5 Best Time-Saving Gardening Tips

As a busy stay-at-home mom, you don’t always have as much time as you’d like to tend your plants, mow the lawn, and complete other green-fingered tasks. Because of this, it’s best to organize your gardening with free pockets of time and optimize how you do the gardening to avoid it becoming too much to handle.


Here are five time-saving gardening tips to get you started.

Use Planter Bags for Contained Veggie Growing

While you may not have space or time to manage a large vegetable patch, one way around the problem is to use planter bags instead. These provide a free-standing vegetable pot that’s more manageable. For example, a tomato plant not only brightens up the area as the tomatoes ripen, but they also can supplement a salad too.

Emptying out a planter bag is easier than a plant pot or plant container. They can also be adjusted to different heights to hold the appropriate level of soil for different vegetables or plants.

Choose Plants Carefully

When you’re stuck for time, you’ll be glad that you focused on perennial plants and ones described as evergreen. The main advantage to these is they bloom each year without the need to be replanted annually. This saves considerable time and is also easier on your back too!

Wi-Fi Enabled Moisture Sensors

Wi-Fi enabled moisture sensors can hook onto existing sprinkler systems to moderate the amount of water fed to the sprinklers and when it’s cut off. The more sophisticated ones will pull up reports on rainfall to avoid overwatering when there’s been plenty of rain already. There are systems from Nest, Green IQ, Edyn, and PlantLink that provide the electronics and connectivity options to achieve these results.

For potted plant owners, special plant sensors that slot into the plant’s soil directly measure the soil’s moisture levels. Depending on the system, these plant sensors can alert you by SMS, email, and other forms of messaging when a plant needs more water. Some systems even provide information on soil quality levels and other important factors affecting plant health.

Ready Access to Gardening Tools

One useful time-saving trick is to position your gardening tools so that they’re nearby. You don’t have to be working in the garden at the back of the property while your best tools are stored in the garage at the front of the house. Either put up a shed or create a special storage place for your tools (factor in the soil and debris tracked in if you’re going to do this). The time saving might seem minor, but it’ll add up the more often you want to be in the garden. Be sure to check out more gardening tips for extra ways to save time in the garden.  

Low-Tech DIY Irrigation

If the high-tech lawn and plant watering aren’t for you, then consider using clever do-it-yourself ideas to create a self-watering irrigation system for your garden. There are many ways to do so without relying on smart sensors and a W-Fi connection for a data download. Low-tech can work just as well as going high-tech if that’s your personal preference.

Saving time in the garden helps avoid losing precious minutes and hours to unnecessary gardening chores. By cutting out the fluff, you can enjoy your time pottering about in your garden, tend to your plants and get the most out of it.


Image source: http://www.freestockphotos.biz/stockphoto/16337

Money Saving Tips for Lawn Care and Gardening

Lawn care

Want to get more involved with lawn care, treatments and gardening? Although it is an extremely rewarding task, it can also be a sap on money if you’re not careful. Use these 3 simple tips to keep your garden lush and your bank account happy!  

Hire a Professional

A manicured, beautiful lawn is something to be admired as it is certainly difficult to acquire! Doing your weeding, fertilising and lawn treatments yourself can be time consuming, costly and confusing. With this aspect of gardening, it is often more cost effective to hire a professional lawn care company. As you can pay in instalments and have consistent, expert treatments all year round, this is the best option when you want a beautiful, affordable lawn. 

Invest in Quality Tools

It might be tempting to buy gardening tools and implements that appear cheap and an easy buy, but that might not be the best course of action. Gardening tools need to endure changing weathers and heavy duty action, so you don’t want to buy something of low quality materials. It is a far better idea to buy something that is built for duration, that may cost a little more, which won’t have you buying replacements every year. Do your research and try not to buy the cheapest item on the market, as you will probably end up having to buy the slightly more costly piece of equipment anyway the following year!

If you are still unsure about investing in quality equipment, it is worth checking second-hand shops and sites like Freecycle, where you can pick up some good stuff either free or at very little cost. 

Grow Your Gardening Social Circle

One fantastic way to get great advice, seedlings and cut offs, which can save you considerable money, is to reach out to fellow gardeners. They are a friendly community who love sharing knowledge. Look into gardening community groups online who share their best advice. This costs nothing and can add a great deal of value to your gardening. You might even stumble across a green-fingered comrade who is willing to give you some cut-offs and seeds from which you can grow your own garden. 

Reuse and Recycle

Often there are many items in the home that when they come to their end of use, get thrown away. Even items such as cardboard boxes or egg cartons can find a second use in the garden. Make your own compost with vegetable peelings, fallen leaves, cardboard and egg shells. You could even recycle old bathroom items such as sinks to create miniature ponds to attract wildlife to the garden. The possibilities are endless and you can do your bit for the environment whilst not spending any money! 


How to Create A Flawless Winter Garden

The UK is experiencing the most ruthless winter freeze in over half a decade. In such conditions, your garden must be full of snow. However, instead of mourning over a snow filled garden (which will remain the same throughout January), consider a winter garden and revamp it to look good!

winter garden

UK’s national garden room company, Oeca Garden Rooms, has years of experience in maintaining gardens. They were kind enough to give pointers on some minute things to make your garden look perfect during the winters. Here are some of them:

Plan the layout of the garden

They greatly emphasised you should have a garden layout which would work for all seasons – during summer when flowers are at their peak and around winter when all botanical elements start dying off. In such scenarios, it is highly recommended that you keep the flower beds raised and make hedges. Furthermore, always pick up and dispose dead plants to give your garden a neat appearance.

