What Is CBD Oil? Uses And Benefits You Might Not Know About…

what is CBD oil? 

It almost seems like every day there is a new ‘revolutionary’ health product that will supposedly change our lives forever.

The sheer amount of new health products being discovered is bound to make us sceptical about which to try and trust.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of those products which has received perhaps more controversy than the rest.

People see the word ‘cannabis’ and automatically think to steer clear.

But actually, CBD oil could be the answer to your prayers. It offers a completely natural yet highly effective remedy to a wide range of physical and mental disorders.

 But what is CBD oil? 

First things first, yes, it is legal and completely safe. CBD oil comes from hemp, which, although it is part of the same plant as marijuana, does not have any psychoactive effects. There’s no worry of feeling ‘high’ whatsoever.

CBD oil contains cannabinoids, which when they enter the body, prompt your body to make more use of the natural cannabinoids it has. Every human body naturally produces cannabinoids, which combine with a number of different receptors to produce different effects. CBD oil essentially just gets the cycle going. Cannabinoids combine a certain type of receptor which produces anti-inflammatory and thus pain relief effects.

Now we have answered ‘what is CBD oil’ and explained how it works in the body, it is clear why adding the oil into your lifestyle is a great idea. It should be used regularly to feel the full effects.

Hopefully, now you understand ‘what is CBD oil’, you probably want to know how it can be used? 

In terms of incorporating CBD oil into your daily lifestyle, there really are no limitations. You can cook with it, use it directly on your skin, drop it straight under your tongue or even smoke it as an e-liquid.

Whatever means you think would suit you best, Natural Hemp Co. can provide the right product. They specialise in offering extremely high-quality, organic, additive-free and vegan CBD oil in a range of forms. When trying CBD oil to see if it works for you, you should make sure you purchase it from a quality and respectable source like Natural Hemp Co. to avoid any risks and put your mind at ease. Natural Hemp Co. even offer a full CBD guide on their website, so you can read about all aspects of the oil before making a purchase – they don’t hold any information back.

What can CBD oil be used for? 

Whether you are someone struggling with physical chronic pain, or your mental health is more of an issue, CBD oil is likely to help in some way.

Due to its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can relieve pain, reduce feelings of anxiety and it has even been said that it can help with curing cancer. Big statement, we know, but there is research behind it!

Perhaps you have developed an unhealthy addiction like smoking and you have no hope that you will be able to quit on your own… Research has found that using CBD oil regularly can give you the helping hand you need to give your addiction the boot. The oil helps to reduce the side effects associated with withdrawal and curb the pesky cravings. It is also far better than using over-the-counter nicotine patches or similar as CBD oil is a completely natural remedy.

Moving on from addiction, CBD oil has been found through research to help treat more serious disorders like psychosis. People deemed to be ‘psychos’ were treated using CBD and displayed significantly less abnormal activity, interesting right?

The list goes on for the types of disorders that CBD oil can help with but hopefully now it is clear to you that the answer to ‘what is CBD oil’ is not as controversial as you might think.

Quick and Easy Family Fitness Ideas to Consider

When you decide to start a family, you’re making a lifelong commitment to be responsible for and raise little humans. The hope for most parents is to see these little humans grow up and become responsible citizens as well as contribute positively to their communities. You also have a job of teaching them basic life skills, including how to look after their health. Seeing as children often learn best when you lead by example, showing them could be more effective than telling them. If you’re looking for quick and easy family fitness ideas to squeeze into your busy schedule, continue reading below.

Family Fitness Ideas

1. Obstacle Course

If you have ever done an obstacle course before, then you know how much fun it can be. Not only do you see people’s competitive sides emerge, but it can also be a good laugh too. This is a perfect fitness activity to do with the family, and it doesn’t have to exceed an hour if you don’t want it to.  You can even build an indoor obstacle course if it’s too cold out or you’d prefer to do it in your house. Some ideas for this are to crawl under or over a row of chairs, crawl under a string stretched between two chair legs, jump in and out of a hula hoop five times and walk on a balance board.

2. Dancing

Not everyone is good on their feet, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t dance for fitness. Did you know that dancing can help improve your coordination which is especially helpful if your kids happen to play sports as it could mitigate the chances of an injury? Aside from this, dancing can also help you lose weight, and it isn’t limited to the youngsters alone.

