How Self-Employed Workers Can Prove They’re Professionals

Stories abound every year about how unscrupulous self-employed contractors and other professionals take advantage of people and don’t, or can’t, perform the services they were hired to do. These types of news stories make it very hard for honest and respectable self-employed individuals like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and roofers to gain the confidence of potential customers so they can get hired and earn a living.


Self-Employed Workers


Here is an overview of what you as a self-employed individual should do to help convince a potential customer that you are a true professional and the right person to hire to get a job done.



Regardless of what services you offer to people, you should show that you have the knowledge necessary to fulfil your promises. The best way to show you have the training necessary to do the job which you are trying to get hired to do is by showing your potential customer your certificates from the training you have received from trade schools and other places. You should put copies of the certificates in a binder to keep it and other paperwork on hand to show potential customers you know how to do the work.



If you have a track record of doing the type of work your potential customer wants to get done, you should create a list to show it. You can keep an on-going log of completed jobs in a database on your computer that you can print up and put into your binder. The list should be broken down into the different tasks you perform. For example, if you are a plumber, you should have separate lists showing the septic service repairs or maintenance tasks you have done and a separate list of the indoor plumbing projects you have done like emergency pipe or toilet repairs.

This way when you are talking to a customer, you can look up a task you’ve performed that matches what the potential customer needs and have a discussion on how you handled the previous repair or service.


Before and After Pictures

You should take pictures of what the job site looked like before you started and what it looked like once you were done. You should also add pictures of what you did to complete the job. The pictures should also be put into your binder and will provide you with a visual aide you can use while explaining what the problem was and how you fixed it.


Tradesman Insurance

Reputable self-employed home improvement contractors and tradespeople will have a tradesman insurance policy. A tradesmen insurance policy protects both you and the customer in case of injury or property damage that might occur while you are working on a project at a business or home. Contractors who skip on getting a policy is a warning sign to potential customers that if anything goes wrong they could be liable to cover the cost of the damage or injuries that occurred on their property. You should have a policy and a copy of it should be put into the binder.


Trade Association Memberships

Trade association memberships show a potential customer a number of things including that you appear to be a valuable member of your professional, are aware of updated procedures and laws affecting your profession, and that you have easy access to continuing education courses.

Trade associations typically don’t allow disreputable contractors who could bring dishonour to the association to be members. You should keep copies of the certificates of membership and continuing education courses and seminars you have attended in your binder to show your potential customers.



People appreciate when they have been treated well and a job has been performed to their satisfaction. You should always ask a satisfied customer if they would be willing to provide you with a character and job reference that you can give to potential customers to give them an understanding of your work performance.

In some cases, especially if the work you have done can be viewed from the outside, a satisfied customer may allow a potential customer to stop by and view first-hand the work you have done.

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Career Options for Social Work Graduates

Graduating with a social work degree doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go on to be a social worker. Your skills and qualifications would allow you to find work in other fields. If you did choose to become a social worker, there are many different specialties, and different groups of people you could work with. Being a graduate of a masters in social work could open up many doors and allow you to have a long and rewarding career in whatever path you chose. Here are some of the great career options available to you.

Social Work Graduates

Social Work

Social work helps many different groups. From helping veterans finding their place in society and dealing with any issues they may have, looking after the elderly or children and families, to assisting the victims of domestic violence. Social work can be challenging, but there aren’t many more rewarding careers out there.


A social work degree would allow you to work as an advocate. Advocates use their skills and knowledge to represent their clients. Advocates work to ensure their clients’ voices are heard, defend their rights, challenge decisions on their behalf, and make sure they understand outcomes. Advocates work in a variety of different situations, from court rooms, to medical meetings.

Family Support Work

Family support workers work with families, children and young people to ensure they get the best help possible when they need it. Working with families who are facing either short or long term issues, family support offers both practical and emotional support. This could be anything from finding affordable housing and applying for benefits to being a shoulder to cry on.


