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Cheap Ways to Revamp a Child’s Bedroom

Children typically spend far more time in their bedroom than adults do. A child’s bedroom has to serve as a playroom, homework room, and space to entertain their friends, as well as being where kids sleep. Many kids also have to share a room with a sibling, which makes the job of decorating it even more difficult.

child's bedroom

New Bedding

There are many cheap and cheerful ways to revamp a child’s bedroom, but the simplest is to buy them some new bedding (click here for inspiration). A change of bedding will transform a child’s bedroom in super quick time. Look for character duvet covers – Frozen for girls and Marvel Superheroes for boys are always a good choice.

Paint a Mural

Are you the artistic type? If so, why not spend a few hours painting a mural in your child’s room. The design does not have to be super complicated. A simple tree with a few birds and flowers will work perfectly well. Alternatively, look for large decals to stick on the wall, or cut out your child’s favourite comic book characters and paste them on to the wall.

Photo Montage

A wall of photos is a nice touch in a child’s room. Spend a few hours with your child selecting their favourite photos of family, pets, and friends. Next, buy a selection of cheap photo frames. Using match pots in a variety of colours, paint each frame. Fill the frames with photos and hang in montage on the wall. Your child will love his or her own photo gallery.

Art Gallery

Children’s artwork looks great when printed on to canvas. The process is easy to do – simply take a digital image of the finished piece of artwork and have it printed on to canvas. You can also have your child’s digital photos printed in the same way. Your child’s bedroom will soon be full of masterpieces.

Wall and Floor Prints

Use simple block printing techniques to decorate walls, floors and furniture. Cut out simple motifs from half-potatoes and dab them in acrylic paint. You can also use hands or feet to create prints, but be warned, this is super messy.

Textile Crazy

It is easy to make simple textiles for a child’s bedroom. Rag rugs require no skill whatsoever and if you have a couple of old flannel sheets, you have most of the materials you need to get started. Alternatively, why not have a go at making some simple tab top curtains or a roman blind. There are lots of online tutorials, so you don’t need any previous experience.

Paint the Furniture

It costs money to replace old furniture, so give yours a new lease of life with some paint. Use milk paint or chalk paint, as they are both non-toxic and safe to use in a child’s bedroom. You can create some amazing paint effects with milk paint and chalk paint, so start experimenting.

Don’t spend a fortune on new furniture for your child’s bedroom when it costs very little to revamp what you already have.


Image credit: mattwalker69 – https://flic.kr/p/evpfx4

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