity you love to do and get to it. Working out is definitely one of those habits that adds value to your life and should be done daily. It’s also helpful if you’re trying to lose weight the right way. Your confidence will soar, and you’ll have more zest for life when you exercise regularly.


Alone time is necessary, but you should also make room for relationships and connections. Find people to hang around with who you trust and are supportive. Socializing can entail you playing a sport after work or simply having a conversation with someone at the grocery store. The point is to talk to others at least once a day and make that human connection. This will be more challenging if you work from home, but it’s worth the extra effort to do so whenever you can.  

add value to your life


Your life will be richer, and you’ll feel more fulfilled when you take care of yourself. Make sure what you’re doing is adding value and not simply taking up your time. You’ll likely find that these actions bring you a lot of peace and calm to your days.


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Smoke Safer and Healthier with Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is addictive, it’s unhealthy and considered illegal in many public places because of the damage it can cause. People who had been smoking for many years find it really hard to quit the habit. There is the effect of withdrawal symptoms for those who attempt to give up cigarette smoking out of their lives. Once they have the symptoms, they resort back to the habit. Luckily, there is a brand new invention – the electronic cigarettes that can help people who desire to live a healthier and safer lifestyle without giving up smoking altogether.

Electronic Cigarettes are created to feel, taste and look much like tobacco cigarettes but that’s where their difference ends. Though some e-cigarettes look bulky with their components, some very slim and real looking ones are coming out to the convenience of smokers who turned to vaping. These e-cigarettes do not have any tobacco content and works by activating a “flow sensor” to release water vapor with minimal nicotine content, propylene glycol and that faint tobacco scent. These magical sticks give smokers their much needed nicotine fix while they lessen their nicotine cravings and avoid cancer causing agents such as tar, hydrocarbons, glue and other additives.

Here is a infographic guide for people  new to vaping and would like to stop the fags.

electronic cigarettes

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