How to Select the Most Appealing Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets hold your plates, glasses, bowls and other dishes. But, just because kitchen cabinets are practical items doesn’t mean they have to be plain. Look at a few things to consider when selecting the best Lancaster custom cabinets for your kitchen.


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The Color of the Wood

If you have flooring in a dark color, you may want to go with white or light-colored kitchen cabinets as a contrast. When guests enter your kitchen, their eyes will immediately move up from the dark colored flooring to your cabinets. If you want to make a bold statement, consider cherry wood. This deep red wood makes a striking impression. If your flooring, walls and countertops are neutral in color, your cherry wood cabinets are likely to become the highlight of the kitchen!

The Design of the Cabinets

The design of a cabinet can add flair to a kitchen in need of a refreshed look. Instead of getting white cabinets with a plain surface you may want to opt for some with a raised or recessed design. This simple detail can make all the difference in the overall appearance of the space. Oftentimes, it’s a good idea to echo the style of some other items in your kitchen. For instance, if you have a wooden kitchen door with a recessed design, you may want to get cabinets in that same style. This ties together the space in a subtle way.

The Handles on Your Cabinets

A cabinet handle may seem like an incidental detail, but it can be an appealing finishing touch on a beautifully crafted cabinet. As an example, there are bronze handles with intricate design work. Plus, there are knobs that are a traditional choice, but with an interesting twist in their style. Of course, a handle is a practical item and it must be sturdy and ready for heavy use. However, a handle or knob can be just as attractive as the cabinet it’s attached to.

Finally, think about the tone you want to set in your kitchen. Do you want a light, airy atmosphere? If so, white or neutral colors can lighten up the tone of the space. It’s worth your time to think about the type of kitchen you want to spend time in with family and friends.


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Cheap Ways to Revamp a Child’s Bedroom

Children typically spend far more time in their bedroom than adults do. A child’s bedroom has to serve as a playroom, homework room, and space to entertain their friends, as well as being where kids sleep. Many kids also have to share a room with a sibling, which makes the job of decorating it even more difficult.

child's bedroom

New Bedding

There are many cheap and cheerful ways to revamp a child’s bedroom, but the simplest is to buy them some new bedding (click here for inspiration). A change of bedding will transform a child’s bedroom in super quick time. Look for character duvet covers – Frozen for girls and Marvel Superheroes for boys are always a good choice.

Paint a Mural

Are you the artistic type? If so, why not spend a few hours painting a mural in your child’s room. The design does not have to be super complicated. A simple tree with a few birds and flowers will work perfectly well. Alternatively, look for large decals to stick on the wall, or cut out your child’s favourite comic book characters and paste them on to the wall.

Photo Montage

A wall of photos is a nice touch in a child’s room. Spend a few hours with your child selecting their favourite photos of family, pets, and friends. Next, buy a selection of cheap photo frames. Using match pots in a variety of colours, paint each frame. Fill the frames with photos and hang in montage on the wall. Your child will love his or her own photo gallery.

Art Gallery

Children’s artwork looks great when printed on to canvas. The process is easy to do – simply take a digital image of the finished piece of artwork and have it printed on to canvas. You can also have your child’s digital photos printed in the same way. Your child’s bedroom will soon be full of masterpieces.

Wall and Floor Prints

Use simple block printing techniques to decorate walls, floors and furniture. Cut out simple motifs from half-potatoes and dab them in acrylic paint. You can also use hands or feet to create prints, but be warned, this is super messy.

Textile Crazy

It is easy to make simple textiles for a child’s bedroom. Rag rugs require no skill whatsoever and if you have a couple of old flannel sheets, you have most of the materials you need to get started. Alternatively, why not have a go at making some simple tab top curtains or a roman blind. There are lots of online tutorials, so you don’t need any previous experience.

Paint the Furniture

It costs money to replace old furniture, so give yours a new lease of life with some paint. Use milk paint or chalk paint, as they are both non-toxic and safe to use in a child’s bedroom. You can create some amazing paint effects with milk paint and chalk paint, so start experimenting.

Don’t spend a fortune on new furniture for your child’s bedroom when it costs very little to revamp what you already have.


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5 Fundamentals About Home Decor You Didn’t Learn in School

They don’t teach home decor in school, so we have to learn from examples around us and the magazines. If you want to update your home’s interior makes sure you know these fundamentals before you get started.

Have a focal point

It is vital to have a focal point in any room. You need something that will bring the room together and can reflect the changes in seasons easily. A good focal point mantlepiece. It can be decorated for the holidays or display ornaments throughout the year.

