How Natural Disasters Affect the Real Estate Market

The government is still assessing the total damage of Hurricane Irma – although as CNN Money reports, both Irma and Harvey have already racked up billions in damages – and all of us know that it’s going to take a lot of time before Florida returns to normal.

Natural Disasters

When a disaster strikes, the first priority is naturally protecting lives – as it should be – but one has to wonder, what do all of these catastrophes mean from an economic point of view, especially when it comes to real estate…

What Is Exactly At Stake Here?

Most of us don’t think about natural disaster until they occur. With all of those recent disasters, you have to wonder, just how many homes are at risk of natural disasters?

According to a recent RealtyTrac report, staggering 43% of houses and condos in the United States are at very high risk of at least one type of disaster at any moment. This amounts to almost 36 million homes across the US with an estimated market value – get ready for this – of 6.6 trillion dollars.

Not surprisingly, California sits at the top of the list of states that are at risk. There, roughly 8.4 million homes are estimated to be at a high risk. Next up, again, not really all that surprising, Florida with more than 6.7 million homes at the same risk level.

How Natural Disasters Impact Real Estate

Unlike many other factors, like the state of economy for example, natural disasters are only a local phenomenon rather than a nationwide one. And while the rest of the country doesn’t really notice the effects of disasters, they are more than noticeable in that particular are – if only for a couple of months.

Most potential buyers lose the confidence in that location and mortgage operations become noticeably slow – and both factors hurt home sales in the area. As Market Watch reports, home sale prices increase at a much slower rates in these high risk areas than compared to the rest of the country.

As a matter of fact, according to data collected between 2005 and 2015, in low risk areas, the average price increases at a rate between 6.6% and 9.5%. On the other hand, in high risk areas prices have decreased by 2.5% and 6.4% during the same period.

But when it comes to the actual home value, disasters impact the real estate market in a completely different way. In a paradoxical turn of events, the average home prices in these high risk states seem to be higher than in the rest of the state. While they don’t grow as fast, they start at a much higher point.

Home Prices in High Risk States

For starters, an average home price in high risk states is around 170K dollars, while the price of very high risk state – located in aforementioned states like California – homes is more than 190K. When we compare this to very low risk areas that have an average property value of 150K dollars, we can clearly see that the difference is more than noticeable.

Moreover, this decade, home price appreciation has been much, much stronger in very high risk areas than in low risk ones. In the last few years, home prices in very high risk areas had a 20.4% increase compared to very low risk areas that saw a 10.1% increase.

This can be explained – partially at least – by the fact that the markets in high risk states change a lot faster than others. And as BuzzBuzz News reports, experts claim that the recovery from the recent housing crisis has been faster and stronger in very high risk areas around the country.

How Disasters Affect Home Buyers

Surprisingly, potential natural disasters don’t do much to influence a majority of potential home buyers.  In fact, factors such as weather and business opportunities have a much larger effect on the decision making process of modern buyers.

As history has shown, a natural disaster, while impacting the real estate market for a certain period of time, doesn’t actually have a long lasting effect. We can clearly see from the infamous Loma Prieta earthquake, which occurred 27 years ago.

The 6.9 magnitude disaster rocked Northern California, leaving 63 victims, destroying more than 11,000 houses and creating roughly 6 billion dollars in damages in the process. As you can expect, nervous home buyers started backing out of their real estate deals.

Since only a couple of older homes were destroyed beyond repair during the earthquake, most home buyers were ready to wait for some minor damages to be repaired – such as cracks in the driveway – to be prepared before continuing with their purchase.

According to researchers from the San Diego State University, only small decrease in real estate property values correspond with the earthquake, however, the economic conditions in the country of the last decade of the 20th century had a much larger impact on the market.

What about Buyers’ Awareness?

The impact natural disasters have on the market makes a lot of sense from the buyer’s perspective when you think about it. Since a ton of information is freely available online, these days, homeowners don’t have any excuses for being uninformed.

When it comes to both private and commercial real estate, buyers are now able to make a good decision on where and what type of property to buy, based on all of the information that’s out there. Nonetheless, future property owners should still consult a real estate agency before making any decisions.

A good real estate company will be able to explain specific insurance coverage the customer should look into before buying a property. And of course, if the buyer isn’t too familiar with the potential risks a good realtor should explain how natural disaster will impact the price of the property they’re looking at in the long haul.

Natural Disasters

The Bottom Line

Some of the more high risk areas in the country are located along the coastline, which has some of the US’s most beautiful and picturesque settings. So you can’t be all that surprised that people are still flocking into these beautiful regions.

Although natural disasters have a significant short term impact on the real estate market, as we said already, things like the economic climate have a far greater impact. But when like everything else, being aware of any possible risk is more than important when it comes to buying or selling a home.


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How do You Know if Being a House Flipper is for You?


Recently, there has been a lot more property shows focused on flipping houses – the process of buying real estate to renovate and then sell on for a tidy profit – and this has sparked the idea in many people’s minds to do the same.

