4 Reasons You Can’t Move House In Less Than A Week (Number 3 Will Surprise You!)

Moving house, it’s right up there with having a baby and getting married for being one of the most stressful and disruptive times of your life. Shockingly though, some people seem to think they can treat it like ripping off a plaster and do it super quick, easily get it over and done within a few days, but is this really practical? I’d say no, and that you need an absolute minimum of a week, and a lot longer in most places to move successfully. Read the reasons why below.

You are part of a chain

Move House

Buying a new house mean that you are more than likely part of a chain. A chain is a situation that occurs when you have several different homeowners all selling their current property and buying a new one. Basically, they all become dependent on each other to complete at the right time. Otherwise, the chain becomes broken, and some or all of the sales fall through.

Being in a chain means that you can rarely move house in less than a week. This is because even if you can sell and choose a new place in so little time, it’s unlikely that the people that you are buying from will be able to do the same.

You need time to organise the move

Next, remember that you need time to organise aspects of the move including booking a removalist to help you transport your furniture and boxes on the day, and cancelling your utilities such as electric gas and water. Some families will also need to take some time to give their property a good clean as they move out, and even patch up issues like holes in the walls where pictures have been hung.

You need time to say your goodbyes

Saying goodbye is a very important part of moving and shouldn’t be rushed.

Move House

Something else that is hugely important when moving home is having enough time to say your goodbyes both to the property that you have lived in and to your friends and family in the area. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of tending to the emotional side of moving house and focus all on the practical.  Something that can make it harder to have a positive start when you do arrive at the new place. So if you do find yourself having to wait a little longer to move, be thankful, and fill that time with seeing family and friends while you have the opportunity.

You need to pack

Packing up all your belonging is a big job to complete.

Move House


Another reason that you can’t move house successfully in only a week is all the effort and hard work that goes into packing all your belongings. After all, safety packing up everything you own for transportation to another place takes quite a while. Especially if you have a large house and family and have to go to work and do all the usual daily things in the meantime. That is why it’s always best to give yourself longer than when moving home, wherever possible.

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8 Steps To An Even Better Home Life

Happiness isn’t automatic, and there’s no magic formula for running the perfect household. The good news is that you have control over a lot of what does happen in and around your home. Look around and start taking responsibility for your wellbeing and that of those who you live with.

You’re in charge of what goes on at home, and you have the ability to get everyone and your belongings in order. Spread love, encourage one another, and teach your family members to pitch in and help once in a while. Use open and clear communication with one another and value each other’s opinions for a more peaceful existence. See eight steps to an even better home life.

better home life

Unplug more

Although devices and television are fun and entertaining, they take away from the limited time you have together as a family. Set a limit or rule on how long each person can be connected and then use this free time you created to talk, play a game or eat dinner as a group. Unplugging will make you realize just how much time you all do have in any given evening or weekend. Think of activities and topics of conversation to engage in when you’re not glued to your screens.

Get A Pet

A pet is a wonderful addition to any family. They bring joy and unconditional love. Although they are work, it’s not so bad if you divide it up amongst the family members. Be aware there are products and resources out there to help you take care of your pet and curb any frustrations. For example, it’s a good idea to get VetIQ dog pill pockets, which are delicious chicken flavored treats with a built-in tube so that it’s easy to hide a capsule or tablet inside. Getting your pet to take pills will never be a chore again. Set a schedule for who’s in charge of feeding, walking, grooming and giving your pet any necessary medications. This is a positive way to teach your kids responsibility, and the pet will light up your home with their furry friendliness.  

Invest in Home Improvements

Part of the reason you may not like being at home that much is because it’s old or outdated. Invest time and energy into making it look nicer and homier for your enjoyment. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then consider doing some of the projects yourself as a couple. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint, new décor, updated furniture and a nice kitchen and bathrooms. Set goals for when you want each update to be done, so it’s not so overwhelming. Give yourself time to implement the changes and appreciate each upgrade as it occurs.

Spend Quality Time Together

Your home will feel more like a household when you schedule activities and make it a point to spend quality time together. Go for bike rides, have a BBQ or cook a meal as a family. Change it up each time, so you don’t get bored. Use the activity as a way to reconnect and share about what’s going on in everyone’s lives. This way you won’t feel like strangers passing in the hallway and will have a better sense of comradery. Your house will be filled with love and feel warmer knowing you’re all on the same page and you have each other’s backs.

