How to choose the right lights for your home

When decorating your home, it is important not to leave lighting as an afterthought. The lighting can help add warmth and ambiance in a room, but it also needs to match the level of lighting needed depending on the room type, as you will for example need more light in a kitchen than bedroom. Planning ahead which lamps will give you the desired lighting, is important. For inspiration, check out the lamps from Fritz Hansen

right lights for your home
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Layered illumination 

When it comes to choosing the lamps for your living room, it is important to think in terms of lamps that can provide different types of lighting to achieve depth and ambiance in the room. Start by installing a ceiling fixture, this should be placed more or less in the center of the room or perhaps above your couch area. This lamp will provide the necessary light. Secondly, you want to go for lamps that create interest and ambiance, you can go with soffit or valance lighting along the walls. Finally, find a decorative table lamp if there is a corner that still needs light, perhaps a reading nook since, such a place will need bright light. 

Bright kitchen lighting

Unlike the living room, the kitchen needs to have as much lighting as possible. It is still a good idea to think about layering your lights, but not so much to give ambiance, but rather to make sure there is enough light. A good option for lighting, is to install high-hats or recessed lights in the ceiling. You can even opt for this type of light above your dining room table, to avoid having to look around a hanging light to see who you are having dinner with. Installing under-cabinet lights is a great way to make sure that you will always have enough light, when you are chopping those vegetables. 

Lamps and lighting in the bedroom

Depending on your preferences, there is no ideal lighting in a bedroom. However, the minimum of lighting would be combining a ceiling fixture with bedside table lamps. If your bedroom is facing north-west additional lighting might be need, as rooms facing this way get less direct sunlight. If you do not have a walk-in closet, you should install enough light in close proximity to your wardrobe, so you can easily pick out your outfits. You can add elements of indirect lighting, if you want to add ambiance and soft and relaxing light in your bedroom. Led-strings can be modified into different decorative lights.  

Hopefully, these tips and tricks are helpful, and not least, a great reminder that lighting and lamps should be given just as much thought as the rest of the interior design. 

Top Tips for installing Stylish Lights in your House

stylish lights


Do you want to light up your house in a stylish way? If yes, try the services of companies such Modern.Place which has foolproof plans to change the way your house looks by installing stylish lights that are exotic and exclusive. Contemporary lighting options help to stylize your house and make it look carved out as per the taste of its residents.

Get the lights in your house designed in a unique way and Modern.Place has multiple solutions for all of your concerns about touch up of your house.

Have a look on the new lighting models!

Why not to light up your house in an extravagant way with different shapes and sizes of lights like loop and pendent with inner style fixtures that cost affordable. You will love LED ceilings in quadrate shape and LED slab in different acrylic colors. The range of these lights don’t cost much and shine up your rooms with tasteful pendant lighting.

Product categories of Modern.Place

Check out the products offered by Modern.Place which include the following:

  • sconce lights
  • pendant lighting
  • custom order lights
  • bathroom lighting

You may find more models from the wholesale lightning range as well.



How to choose the perfect lighting system for your abode?

If you seek to set your house in scintillating mode then first chalk out a budgetary limit for installing lighting fixtures. Take important decisions based upon the following considerations:

  • Do you want a centerpiece or a vase?
  • Upgrading the lights in your house or installing the new ones?
  • Traditional lighting style or contemporary one?
  • Materials that you want, which can be metal or bamboo, glass or crystal!
  • Shape and size of the lighting fixtures you want?

Installing the lights based on the locations in the house

There is no concept of homogeneity for installation of lights in a house. Different portions of the house have varied lighting requirements and you light installation depends upon space availability in different rooms. Choose the lighting arrangement based upon location in the house is as follows:

  • As a rule for getting the lights installed in your room smartly, first check out your entryway which needs to give a relaxed and attractive feel to its visitors. Go for pendent lighting to give an alluring effect to the entry point in your house.
  • For living room area, go for variations as this part of house accompanies many activities. Combine different lightings such as chandelier for a royal look, pendent lamps, floor lamps, table lamps do the needful for a cozier look.
  • Dining room area can have lighting based upon type of dining table you have, for glass table, a pendent or a chandelier is a perfect choice which gives a rich and shining feel to the room

To get a nicely lit up house, choose the lights in a strategic way to get best returns on the investments you made to change the look of the house and make it more livable with the tips provided in this guide.


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Design choices to fill your rooms with light

Everybody loves a bright home. It’s just the thing to make you feel alert in the mornings, happy in the afternoons and warm in the evenings. The sun streaming in through your windows and bouncing off your walls can create a wonderful sensation of contentment. But how can it be done? Whatever kind of home you have, there are simple tricks you can use to make it brighter – even on a budget.

Be color smart

The best way to make your home seem more spacious and bright is to decorate it using pale colors. A white carpet can have an amazing effect, and if you don’t think this is practical because you have young children or pets, a machine washable white rug can do a similar job. A highly polished pale wooden floor – pine, for instance – can brighten a room by reflecting light. Painting the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade than the walls can create the impression that it’s higher up.