Having said that, dedicate one or two days a week to doing domestics with your family and dancing in the process. Create a playlist together so that everyone can listen to music they love and burn some calories in the process.

3. Swimming

Another activity that can be tons of fun for both you and the family is swimming. This happens to be one of the best activities you can do as it works out your entire body. Swimming also offers both cardio and strength training which are great health benefits. Additionally, swimming is an essential life skill all kids should master.

However, if you experience a strain in your shoulder while swimming accompanied by symptoms such as swelling, deep pain in your shoulder and decreased range of motion, you may have Rotator Cuff so be aware of that. The best solution in such an instance would be to first get a doctor to diagnose you by taking an X-Ray of the area. If you do have Rotator Cuff, know that the tendon typically heals on its own or you could get traditional treatment alternatively.

4. Family Routine

Have you ever thought about creating your own family exercise routine? Instead of pulling out a YouTube video that everyone can follow for a workout session, why not create your own? This is another form of fitness that ensures you keep your body moving and stay in shape. You could include anything from sit-ups, to jumping jacks and lunges in your routine just as long as everyone can do it.

Family is one of the rare and valuable gifts you get in life, so cherish it. Try and look after your health and adopt a healthy lifestyle so that as you grow together, you do so gracefully.


Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

Common risk factors for birth injuries

birth injuries

5 in every 1000 babies born in England suffers symptoms of a brain injury, with babies born prematurely being 7 times more likely to be affected. This can lead to lifelong health consequences, including conditions such as cerebral palsy, as well as learning difficulties and other developmental issues.

Birth injuries can also include damage to the shoulder and other types of physical trauma that can result in conditions such as Erb’s Palsy, which can have a significant impact on a child’s life and wellbeing.

While some birth injuries may be unavoidable, it is often the case that significant risk factors are missed or not appropriately managed, meaning that many birth injuries could potentially be prevented if the right action were taken.

It is therefore important for medical staff and expectant mothers to be aware of the most common risk factors for birth injuries, so they can ensure the right medical support is given to minimise the chances of injury at birth.

Medical conditions that increase the risk of birth injuries

There are various medical conditions an expectant mother can have that may increase the risk of a birth injury to their child.

This includes conditions such as:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Blood disorders (e.g. sickle-cell disease)
  • Maternal infections

The exact risks these conditions can present will depend on the circumstances, but in general the most common problem is where there is a reduction in the supply of oxygen reaching the baby before or during the birth. This can lead to the baby’s brain or other organs being starved of oxygen, leading to permanent damage.

Pregnancy complications that can increase the risk of birth injuries

Any complications experienced during a pregnancy can potentially increase the risk to the baby, with some of the most common risk factors being:

  • Prolonged labour
  • Multiple births (twins, triplets etc.)
  • Placental praevia (where the placenta blocks the cervix)
  • Premature birth
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Damage to the placenta
  • Breech births

Again, the most common issue is that the baby ends up being starved of oxygen, leading to brain damage and damage to other organs. However, in the case of a difficult birth, the use of inappropriate force or incorrect use of birth assistance tools, such as forceps and vacuum extraction (ventouse), can also cause physical trauma, such as damage to the brain or the nerves of the shoulder.

Claiming compensation for a birth injury

If your baby suffered a birth injury, claiming compensation can be essential to help you deal with the consequences for their health and well-being. Depending on the seriousness of their condition, they may need on-going treatment and support for the rest of their life, as well as funds in place to provide for them in adulthood if they are unable to work.

Birth injury compensation claims can be very high value, but are also often complex and contentious. It is therefore strongly recommended to contact a firm of solicitors specialising in birth injuries to make sure you get the expert advice and guidance you need.

An experienced birth injury lawyer will be able to advise you on the strength of your claim and the amount of compensation you may be able to secure. They should then be able to guide you through the entire claims process, helping you to get the best available settlement.


Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

What To Do If You Are Arrested

If for any reason you find that you are apprehended by the police it can be shocking and upsetting. You may not know how to react in this situation whether or not you have committed a crime as it is not something that people typically experience. It is important to know what to expect and what to do in this situation as it could have a huge impact on what happens next. With this in mind, here is what you need to do if you find yourself arrested for any reason whatsoever and whether or not you have committed a crime.