Organize, Clean & Declutter

The simple act of cleaning, organizing and decluttering will instantly make your home feel more welcoming and cozy. Make sure all of your belongings have a place and aren’t taking up space where they shouldn’t be. Clean out the closets and fill and label storage bins that can be put away nicely for later use. You won’t be running around ragged wondering where items are located when your kids, spouse or you are in need of them. Take pride in the fact that you know where your possessions are stored and can find them quickly.

better home life

Practice Work-Life Balance

Life is hectic, but that’s no excuse not to set boundaries for yourself. Make it clear that you’re not always going to be the one working overtime at the office. Ask to work from home once in a while and work ahead if you know you have a family commitment coming up you want to attend. Talk with your spouse and come up with a plan, so you’re both not always working long hours and not attending to the household duties. You risk your health suffering if you’re always putting everyone else first. Prioritize and let what you get done in one day be enough, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Take Action

The only way to a better home life is to take action. Make a list and set goals about what you want to see change in the future. Use your free time and weekends to start working toward achieving results and feeling better about your home life. If you want to spend more time with your kids, then communicate that to them and set a date you’re going to be together with no distractions. Ideas are great, but then it’s up to you to put them into action and make your transformations a reality.

Have Fun

Life has somber moments, but there’s also plenty of time to have fun. Be silly, laugh and avoid taking mistakes too seriously at home. Show your kids that it’s okay to not be perfect and that it’s healthy to be able to laugh at yourself once in a while. Be random and spontaneous when the mood strikes and you want to step outside of your comfort zone. Smile more, and stay positive and strong when life doesn’t go your way.  

better home life


You’re the creator of how you want your home to be run. If it’s time for a facelift, then use this as an opportunity to implement a few new changes. These are eight steps to an even better home life.

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How to Tell Your Kids What to Expect on Their First Camping Trip

Camping can be an amazing way to spend a family vacation, with plenty of ways to spend time together without all the distractions of TV and the internet, along with a chance to be active and teach kids about nature.

Photo credits: Martin Thomas – https://flic.kr/p/cCtjMN

Why You Need to Talk About the Camping Trip in Advance

If you have decided to take your child camping for the first time, then he or she is probably very excited at the idea of doing something really new to them. However, they may also be a bit apprehensive in some ways too. Kids – especially younger children – can become a little anxious when taken outside of their usual routine.

This means it is a good idea to talk to your son or daughter about what they should expect the trip to be like, so they can mentally prepare for differences in how they will do every day things they usually have a routine for like eating, sleeping and getting washed and dressed.

Your child might also have some unfounded fears picked up from camping they have seen on TV, perhaps involving wild animals or even ghosts and monsters, and it is naturally best to find out that they have these and ease their worries before you go!

Show Them the Tent

You can get some fantastic tents for family use in all kinds of terrain and weather, and sites like myfamilytent.com can help you find the right kind for your needs if you aren’t already all that experienced with camping yourself, or with what you need for the destination you have chosen.

Once you have a tent, it is always a good idea to put it up once in your garden or even indoors to get yourself used to doing it and check there are no pieces missing. This can be a great opportunity to talk to your child and let them explore the tent. Show them the other equipment too, such as the mat and bag they will be using for sleeping, and any lights or other things you have bought.

Explain About Eating and Showering at Your Chosen Campsite

Kids can be somewhat fussy about food and about their hygiene routines, and obviously these are things that are different when you are camping. Depending on where you are going, from a campsite packed with amenities to a place in the wilderness, your plans for how you will all take care of eating and keeping clean and dry will vary, but the important thing is to tell your child what it is going to be like so they know what to expect.

Some kids are more adventurous and may not be anxious about the idea of their first camping trip at all, however even they can benefit from having a good idea of what the trip will be like so they aren’t getting excited about the wrong things. Kids can have wild imaginations and may think they’ll be off hunting bears or exploring a jungle when actually you were just planning on camp fire stories and a nice hike!