If you decide to get a mantelpiece whatever you do make sure that you get a fire too. There is nothing so sad as an empty fireplace. There are some lovely electric log burner styles available at the moment. Or you can go for a real fire or one of the popular gas fireplaces available, so you get the real fire look without the smoke and ash.  

Keep it clean

The next design fundamental is to keep things clean. I don’t mean clean as in hygienic, although that is important too! I mean keeping the look of the room clean. Make sure that your decorations are all on a similar theme. For example, you may choose several things that are rustic looking, like lamps and picture frames make sure that you continue that theme in the rest of the room. You don’t want to mix it with other styles. Don’t combine two styles unless you are an advanced designer that understands how to make an eclectic look seem cohesive.

Colour or shape for drama

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Another fundamental of home decor is that you can either use color or shape for drama. Don’t use both. So if you pick out a couch in a dramatic modern design, keep it in a neutral color like black or white. A less dramatic design can be brightened up with those of a bold fabric or print. You can clash prints too, but the secret to doing that it’s that all the patterns must contain the same colors.

Money doesn’t matter

Another decor fundamental is that it’s not money that matters. All your furniture can be custom made, but that isn’t what makes you stylish.  You can use the few pieces you can afford from Target in the right way, and be the most stylish person ever. A few pieces arranged well, will speak volumes. Whereas a house crammed full of stuff you never use will be as useless as it is ugly. So choose wisely.

Storage is everything

Lastly in home decor, storage is everything. Having all the rubbish from your day to day life on display may be practical, but it is not pretty. If your bathroom is full of shampoo bottles and your dining room is covered in books, do yourself a favor and get some cupboards with doors on. Not only will they stop all your stuff getting dusty and faded by the sunlight. But it also presents a much calmer visual aspect to the room, without your eye being drawn here there and everywhere.


A Guide to Creating a Cool Feature Wall!

Having a cool feature wall or two in the home can really change the way your home feels when you’re inside. Rather than having a boring, uninteresting room, you can add personality and character. Feature walls can also give rooms more depth, which they need sometimes if they haven’t got a lot going on. This guide will help you to create your very own feature wall:

Choose a Simple Pot of Paint

If you don’t want to spend too much time creating your feature wall, you can choose a simple pot of paint to paint the wall a different colour to the rest of the room. It’s cheap, quick, and effective. Your feature wall could start taking shape within the hour if you choose this method!

Add a Graphic Pattern

If you want something a little more out there for your feature wall, you can always add a graphic pattern. Something that really stands out and draws the eye. Just make sure you take your time when selecting your pattern, as you’ll need to live with it and be happy with it for a while!

Try Out a Custom Wallpaper

Try out a custom wallpaper if nothing in the shop is taking your fancy. You will be able to design your own wallpaper with colours that fit the room perfectly, so you won’t have to hunt high and low for the perfect wallpaper!

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Use Pictures of Different Sizes

If you’d rather keep the wall the same colour, there are other ways you can make it a feature wall too. Why not use pictures of different shapes and sizes to create your feature wall? The pictures can be themed the same, or completely different. Play with combinations on your floor before putting them on the wall. It’s up to you how many you use. You can create a ton of looks this way!

Use Tiles

If you’re planning on creating your feature wall in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use tiles to make your feature wall. This will ensure you have a practical feature wall that’s good looking too. You can find all the tiles you need with places like TileMarkets. You could have a really funky wall behind your bathroom sink, or even a fun splashback in the kitchen.

Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns can be done too, and is great for those who like a look full of colour and character. You don’t need to have the different patterns on the wall, you can simply use accessories against the wall to do it. For instance, you can add pattern with your duvet set if you’ve chosen the wall behind your bed as the feature wall. You can also use cushions and any other accessories you can get your hands on.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Wall

Make sure that when you’re looking to create a feature wall, you pick the right wall. This wall should not be a wall that has windows or doors on it. It could be the same wall as your fireplace, the wall behind your bed, or the wall leading up the stairs. It’s usually a wall that is large and blank, or draws the eye to it naturally when you enter a room.

Use a Colour Wheel

Use a colour wheel if you’re unsure of different patterns that go well together. You can find the perfect colour combinations this way before you’ve even decided to make a commitment. You can find colours that go well together, and even colours that clash well.

Know the Effects That Different Colours Can Have

Bear in mind that different colours can not only have an effect on the room you’re using them in, but your mood too. For instance, red can make a room too stimulating and keep you up at night. Blues and greens can be nice as they help to have a relaxing effect on the brain. Dark colours will make a room look smaller, and lighter will have the opposite effect. Be smart when choosing your colours!