Get the right arrangement

Cramming too much furniture into a room can make it look a lot smaller and darker, especially if the furniture itself is dark. Putting furniture close to windows can also directly block light from getting into and around a room, and heavy curtains can have a similar effect. Move your plants off the windowsill and put them on the mantelpiece, where they’ll make the room feel fresh and outdoorsy.

Artificial assistance

When we think of light in a room we tend to focus on daylight, but even during the daytime a bit of artificial light in the right places can fend off gloom. Diode lighting has made it easier to do because you can choose exactly what tone of light you want and adjust lights over the course of the day as the daylight changes. They cost a bit more than regular lights, but you won’t have to replace bulbs very often, so over time you can save money, and they’re also better for the environment.

Budget solutions

If you’re working on a low budget, check out your local thrift store for mirrors. The more of these you can put on your walls, the better, as they’ll bounce a lot of light around. If you pick up some affordable luxury shutters you can still get the benefit of good insulation without restricting the light. You can also try replacing wooden panels in interior doors with sheets of clear Perspex, which is cheaper than glass and easy to cut to size. Finally, make sure that you keep your home clean and tidy – this will make it feel much more spacious and bright.

Brightening up your home is amazing in summer, but it will make you feel good all year round, whether the light is shining in from a flower-filled garden or bouncing off glittering snow. You don’t need to be rich to do it, so why not make a start today? It can help you to see your home at its best.


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How High Should You Hang Your Dining Room Chandelier?

Dining room chandeliers are an easy thing to switch out if you’re changing your decor or want something more modern. You’ll find chandeliers to fit any decor at sites like Crescent Harbor Modern. A beautiful light above the dining table can be a focal point to the room; however, many people are unsure about the proper height for hanging their new fixture. Follow these tips to get your lighting installation just right.




General Formula

You want to be sure your fixture is at a height that provides sufficient lighting but doesn’t interfere with the sight line of those seated at your table. There is a generally accepted formula that states, with an eight foot ceiling, the bottom of a dining room chandelier or fixture should be between 30 and 36 inches above the top of the table. For every foot of additional ceiling height, add three inches to the space above the table.


Exceptions to the Rule

This formula is just a general guideline. You must also take into consideration the dimensions of your room and proportions of the table. You can start with the formula guidelines to get an idea of fixture placement, then move the chandelier up and down to determine the exact height of preference.

Size Matters

The size of your chandelier comes into play in terms of height placement also. Large, bulky lights may need to be placed higher than petite pendants. It’s all a matter of visual appeal.

Keep these tips in mind when hanging your dining room chandelier.


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Making a house a home

If you’ve just moved into a new property, or your home is simply feeling a bit lacklustre, there are some simple ways you can make your home feel warm and inviting. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways…

Mood lighting

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Constantly having a harsh, bright ceiling light beaming down on you can make your home seem sterile and unhomely, especially in the living room. Living rooms were designed to be cosy, so achieve this by introducing a selection of lamps into your room. These will provide you with all the light you require, while being less harsh than a ceiling light. Go for lamps with white fabric shades to diffuse a softer light.



Whether it’s a romantic meal, or simply to help you unwind after a long day, candles should feature in every home. On winter nights, candles will make your home seem warm, cosy and welcoming. In addition, go for a scented candle and let the smell drift throughout your house. The gingerbread cookie candle, available from Best Kept Secrets, is a must-have, as this classic fragrance will fill your house with the homely smell of fresh baking. You can get some great candle holders too, to really make a statement with your candles.

Soft furnishings

Cushions and throws can work wonders in making a room seem more welcoming. Put an array of cushions, of different textures, shapes and sizes, on your bed or sofa to instantly make them seem more comfortable. Likewise, throws and blankets are perfect for snuggling up in on a winter’s evening. Colour wise, you should avoid cold shades, like light blue or sterile white, which will only make your room seem more alienating. Instead go for warm colours, like rich reds, earthy browns and vibrant purples. These will add a homely touch to even the coldest rooms.

Following these simple tips will completely transform your house into a home, without blowing the budget.

Home Lighting 101: The Essentials Every Homeowner Should Know

Living in a beautiful home is not only pleasing to the eyes, but is beneficial to the overall well-being of individuals as well. It’s not just about the aesthetics, but should be more on the comfort level it can provide to its inhabitants. In a study conducted, it has been found that individuals who live in houses that have good lighting conditions and spic-and-span surroundings are generally more productive and have a better outlook on life compared to those who live in places where lighting conditions are poor and are severely cluttered.




Home lighting 101

That said, it’s therefore very important for homeowners to take the lighting seriously aside from merely installing them for the sake of beautification. Lighting installation must be done with security and functionality in mind. Style, more often than not, should only be a bonus. Continue reading “Home Lighting 101: The Essentials Every Homeowner Should Know”

Importance of Proper Lighting in Your Home

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Lighting is a vital part in an interior design. It improves the appearance of the home area as it contributes and influences the ambiance and beauty of a certain part of the house. A well-lit room goes well with a well-arranged room. Proper furniture placement with the appropriate light fixtures installed can accomplish a well-lighted home. If you really want everything to look perfect, then it’s about time to learn about the art of proper lighting.

Continue reading “Importance of Proper Lighting in Your Home”