Decorate your garden

Beautify your garden with some classic lanterns and fairy lights. Preferably, you can hang them from any structure and use them as sole sources of illumination during night. This would make the white, snowcapped garden appear even better. Alternatively, to keep the Christmas spirit alive, you may pin some festive ribbons on the trees or hang colourful LED bulbs throughout the garden.

Plant winter flowers

Winter flowers are perfect to garnish your garden. Place your flowers in a way that they’re safe from the merciless chilled winds and still receive a bit of sunshine, which is rare during winter season. Near the house is highly recommended. With this done, plant some winter aconites. These yellow flowers have everything to light up your snowcapped garden by adding a fantastic colour to it. They also give sweet and light fragrance.

Other than that, you can plant some rosebud cherries to add a sensitive pink touch to your garden. Moreover, you may use common sweet boxes aka sarcococca confusa to add an elegant grey element to your garden. Pair them with some fragrant ivory flowers along with black berries and you’ll have yourself a spectacular looking garden!

Use winter pots

Winter pots are a great way of adding a colourful effect to your winter garden. It is recommended that you get stoneware so the cold winds are countered effectively. However, again, place the pots such that they could get sunlight.

Clean Up Your Garden With My Advice

Has your garden been looking a little bit of a mess lately? I know the feeling. Don’t worry though because I’m going to give you some tips on how to clean it up. It’s actually quite common for gardens to look messy during the winter. The reason is quite obvious. People are going out in their gardens less so it falls into a state of disrepair. I can offer you some tips on how to avoid this issue.

Falling Leaves?


Falling leaves are a pain and a bother. Obviously, there’s no real way to avoid falling leaves cluttering your garden in the winter months. Except you can cut the trees back. This will stop the leaves falling all over your lawn. In particular, you should make sure that you are cutting trees back that hang over the house. These can drop leaves that block up gutters and cause general havoc in your yard and house.

Keep Your Grass Short

The easiest way to keep your garden neat and tidy is to keep your grass trimmed short. I know that going out in the garden is the last thing you’re thinking about when the winds are starting to blow. But whenever the weather clears up, you should get outside and start trimming the grass. Don’t forget that long grass will cause wildlife to be attracted to your garden. If you don’t want little critters in your backyard don’t neglect your lawn mower.


I hate the way my garden looks when it’s flooded. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it just becomes a soggy mess. I know a lot of people have this problem. Either their soil density is too high or they have a garden that is is completely flat. This means there is no permeability and the water builds up. When that happens you’ll get soggy puddles clogging up your grass. To avoid this, you can speak to a landscaper. They’ll be able to fix the problem easily by adding a permeable solution underneath your back yard. Then the water from heavy rain will seep away like it is supposed to.

Removing The Mess

On occasion I’ve been known to plant vegetables in my garden. This type of work requires a lot of landscaping. You need to prepare the soil and get a patch of your garden ready. I have to admit this often leaves large piles of soil everywhere. You can clean that up with a mini loader hire. The company will send an operator and they’ll get rid of all those soil hills in your garden, taking it off your property.

Section Your Yard

Choosing your Patio Furniture
Image credit: SITS Girls – https://flic.kr/p/ea2Hc3

My last tip is to think about changing the layout of your garden. A yard that is completely grass often looks untidy by default. The reason for this is that it is such a wide open space if anything is even remotely out of place, it looks untidy. That problem can be sorted out by laying down some patio. That way, you will have different sections in your garden and it will look very stylish.

I hope you find these tips useful and spend more time in your backyard once the weather improves.

Give Your Garden A New Lease Of Life With These 4 Simple Upgrades

Want to make your garden a more interesting and fun place? Now is the perfect time to do it, so we thought we would give you a few pointers on the upgrades that can make a difference to any home. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is. With a little planning, these features can all be pulled off with aplomb, and encourage you and your family to spend more time outside.

Butterfly Garden
Image credits to Karen Kleis, on Flickr – https://flic.kr/p/hwWZb3

Patio area

Patios are perfect for garden parties. They give you an outside space to use when the grass is wet and acts as a great visual bridge between your home and the garden. If you have the time and expertise, it can be an excellent DIY project to complete. But if you are after something more intricate, it might be worth getting in touch with some paver installers who can add a more professional – and luxurious – touch. It’s worth spending a little extra to get a higher quality of stone. The better slabs you use, the longer they will last, and they will need a lot less maintenance to keep them looking great.


Thanks to solar power technology, it costs very little to install a little lighting in your garden. You can pick up solar lights for a few dollars a piece in many home and garden stores, and they cost nothing to run. They will soak up energy all day long and then turn on when it gets dark. That little bit of light can help you extend your late nights in the garden, and provide guests with a safe route to and from different areas during summer parties.

Water feature

Ever wanted a great-looking water feature in your garden? They give you an impressive centerpiece and can also attract different types of wildlife to your home. And, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting back on a warm summer’s night with a glass of wine and the soft gurgling sound of water trickling through rocks. There’s a great guide to creating your own water feature over at The Family Handyman, or you could go for something a lot more eye catching.


If you have large trees in your garden area, then a tree house is well worth investigating. It can provide your kids with a brilliant place to get up close with nature, and even give you and your partner somewhere to have a nice and romantic evening under the stars. Take a look at Tree Top Builders Inc for some inspiration. If you have the skills, we would always recommend building your own. However, for safety reasons it might be worth hiring a professional company to do the job for you.

Giving your garden a boost doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And, if you have any DIY skills in your locker, these are great little projects that you can do yourself. Do you have any tips to share? If so, we would love to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave your advice in the comments section below.