Therapists help people dealing with conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression, by talking to them and helping them to find their own coping strategies. The work of a therapist often reduces the need for medication and long term care.

Mental Health Worker

Mental health workers not only help to identify mental health conditions and care for patients, they also play an incredibly important part in educating society about mental health conditions and treatments.

Probation Officer

Probation officers work with those who are leaving and have left prison, to make sure they lead productive and innocent lives upon their release. Probation officers play a large role in educating offenders, as well as helping them readjust to society and find jobs, all while ensuring the safety of the public.

Charity Worker

Your skills as a social work graduate could help you work within a charitable organization. Charity work is exceptionally varied. You could find work with rehousing organizations, in sheltered accommodation, as an advocate or counselor within an organization, or as part of a fund-raising team.

Youth Worker

Youth workers work supporting young people who need help. Some may have problems with their families, while others may be in legal trouble, or struggling with mental disorders. As a youth worker, you would be responsible for identifying your client’s needs, and working with them to find solutions, offering emotional support along the way.

There are many ways you could use your social work degree to help others. While some of these careers might require you to complete further education or training, they are all incredibly rewarding and fulfilling choices.


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Common Loader Varieties – How Each Works

The two most common loader varieties used by businesses and companies are side loaders and low loaders. These loaders are both very versatile transport solutions that many transport companies provide for hire and they can be used to transport a broad range of heavy machinery and equipment, as well as sea and shipping containers. This is what side loaders, which are equipped with crane arms, are predominantly used for, whereas low loaders are more commonly used for transporting items of heavy equipment.

If you’re looking for a local transport company to provide your business with versatile low loader and side loader transport solutions, it’s a good idea to make sure that the transport solution you seek to arrange is the right solution for your business’s heavy haulage needs. That means you need to understand the pros and cons of these two loader varieties in relation to your heavy haulage requirements and have a comprehensive idea of how each loader variety works.

Low Loaders

Like tilt tray transport in Perth from Reef Group, low loaders are one of the most popular transport solutions available to businesses in need of heavy haulage solutions at cost-effective rates. While these innovative trucks can also be used to transport shipping containers (they’re usually equipped with container twist locks and stanchions), they’re more commonly used for transporting items of heavy equipment, like earthmoving and excavation equipment, to construction and building sites.

These trucks feature a ramp at the rear of the tray which enables items of equipment, like cranes and bulldozers, to be driven onto the tray and then secured in place using locks and stanchions. This is a very versatile transport solution that lends itself particularly well to hauling heavy equipment short and long distances, making it a popular choice among building and construction companies.

Side Loaders

These loaders are almost exclusively used for transporting shipping containers. They are equipped with crane arms which enable them to pick up shipping containers from the ground or a raised level onto the tray of the truck to the rear of the cabin. Due to the crane arms and the size of the shipping containers that they transport, these trucks require a large clearance space in which to be operated safely. What’s more, they need to be loaded and unloaded from the driver’s side of the truck, which means it’s essential to work out which way containers will be loaded onto the truck before it arrives.

In conclusion, these two loader varieties are among the most commonly used in heavy haulage. Each loader is operated in a different manner and they’re generally used for transporting different things, for example, side loaders are more commonly used for transporting shipping containers whereas low loaders are used for transporting items of heavy equipment and machinery.

However, as low loaders are very versatile and share a lot of similarities with tilt tray trucks (another popular transport solution that’s available to businesses), they’re also suitable for transporting sea and shipping containers. Take note of the points made here to make better informed decisions about your business’s heavy haulage requirements.


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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Getting an Online Nursing Degree

The face of online education has changed greatly over the years, with an increasing number of healthcare facilities honoring online degrees when choosing candidates. Online degrees offer many advantages over traditional nursing schools and it would be wise to weigh the pros and cons of each option to see which one fits your needs the best. Here are five compelling reasons every aspiring nurse should consider getting an online degree.

