How to Make Your Family Dynamic Work After Divorce

Make Your Family Dynamic Work After Divorce

Divorces can often get ugly. You can get blinded in your attempt to hurt your partner that you use every tool at your disposal. This can, unfortunately, include using your children as a way to hurt your ex. Though tempting, this maneuver should absolutely, under no circumstances, be used. You are not just an ex trying to get back at their partner who might have wronged them, you are a parent, and your ex is your child’s father or mother. That fact will never change, which is why you need to follow this guide so that you can successfully, and peacefully, co-parent now and in the future:

Go into the Divorce Proceedings with a Cool Head

Unless there was a very specific prenup, there is a lot to sort through when it comes to a divorce. That is why when you choose your lawyers, you need to choose ones that are experienced in the filed. A great family solicitor should be able to help you two come to an amicable agreement about custody, and fight for you to ensure a fair split of your assets. The calmer you are when you go, the easier you can come to a good agreement in regards to your children.

Start a Good Routine Immediately

Routines are what children need to thrive, and the sooner you start a good routine, the more time they have to settle. Try to keep some aspects of their life the same – let them live in the same house and go to the same school for example. From there, however, it is up to you and your partner. For example, say they sleep over every day on Fridays with your ex. Or perhaps you start going to the park on Sundays. These routines don’t have to always include your partner, but what they should be is time for you and your children to bond. Divorce doesn’t have to mean your family is fractured. If you and your ex work together, you can build a better family dynamic together and be closer with your children than ever before.

Don’t Let Your Personal Feelings Get the Better of You

Sharing in parenting is difficult, but by working together, you can give your children the best life. The only thing you need to remember is to never, ever, insult your ex in front of your children. It doesn’t even matter if something happened and your daughter is upset with your ex. Be diplomatic as possible, because as soon as you try to pit your child against your ex, your co-parenting relationship is doomed, and it is your children who will suffer as a result. Yes, your child can be mad at your ex, but instead of taking it as an opportunity to bad-mouth your ex, help your child work through their anger and rebuild their relationship with you.

Just because your relationship did not work out does not mean that your ex’s relationship with your children also has to turn sour. By following these steps, you can work out your differences as co-parents and build up a new, better family dynamic that suits everyone involved.  


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How to Successfully Navigate Divorce for the Sake of Your Children

Not every relationship works out, and not every relationship is healthy. While by all means spouses should try to work out their issues together, sometimes the damage is irreparable. When you find that you spend more time fighting with each other than being a parent, you know something is wrong and something has to change. Divorce is not an ugly word. In fact, divorcing amicably can be the best possible way to pull your family back together for the sake of your children. To do this, all you need to do is to follow these steps:

Sit Down and Be Completely Honest with Each Other

This step will help you determine whether your relationship is truly salvageable or not. Regardless of what your final verdict is, you owe it to each other to be 100%, brutally honest with each other. Make a deal beforehand to give each other uninterrupted time to speak. This will help you clear the air. If something terrible happened in your relationship, like infidelity, this can be challenging, but unless you get out how you feel it will only continue to be bottled up inside. If you do decide to divorce, it is important that you learn to forgive them so that you can co-parent as amicably as possible.  


Make Your Break Clean

Though emotions will likely still be running hot during your separation, try to cool down so that you can go to Burgess Mee Family Law calm and collected. Trying to hurt your partner by using your children is never a good idea, because it isn’t just your ex you are hurting, but your kids as well. By using family law solicitors as a median, you can not only make your break clean, but you can try your best to come to a rational decision regarding your family for the future.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Co-parenting is necessary in order to be there for your child. This should mean that both of you are there for every big event and celebration because the day isn’t about the two of you, but your kid. That being said, it is also very important that you set healthy boundaries and stick to them. For example, never sleeping over. This can send the wrong message to your children and especially to any future significant partners either of you two have.

Leave Your Children Out of It

You have no right to suggest or otherwise try to pit your children against your partner. The only right course of action is to be diplomatic. Your relationship holds no bearing with their relationship, and trying to butt in will only serve to cause friction within your family. Your spouse might not be a good parent, but it is not up to you to tell your child so. All you can do is be the best parent you can be and allow your child to have their own, separate relationship with your ex.

Divorce often comes with it hurt feelings, and that can make or break your family dynamic. By instead putting your children first, you can work out a new dynamic that benefits everyone involved.


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The Possible Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

missing tooth

Losing a tooth can happen to anyone at any time, whether due to an accident or biting down on something hard, and this can have a negative effect on a person’s self-confidence. In the event you suddenly see a space between your teeth when you look in the mirror, it is time to visit your local dentist to see what your options are. In order to help you to examine all of your options, here are the possible treatments for a missing tooth.

The Traditional Bridge – Bridging a missing tooth used to be the most common way to deal with a missing tooth and providing both of the teeth on either side of the gap are healthy, bridging is a possibility. This process involves grinding down the two anchor teeth to posts, onto which is attached the bridge and destroying two perfectly healthy teeth, which really makes no sense at all. It might work out fine, but what if you were to lose one of the anchor teeth? That would leave you with 3 missing teeth, which is certainly not the desired outcome.

Dental Implants – There has been great developments in the dental implant sector and for a permanent solution to a missing tooth, this is by far the best option. A special titanium pin is inserted into the jawbone at a precise location and after a couple of months, the pin will have fused with the jawbone and the prosthetic tooth can be affixed. Dental implants offer a permanent solution and once the treatment is complete, no one would ever know you lost a tooth. When searching for a dentist to carry out dental implant treatment, it is essential to choose a dental clinic that has extensive experience with dental implants, as this assures a perfect job.

missing tooth

Composite Bridgework – This is a form of bridge that does not involve grinding the two anchor teeth down to posts, which is a much-preferred solution. Not all dentists are able to perform composite bridgework, as it does require special skill, and when you compare the pros and cons, dental implants win every time. In some cases, a dental implant is not possible, as the person’s jawbone is of insufficient width to accept the titanium pin, and in such a case, the dentist might recommend a bridge of some sort.

