5 Health Benefits of Epsom Salts

After all the anticipation of waiting for your bathroom remodel to be completed-it’s finally completed. The flooring is in, the shower surround has been installed, but the best part of it is the new beautiful clawfoot tub has been installed. Now that the contractors have left and the dust is settled, you can finally reap the rewards. One of the most satisfying things you can do now is to grab your favorite CD, pour a glass of wine and relax soaking in your new bathroom. To make this experience even more relaxing, add Epsom salt to your bath water. Not only will a warm bath help to relieve your remodeling stress, but soaking in an Epsom salt bath also provides a variety of health benefits. Here are just 5 of the Epsom salt benefits for your health.


epsom salts

How is an Epsom Salt Bath Beneficial for Your Health?

Whether you choose to use loose Epsom salt or Epsom salt bath bombs, bathing in this natural mineral are a great way to get your required magnesium intake. Both magnesium and sulfate are minerals that your body requires, however, when ingested, they are poorly absorbed through your stomach. But, both magnesium and sulfate can be easily absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream. So one of the best benefits of salt water baths is that it helps your body get the added boost of sulfate and magnesium that it needs to flush harmful toxins, boost digestive enzymes and increase nutrient absorption.


5 Epsom Salt Benefits


  1. Reduce stress and relax-stress and the excess adrenaline that typically accompanies stress can cause your body to lose a significant amount of essential magnesium. Soaking in a warm water and Epsom salt will allow your body to absorb and replenish your magnesium level. As an added bonus, when the Epsom salt molecules become absorbed into your skin, it increases the production of serotonin, which helps you feel calm and relaxed.


  1. Properly functioning nerves and muscles-soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt can help your body regulate electrolytes, which are essential for the proper function of nerves and muscles. The magnesium sulfate will also aid in regulation of fluid retention in body cells.


  1. Get rid of harmful toxins-your skin is extremely porous, so it naturally absorbs the harmful substances that are found in the environment, such as heavy metals and pollution. Combining Epsom salt and warm water creates a process known as reverse osmosis, which will help pull all of the harmful toxins from your body.


  1. Prevent blood clots and hardening of the arteries-soaking in a bath with Epsom salt will help to de-stress and relax your body, which also helps to improve your blood circulation. When your blood circulation is function correctly, it prevents blood clots, protects arterial elasticity, lowers blood pressure and helps to improve your overall cardiovascular health.


  1. Restore lost magnesium-without a doubt, one of the best benefits of Epsom salt is its ability to help you restore lost magnesium. Between the lack of magnesium in your diet and daily stress, the loss of magnesium in your body can cause a variety of health problems, including sleeping problems and a poor mood. Soaking in Epsom salt will help counteract these issues by allowing your body to absorb its much need magnesium.


To get the most benefits from Epsom salt, you should add Epsom salt to your bath three times a week and soak for about 40 minutes each time. Children can benefit from a warm bath with Epsom salt also, but you should limit their soaking time to about 30-minutes.

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The Therapeutic Properties of Medical Marijuana

Although the recreational pot usage has been a controversial topic for years, many are those who choose to agree cannabis should be made legal for medical use. Although there are currently only 6% of studies which analyze medicinal properties of marijuana, researchers have managed to prove that it contains at least two active chemicals that have medicinal applications: cannabidiol (CBD) andtetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The first one showed to impact the brain, without leaving any side-effects, while the latter one proved to have pain relieving properties, alongside many other positive effects.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a widespread eye disease, known to increase the eyeball pressure, causing the optic nerve damage, and, as a result – total loss of vision. According to the National Eye Institute (NIH), marijuana can be used to, not only treat, but also prevent glaucoma. As early as the 1970s, studies showed that, when smoked, cannabis lowers intraocular pressure, thus slowing down the progression of the disease, and as a result, preventing blindness.

Epilepsy Control

In 2003, a Robert J. DeLorenzo provided evidence for his hypothesis that cannabis helps control epileptic seizures. What he did was gave synthetic marijuana and marijuana extract to rats who suffered from epilepsy. As THC binds to the brain cells responsible for the regulation of relaxation and control of excitement, rats were rid of seizures for at least 10 hours.