Bear in mind that you should never have more than a few feature walls in your home. If you have more than 2, you’re probably overdoing it. They can be really fun to create, so make sure you incorporate your personality with your favourite patterns and colours. If you still feel a little clueless after reading this post, you could always hire a painter decorator to do it for you. It won’t be as fun that way, but you won’t need to do any work!

Decoration Ideas for the Home

Homeowners need to think about the different ways they can decorate their homes. It’s important to make your home look as good as possible, and the perfect way to achieve this is to decorate the place. You need to consider decorating in a DIY sense, as well as a temporary, festive sense. So, without further ado, here are some decoration ideas for the home.


The first thing you need to consider when you’re decorating your home is painting. This is something that everyone will need to do at some point in their lives. Painting the home can really make a big difference to the way it comes across. It doesn’t matter if you are painting the interior or exterior of the property, a fresh lick of paint can make all the difference. Try to go for bright colors to make the home stand out and give it a warm, inviting feel.

Use Art

There are so many different decoration ideas that could be used for the home. For instance, you might consider the use of artwork. This is excellent as a status symbol, but also for really drawing attention to a room. The right piece of art can entirely transform any home and complements the rest of the property. You might think about going with a painting as a popular choice. However, there are other things you might consider such as sculptures that can really add a new dimension to the home.

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Get New Furniture

The way you really make a home stand out is by improving the way it looks. And an integral part of achieving this is to make sure you get new furniture. A lot of furniture will only have a short span in terms of remaining trendy and fashionable. So, the best thing to do is to try to make sure you get something new that looks great. Furniture is one of the best decorative resources you can use for your home. So make sure you select something that’s going to fit in well with the property and that suits your tastes.

Make Every Room Different

A good technique to use when you’re decorating is to try to make every room different. This is an excellent way of injecting your own personalities and quirks into the home. Giving every room a different mood, layout and design is an amazing way of appreciating different parts of the home. It might seem like a big task to undertake, but it’s definitely worthwhile. Making every room different is a wonderful way to experiment with interior design and decor. It helps you get the best out of your home and connect with it on a more personal level.

Hire an Interior Designer

The best way to make sure you have a wonderfully decorated home is to hire an interior designer. A lot of people prefer to try to do home decorating themselves. However, you might have something very specific that you want to try out. You might also be too busy to be dealing with your home decor yourself. That means the only logical step left is to bring in an interior designer. They are going to be able to transform your home even more than you thought was possible. They will probably have ideas of their own that they can combine with yours as well.

Seasonal Decorations

In addition to decorating you home for the whole year, you also need to think about seasonal decorations. When it comes time for celebrations and festivities you will want to make an extra effort to decorate. Holiday occasions such as Fourth of July Weekend, New Year and Christmas call for special seasonal decorations. A visit to will give you some ideas for excellent seasonal decorations. These will help to highlight your home and give you the festive spirit.

Make Your Own

A lot of people like to decorate their homes by making their own decorations. This is something that is usually prevalent over the festive period and is certainly an option for you. Have a think about the kind of decoration you think would suit your place comfortably. Check out the possibility of making your own decorations and what is involved. You can probably find plenty of tutorials online to help you do this on a step by step process.

Sometimes Less is More

You need to realize that, when it comes to decoration, sometimes less can be more. It’s tempting to try to decorate as much as possible at home. However, this can often have a negative effect because it makes the place appear too cluttered. Too much decoration also increases the chances of clashing, and different things can counteract one another. Instead, it can often be better to go with a more simple and stripped back approach. Of course, it depends on your personal taste and preference. But you will often find that a less is more approach can have the best results.

Try to Brighten the Home

When it comes to decorating the home, you need to do what you can to make it brighter. Of course, you can help achieve this by making sure you paint the place to make it brighter. But, you also might think about other ideas too. Try to come up with things that can work together to promote a brighter more inviting home. For instance, you might try to use some decorative mirrors in certain rooms so as to reflect light and brighten the place. You can also use a bit of Feng Shui and replace your curtains with blinds, etc. Helping the place look bright and vibrant is an important way of helping you enjoy it more.

Always Focus on Boosting Curb Appeal

As any homeowner will tell you, you need to focus on trying to boost curb appeal as much as you can. This is how you get people interested in the property, and help to generate potential sales. Curb appeal is vital for all properties, and it should be your principal focus as a homeowner. The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to boost curb appeal. All the things we’ve just covered can help to boost the curb appeal of your home. And you might also consider looking at the exterior a little more too. Often it’s additions that offer the best curb appeal. This means things like getting an extension or having a pool installed.

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As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can decorate your home, both inside and out. Decoration is extremely important because it determines the look and feel of your place. You need to be happy with where you live and make sure it’s trendy and has curb appeal. Make use of some of these decoration suggestions to help make your place more attractive.