Nursing students.jpg

High Demand

One of the most compelling reasons to attend a nursing program is because of the increasingly high demand for qualified nurses. Demand is becoming more and more specialized and NPs with a bachelor’s degree will often be asked to have a master’s degree in a specific concentration to fill positions.

For this reason, job prospects are very high and there’s actually a shortage of nurses in many domains at the moment. As a matter of fact, jobs for registered nurses are expected to grow by 16% from 2014 to 2024, more than double the national average according to the United States Department of Labor.

Added Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of online education is the added flexibility it offers students. This is especially important in a field like nursing, where many nurses holding a bachelor’s degree may have to further their education while maintaining a job. You can set your own schedule and complete your degree in the time you want with an online program, which is something you can’t do as easily with a traditional program.

In addition, you can finish your masters or bachelor’s degree much faster online. For instance, you can finish an online FNP program in as little as 18 months, much faster than through most traditional brick and mortar institutions.


While the choice for specializations was very limited not too long ago, the various choices available through online courses are almost endless these days. From a family nurse practitioner, all the way up to geriatric nursing and nursing forensics, there is an online program for everyone. You can choose to specialize based on specific organs or organs groups, age, treatment type or specific health conditions.


Most institutions will accept qualifications from an accredited school. While online education used to be frowned upon, online degrees are being increasingly recognized, especially in the healthcare industry. This is especially true for those who already possess an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a traditional school, but this applies to first time students as well. In order for a degree to be valid, it has to be accredited by either the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Pursuing an online nursing degree is a great way to add a few notches to your belt without having to compromise your current position. It’s also a great way for new students to cut down on tuition costs and study at their own pace, wherever they are across the globe. So if you believe online education is the choice for you, don’t hesitate to contact some of the institutions in your area, as they will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.


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Time For A Home Office? Make It Feel Like A Serious Work Space With These Steps

So, it’s time to create a home office. Doing so can be exciting, but also pretty daunting! Happily, with the following steps, you can combat any potential issues. You need your home office to be a place where you can focus and concentrate. You also want it to be a positive place for your body and mind. And, of course, you’ll need certain tools and devices to help you on your way too. Read on to find out more…

diy home neon signs

Be separate

The first step is relating to where you set up your space. It is important that you keep the space separate to where you usually relax or socialize. So, this means no working at your kitchen table. And certainly no working in bed. What you need is a space dedicated to working, and nothing else. If possible, have a dedicated room in your home. If this isn’t an option, could you transform your basement or attic? Or build a stand-alone structure in your garden for the long-term?

Picture 027

Coffee machine

Making your home office feel like a serious workspace is a lot to do with making it feel like a normal office space. So, mimic this. You probably start your working day by making a cup of coffee, right? Then shop around for your coffee machine. If you will be holding meetings in your office, one that makes two cups at a time will come in handy. But if it will just be you most of the time, go for a more compact version. New ones are being made all of the time, which happily means the older versions will be discounted. When it comes to Why you should buy your coffee beans online, that’s simple! Because you’ll save money! Buying in bulk pretty much always means this. When it comes to work, when are you ever not going to want coffee!?

Ditting home grinder


This may be something that you don’t discover you need until further down the line. However, if you find you are regularly being disturbed by external noise, you may need it. If the disturbance is coming from another part of the house, you may need to move from another area. If it is coming from outside, consider getting your windows upgraded. If they are single-glazed, invest in double-glazing. If they are already double-glazed, triple-glazing is a further option.

Desktop screen

So, you have your office set up. It’s in the right place and is equipped with something you’ll need every single day. It’s now time to think about your technology. The first thing worth investing in is a desktop computer. The larger your screen, the easier it will be get work done. You can connect your Mac or other laptop up with a simple cable.



A final step to make your space feel truly legitimate is to install a landline. It allows people to contact you during set office hours. You may not feel comfortable giving some people your personal mobile. A landline that you send to voicemail outside of your office hours is a good way around this.


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