Removable Bridge – While this is technically possible, in many cases, a removable bridge is not a feasible option. Even the traditional bridge will not hold up to any serious impact, and the removable bridge is even more delicate, which makes it a close second behind the dental implant.

For most people, a missing tooth is something that affects their self-esteem and leaving it simply isn’t an option. By consulting with an experienced dentist, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the best possible treatment. If you have recently moved and do not yet have a regular dentist, a Google search will help to locate a nearby clinic, where you can get an expert opinion on the best treatment.


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4 Health Issues You Shouldn’t Postpone Dealing with as an Older Adult

Older Adult

Everyone knows that the human body is like any other machine. It breaks down with age and will be in need of periodic ‘adjustments’ to keep it running smoothly. As we age, there are certain changes everyone must deal with, but some are more critical than others. If you find that any of the following four issues have begun surfacing in recent years, it’s time to see a doctor without delay. Some issues can be managed while others, with prompt enough treatment, may even be reversed.

1. Degenerative Bone Disorders

By this point in time, most people are aware of the fact that degenerative bone disorders are common among the elderly. From osteoporosis to other similar issues such as arthritis, seniors are urged to increase their intake of calcium and to avoid strenuous activities that could cause weak and fragile bones to snap. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and while not strictly a ‘bone’ disorder, it will often be treated by an orthopedic doctor using medications such as Celebrex, which has been beneficial to millions of older Americans seeking to live a better quality of life.

2. Poor Bladder Control

While this particular issue seems to be more prevalent in women, both genders can have difficulty controlling their bladder. One of the first symptoms of poor bladder control is a small leakage while coughing or laughing loudly, but eventually those symptoms progress to nighttime bouts of wetting the bed. You can get day or nighttime bladder control pads, incontinence liners or thinner bladder pads for daytime wear. It is also good to know that pads, liners & guards can be bought OTC online without a doctor’s prescription. 

3. Reduction in Mental Acuity

Even though a progressive reduction in mental acuity can be the first signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the progression can be slowed in many cases with treatment. There are certain pharmaceuticals which help and a number of vitamins and nutrients that bolster brain power. Even so, if you or a loved one seems to be in a fog from time to time, don’t delay contacting a neurologist at your first opportunity.

4. Inability to Tolerate Temperature Extremes

One of the major problems with getting older is an inability to tolerate extremes in temperatures. This is why so many older adults succumb to heat stroke and freeze easily in the winter. Again, older bodies just don’t function as well as younger bodies in their prime, but often this is because of the onset of a variety of illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease.

If you notice changes in your body or in bodily functions, it is imperative that you speak with your doctor immediately. Sometimes these changes are just the result of aging and are not life-threatening but other times there is some serious underlying condition that needs to be dealt with promptly. Just know that everyone ages and until you have heard from your own physician that the changes you are noticing are severe, there is no cause to be overly concerned. Always talk to your doctor before jumping to conclusions.

Fun Indoor Games to Play with Toddlers

Indoor Games

Keeping a toddler entertained when it’s too wet or cold to go out can be a challenge. It’s not easy to keep a toddler in for long periods, especially when they have a lot of excess energy to burn off! Here, we take a look at five great indoor games and activities to do with toddlers, sure to keep them amused for hours.

1.  Board Games

There are a range of great, easy to play board games for preschoolers which are perfect for those rainy days when you can’t get out and about. Toddlers will love to sit down with mom or dad and enjoy a few matches of their favorite game. Something like simple picture dominoes or a lotto matching style game is perfect for a child aged 2 or 3 years old.

Building jigsaw puzzles is another great activity for parents and toddlers to enjoy together indoors. Games and puzzles are great for promoting cognitive development, as well as being a lot of fun! You can read more about great board games for different ages at

2. Make a Sensory Box

This is a great activity to keep your toddler happy when they have to stay indoors. Get a large cardboard or plastic box and fill it with polystyrene pellets, shredded paper or other similar materials. Then, choose a range of small objects or toys with different shapes and textures. Toddlers can have fun rummaging through the bin and trying to guess what’s inside before they pull it out. Alternatively, have your child put on a blindfold and pick items out of a box and try and guess what they are. You could even make it a competition to see how many they can correctly guess!

3. Indoor Bowling

This is a great game for toddlers who love to be active even when they are stuck indoors. Save some old water or soda bottles and line them up. Then, your child can use a small, soft ball to roll (or throw!) at them to see how many they can knock over. To make it more challenging, put some water, sand or uncooked rice into the bottles to weigh them down a bit.

4. Homemade Play Dough

Making play dough is a fun activity for parents and children to enjoy together! Kids will love getting involved in making the dough – they can help mix ingredients and they can choose which color to make it. You can even make the dough scented or add glitter to make it even more fun to use! Dough will keep for a few weeks as long as it is tightly wrapped or kept in an air tight container.

5. Have a Dance Party

Toddlers love music and dancing, so a great way to help them stay active indoors is to pop on some of their favorite tunes and let them dance like crazy! It’s even more fun if mom and dad or older siblings join in too. Let your toddler decide what music they want to dance to, and you can show them some moves. You could even find a children’s music video such as the Wiggles, which toddlers can sing and dance along with!