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Getting Guest Ready: How To Prepare Your Home For A Horde Of House Guests

House guests

When you’ve got a large family, or lots of friends, it’s pretty much applied that you’re going to get a lot of guests throughout the year. So much so, that you probably choose a house that’s suitable for entertainment and the many hosting duties that you’re likely to have. But sometimes, even that’s not enough to ensure that you’re always ready to take on a horde of house guests at a moment’s notice. So, instead, you need to know what kind of preparation process to go through. This can be particularly handy for you if you’ve recently moved into your own home and it’s your first time hosting. So let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do to get ready.

Make A List

The first thing that you’re going to need to do to help yourself here, is to make a list. Because your mind is probably racing with all of the different things that you need to do, and if you don’t write them down, you may find that you forget them easily. So, start out with a list. You may find that you have to write down things that you need to do to feel prepared, like extra toiletries and food, as well as a list of different things that you can all do together. Because if you’ve got guests staying for a few days, you might need to keep them entertained too.

House guests

Prepare The Guest Rooms

Next, you’re then going to need to prepare the guest rooms. And it’s important to recognize that you may need to prepare more than one room if you have them, and if you have more than one set of guests coming. Perhaps you’ve got a group of friends coming to stay? Then it’s likely that you’ll need at least one room to house them, meaning you’ve got more than one set of bedding and toiletries to prepare.

And The Extra Beds

You may even find that you have more guests coming over then you can physically house in a bedroom. So, you’re going to have to get some extra beds from somewhere. If you entertain regularly, you might want to look into a solution like the Alstons sofas offer that are stylish but convert into sofa beds too. Then, they’ll look great on an everyday basis but convert into a sleeping solution at a moment’s notice.

Streamline Your Storage

Then, you’re also going to want to clear out some of the storage you have around the home too – particular in the guest bedroom. Because your guests are going to want to ensure that they have somewhere to keep their stuff while they’re staying with you.

And Get Ready To Greet Them

Finally, you should also be thinking about how you’re going to greet them when they arrive. Because you’re going to want to make a song and dance of it. Think about the nibbles and refreshments that you can pull together so that they can feel right at home as soon as they arrive.


Image credits
Image 1 – Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-preparing-christmas-table-6270/

Image 2 – Photo by Mary Whitney from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-bed-comforter-during-daytimne-90317/

Image 3 – Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/glasses-of-rose-wine-6290/



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Home Luxury On A Budget!

home luxury

We all want to be able to turn our homes into a comfortable and luxurious space. After all, who wants to get home from a hard day at work to a sterile and boring space that doesn’t let them relax at all? However, the big issue that a lot of people end up running into is that they simply don’t have the budget to fill their home with the kinds of luxury items that they really want. So does that mean that if you don’t have the cash to spend, then you can’t get the most out of your home? Of course not! It’s just that you need to be willing to get smart about it. Here are a few simple ways that you can get some home luxury on a budget.

Go second hand

One of the most common reasons that a lot of people feel as though they can’t afford a sense of luxury or comfort in their home is that they’re constantly looking at brand new items which are often incredibly expensive. Instead, you should be looking at places that sell furniture second hand. Everything from desks to rugs to decorations can be found at incredibly low prices if you know where to look. Places like charity shops, reclamation yards, and sites like Gumtree are fantastic for helping you find things that you might otherwise never be able to afford.

Keep an eye out for the sales

This is particularly useful when it comes to large pieces of furniture like sofas and beds. After all, you don’t really want a sofa or bed that has been used for years and is no longer comfortable. If you keep an eye out for sales, then you can often find amazing deals on furniture that you might not ever consider being able to afford. Check out this designer chesterfield sofa sale for an example of the kind of luxury that you can get at a massively reduced price. Sure, these kinds of items might still be on the pricier end of the scale, but large pieces of furniture last for such a long time that they often end up being well worth the investment.   


Of course, if you’re feeling really creative then why not get into the DIY spirit. Thanks to the internet, the information you need on how to make just about anything is right at your fingertips. Why not find some simple DIY projects and give them a try. Making things yourself is not only far cheaper than buying them, but it also helps to bring something unique to your home since there’s no way that anyone else is going to have the same thing in theirs. Whether it’s something big like a coffee table or simple little decorations, filling your home with things that you’ve made is often incredibly satisfying.

No matter what kind of style you want in your home, there are always going to be ways in which you can make that happen, no matter how much you have to spend. It’s just a matter of getting a little bit creative with how you do it.


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