If You Are Arrested

Do Not Run Or Resist Arrest

Perhaps the worst thing that you could do if you are apprehended by the police is to run away or to resist arrest. This may be your natural reaction but it is important to allow the arrest no matter if you have committed a crime or not as resisting could result in a more serious charge.

Do Not Consent To A Search

You may be asked if the officer can search you and they tend only to ask when they do not have the rights. Therefore, you are completely in your rights to decline a search but remember to remain calm, polite and co-operative.

Stay Silent

Although you should be polite and co-operative, the best step to take is to exercise your right to be silent. It is fine to provide information like your name and personal details but other than this it is best to stay quiet and to ask for a lawyer.

Finding A Lawyer

Following on from this, you should seek an experienced criminal law solicitor from a firm like Conspiracy Solicitor who will be able to advise you and work on your behalf to get you free. You should also meet with your lawyer as soon as you are released and this should be the only person that you speak to about your case.

Remain Calm & Thoughtful

Being arrested is a stressful and upsetting process to go through. You should try to remain calm throughout the process and to look after yourself after you have been released as you need to manage your stress for the uncertainty ahead. Additionally, remain thoughtful at all times and be careful who you trust – it is only your lawyer that you should be speaking to and you may find that other police officers apply pressure to try and get you to confess. This can be difficult as they are authority figures but, ultimately, it is in your rights to decline comment.

No matter the reason for the arrest and whether or not you are guilty, being arrested can be a frightening and upsetting experience. It is vital that you keep your wits about you during this time as anything that you say or do could be held against you in court. The above are the main things to keep in mind when you are arrested and could help you to settle the matter quickly and with minimal fuss.


Image source: pixabay

Glo offering industry best yoga online

yoga online

Glo is bringing you a revolutionary new way to do yoga. You can now take yoga classes online thanks to Glo. Glo is a yoga platform with a mission to change lives by making it easy for masses to access the therapeutic meditation and yoga online lessons. They firmly believe that yoga is for everyone and therefore everyone should be able to access it no matter where they are. These yoga online classes encompass both meditation and yoga, and it seeks to explore your heart, mind, and body.

Glo is committed to helping you better take care of yourself. Because yoga and meditation are a lifelong beneficial process, the platform seeks to help you committed by availing classes for you anywhere you are in the world. The platform aims to empower individuals globally to take care of themselves health-wise through yoga and meditation.

Something for everyone

This platform prides itself on its extensive video gallery covering self-building lectures, meditation, and yoga. Anyone can benefit from checking out the yoga online classes through this platform as in their thousands of videos; hundreds will definitely cater to your specific needs. So, whatever your motivations may be to do meditation or yoga, this platform has got you covered. Glo puts itself ahead of the game by having all its videos shot professionally with experience and certified professors and yoga teachers conducting the classes. All these are part of the platform’s effort to meaningfully touch lives.

Meditation and stress reduction

The world now is quite a harsh place and all the day to day pressures from yourself, the people around, and the society in general, most at times takes a toll on you. The stress keeps building up day by day, and it may end up not only affecting your mental health but also your physical health. Obesity and many other lifestyle diseases have been linked to stress. It is at times that you feel that meditation comes in handy. Meditation helps you unwind and release the pressure on your mind and body.

To get a good meditation or yoga class online, you can always rely on Glo. The certified teachers and professors available on this platform have a deep understanding of meditation and stress-reducing techniques. These meditation techniques have been put to the test numerous times by the teachers and professors not only to themselves but also to other people they have encountered in their career, and it worked. These stress-reducing meditation techniques include:

Focus techniques

This is a meditation technique that seeks to explore what’s happening on the inside of your mind. Focus techniques require you to take a spectator’s seat in your mind and observe what is going on in your mind. To make this technique work best, you have to pick one thought that’s making you feel heavy and focus on it. With breathing as a stimulus, you can take a deep dive into the thought, and you will always feel better and have solutions.

Awareness mindfulness

Awareness mindfulness is another powerful meditation technique that’s is used to reduce stress on the yoga class online from Glo. This technique is basically the opposite of focus mindfulness. Here you let your mind be aware of what’s happening around it not. Additionally, you separate yourself from your mind and look at it as if it belonged to someone else.

Object meditation

Teachers and professors at Glo also utilize object meditation as part of their stress relieving techniques. This technique involves you holding an object that interests you and focusing on it while being aware of the feedback you get from your mind.

Taking your online yoga classes will help you master these meditation techniques and many more.