Stop Cancer Cells from Spreading

A research conducted at California Pacific Medical Centre in San Francisco proved that CBD stops metastasis of aggressive cancers. What it actually does is turns off an Id-1 gene, of which cancer cells make more copies than non-cancerous cells. Medical marijuana prevents this process from happening, thus stopping cancer cells from spreading through the entire body.

Pain Relief

More and more patients suffering from chronic pain choose to purchase cannabis in a weed dispensary. Furthermore, users claim it also aids them in suppressing nausea, especially patients who are recovering from chemotherapy. Some of the cannabis benefits also include reduced anxiety and improved mood. A number of muscle spasms showed to respond to medical marijuana. With patients suffering from a rate Leeuwenhoek’s Disease, cannabis stopped spasms in the abdominal muscles which interfere with breathing and speaking, and cause unbearable pain.

Effective Hepatitis C Treatment

Currently, there are between 130 and 150 million people worldwide with a chronic hepatitis C infection. Negative side-effects of this disease include nausea, muscle aches, fatigue, loss of appetite and, ultimately, depression.Because of this, more often than not, people choose not to finish with the treatment. In recent years, more than 80% of patients who reported using weed managed to successfully complete their Hepatitis C therapy, as it helped reduce the side-effects.

Inflammatory Bowel Treatment

Patients undergoing a treatment for Crohn’s and other inflammatory diseases showed to benefit greatly from marijuana use. At the University of Nottingham, researchers managed to prove that THC and CBD interact with our body cells, that is, the ones which play an important role in gut function. The marijuana-derived cannabinoids make intestinal cells bond tighter together, blocking the THC-like compounds from letting the bacteria into our body.

Balanced Metabolism

Over the years, pot smokers showed to be much skinnier than non-smokers, presenting signs of a healthier metabolism and better reaction to sugar, even though they are inputting much more calories.

Increased Creativity

Finally, contrary to popular belief, pot usage showed a number of positive mental effects, particularly when it comes to creativity. Smokers are known to get better at testing which requires them to come up with innovative ideas; their brains allow them to better detect remote associations, which ultimately leads to radical ideas.



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How to Deal with Common Home Emergencies

Home emergencies tend to catch us off guard. They usually aren’t that difficult to handle, but they come at the worse possible moment and can really make our lives miserable at least until the help comes our way.

home emergencies

The only way to handle these situations is to anticipate them and be prepared in advance. The majority of these emergencies can be handled by someone without professional training by using tools that can be found in every home.

Power failure

There’s not much you can do to prevent power failures, because they mostly happen due to external factors such as extreme weather changes, but you can be prepared. Some of these preparations are quite simple and you can use any equipment. If you know that there’s a chance that power may go off in your area, you can group big furniture in the center of your room so you can move around without the fear of running into something.

Prepare some food, water and a few flashlights in case the blackout lasts for a while. Any canned food will be fine as long as you can open it and eat it without electricity.

Roof repair

This is another weather-related problem. However, some roof issues could happen regardless of the weather if your house is old and you don’t maintain the roof properly. It’s important to keep in mind that, for larger projects on the roof, you need to have a proper permit and safety measures in place. You can only patch up a few things on your own, until the professionals come to your aid.

Clean the gutters regularly and see if there are any cracks on the roof. The gutters can be cleaned by hand – all you need is a plastic bag and a good ladder.

Faucets and sinks

Plumbing problems are inevitable, no matter how well your kitchen is maintained. All faucets come with an expiration date and you’ll have to change them every once in a while. O-rings are the most common cause of faucet problems and you can change them with just a wrench and a screwdriver.

Clogged sinks are just as common, but they take a bit more handiness to fix.In case you get in over your head you could always call a plumber from Eastern Suburbs to help you out.

Broken heating

There a few signs that might suggest you have a problem with air-conditioning. If you hear strange sounds coming out of the unit or the device is leaking water, turn it off right away. The same goes if the device takes a long time to turn on or if it appears to be working but there’s no cold (or hot) air coming out.

Most of these could be fixed simply by cleaning the heating device, gently and thoroughly. This should be done while the device is off and you should start with filters and finish with the exterior. Clean it when you notice the problem and continue doing it every 6 months.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks are no laughing matter. With just a small leak – a simple match or a spark could cause a fire or even an explosion. The leaks are most commonly noticed by a distinct smell of gas. If you do notice the smell open all doors and windows to air out the room, don’t turn on any electric devices and don’t light a match in the room.

The rest should be done by professionals – your only job is to turn the gas off at the meter and call the professionals.


Most of the home emergencies can be avoided or easily repaired simply by planning ahead. Do this and you won’t be caught off guard when something does happen.


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Bullying and Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities have often become victims of bullying. Their physical and developmental vulnerability, intellectual, emotional or sensory defects, and social skill handicap are some of the factors that increase discrimination and intimidation among other children.

Children with disabilities

Parents play the most important role in educating their children about disabilities. Teaching them that being different is okay. Injuries can happen, deformities or abnormalities maybe exceptional but must be accepted and understood. Proper explanation is needed for children to develop appreciation and respect for individuals who are different than them.

Statistics show that many school children with disabilities are facing challenges in academic environment which directly impact their education. Moreover, victims of bullying can suffer from several side effects which may vary from short to lifelong term. Because bullying involves spiteful acts, words, or other oppressive behaviour  intended to hurt somebody else, its consequences  manifest reduced appetite, depression, anger, socializing difficulties, lower self-esteem, humiliation and, when worse comes to worst, suicidal thoughts.

Education is one of the best tools to break the cycle of unfairness that children with disabilities habitually encounter. Schools should look into this matter seriously through implementing appropriate policies to ensure that all children are learning in a safe and healthy environment and enjoy their basic human rights without discrimination. Additionally, civil rights laws protect students with disabilities against harassment.

Neighborhood associations should also take part to increase awareness about disabilities and bullying as they discuss ideas concerning the problems, organize activities and needs of the neighborhood.

Nowadays, there are a lot of child development professionals, therapists and counselors giving their best advice on how to effectively educate young children about disabilities and those that suffer with them.

“The best advice I can give, is that every child wants friends, love and happiness. This is despite any disability. Also, tell your children this and to try to think of this, with every child that has a disability and more importantly to spread the word. Attitudes can be contagious, even good ones.” – Natalie West of Children Home Society.

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Different Ways Retirement Homes Can Help Seniors Enjoy Better Retirement

Planning for retirement is not always easy. For those who are entering their retirement age, there are plenty of things to prepare in order to continue to have a full, fruitful life well into retirement. For children whose parents are retiring, the situation is just as tricky to handle. Nevertheless, preparation is the key to having a good retirement.

retirement homes

In many cases, retirement homes are the best option. I know how difficult it is for children to even suggest retirement homes to their retiring parents, but there are several critical ways a good retirement home can actually help seniors enjoy a better retirement.

24/7 Care

One of the biggest challenges of living with parents who are in their retirement age – or letting them live by themselves – is the extra needs they may have every now and then. The need for better care, supervision, and help with everyday tasks is not always easy to solve. This is where a good retirement home can be very useful.

Top facilities offer 24/7 care to all residents. There are specialists standing by on-site, ready to provide residents with any help they need. Your parents don’t have to worry about preparing their own meals or other mundane tasks at all. Instead, they can focus on more rewarding activities, such as finishing the book they have always wanted to read or doing a bit of writing.

Some facilities such as Riddle Village even offer skilled nursing on-site. Trained nurses monitor the health and wellness of your parents as they enjoy the luxury facilities available to them; they are also trained to handle emergencies. You can learn more about the 24/7 care and other Riddle Village information here.

Independent Living

A lot of seniors imagine living in a retirement home as living in a confined, controlled space. This is actually not true since most retirement homes available today offer great, private residential areas, as well as the chance to enjoy independent living. They don’t have to follow strict activity schedules and can instead enjoy a more relaxing retirement.

Some facilities even offer transportation services, allowing residents to visit nearby restaurants or even visit their grandchildren. There are also community centers and facilities where seniors can get together and play games, enjoy meals, or simply sit down and watch movies.

A Community

That brings us to the last advantage on this list: relationship-building. Your parents will have plenty of peers to connect with. There are community activities to join and programs to support. Some programs are even designed to allow seniors to give back to the communities around them, creating the opportunity to have a fulfilling retirement altogether.

It is clear that retirement homes and services available today are so different than horrible places we used to have so many years ago. Today’s facilities are designed to help seniors make the most out of their retirement. If you’re serious about helping your parents enjoy their retirement, finding the best retirement home is certainly not a bad start.


Image credit: Ann – https://flic.kr/p/jYFhxX

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