Although shows like Masters of Flip make the process of flipping houses look so simple and the returns seem to be astounding ins some cases, it really isn’t as easy as you might think to make a profit from this process. So, if you’re interested in flipping houses for a living, you’d do well to work out if it’s really for you.

Here are some signs that you might be ready for a new career as a house flipper:

You Know More About House Flipping than What You See on TV

If you plan to get into house flipping after doing little more than watching a few of the shows on HGTV, then it’s highly unlikely you’re ready for a career as a real estate renovator. As I mentioned earlier, these shows make the whole process of buying, renovating and selling real estate a lot easier than it really is. In their world, you can see a condo for sale one day, buy it the next and have it ready for sale within a few weeks. In the real world, it isn’t that simple, especially when you’re just starting out, and you need to source good contractors, learn how to manage projects and do a lot of hard work.

If you’re serious about being a house flipper in the future, and if you don’t want to be disappointed, or even worse end up losing money, you need to take the time to really learn about the process first.

You’ve Done the Studying

Like most things in life, you will have better results with house flipping if you know what you’re doing. Being educated is never a bad thing, and it will help you to get things right from the off. You’ll need to study everything from property prices to project management if you want to stand the best chance of making money from real estate and you will not want to start the process before you know everything there is to know.

You’ve Talked to Other House Flippers

Websites like allow you to connect with other real estate flippers, and doing so is a really good idea. It will help you to get a better picture of what is involved, any pitfalls you might face and how to go about starting your first project. If you make friends with local flippers, they will be able to support you with your first project, so that it is a successful flip rather than a total flop.

Your Finances are in Order

You really shouldn’t take on a house flipping project if your finances a are all up in the air. Investing in real estate represents a big commitment, and you need to be financially in a good place if you’re going to secure a mortgage.

You’ll also need to know exactly what your financial commitments will be before you buy, as well as having an idea of how much money any property you’re interested in is likely to need spent on it before it can be sold on for a profit.

If you are bad with finances, please don’t start playing around with real estate until you’ve educated yourself and you’re confident you know what you’re doing!

You Understand Your Funding Options

You should also take the time to work out your funding options before you start flipping houses. Although mortgage loans are still the most common way of obtaining real estate, they are not the only one available to you. There are lots of attractive loan offers which are made available to house flippers with no money down, but many of these are little more than scams, aimed at house flipping newbies who don’t really know what they are getting into, and which could put you under serious financial strain now and in the future. Looking at all of the options and checking out the integrity of financial backers before you sign anything is, therefore, a must.

You Have the Time

Those houses on Masters of Flip might be renovated in the blink of an eye, but that is unlikely to be the case for your projects. A lot of people have the idea that they’ll be able to renovate properties in their spare time, and although this is not impossible, it is unlikely unless you can afford to hire a large team of contractors. So, if you don’t have plenty of time to work on a house, perhaps do not jump in and start investing right now. Wait until you have a lot more time to dedicate to the project and things will work out a lot better for you.

You’ve Found a Good Team of Contractors

You should never start the house flipping process before you’ve found a good team of contractors who you can trust to get the work done on your property. If you haven’t already researched local contractors to see how affordable, efficient and professional they are, you simply aren’t ready for house flipping. By not doing your homework, you could leave yourself with a half finished house, a poorly renovated property or empty pockets if you make the wrong choice. In the house flipping business, you really do need to be confident that your contractors will do their best and won’t leave you in the lurch.

You Understand the Risk

Although there is no doubt that investing in real estate can be an extremely profitable and enjoyable way to make a living or save for your retirement, it is not easy, and there are lots of risks. You need to understand that there are many things which can, and quite often do go wrong. From undisclosed mold problems to faulty wiring, few homes are issue free, and you need to bear this in mind and plan accordingly if you want to be ready for a career in real estate flipping.

You’ve Researched Local Real Estate

You really shouldn’t plunge in and buy a property to renovate before you’ve thoroughly researched the market in your neighborhood. This is important because it will enable you to ask questions. For example, if a property in your area is selling for significantly lower than average, that’s a good indicator that there may be something really wrong with it, or if you know that a particular area is known for its crime, you’ll know that buying there might not get you the best return, even if you do a wonderful renovation job. Of course, knowing the market will also ensure you don’t pay too much for a property and then struggle to make any profit once you’ve renovated, too.

Your Expectations are Realistic

If you don’t want to be disappointed, then you need to do all of the above, and you need to set your expectations at a realistic level. If you have your head in the clouds, you might end up spending too much because you think you can get more from a property than you really can, or you might put all of your eggs in the real estate basket, when really you probably shouldn’t.

The harsh truth is that real estate flipping isn’t for the delicate. You have to be willing to put your money on the line and invest lots of your time and energy to the project if you want to be successful.


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5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that’s in very high demand in this digital environment. SEO is nothing but a means to optimize your website so that it performs well in the search engine ranking. The search terms used by the users are called keywords and ranking high in the organic search will help you acquire more visitors to your website.


Search Engine Optimization
By Naveen reddy kancherlaOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


But, is investing in SEO a good choice? You might be intrigued by this question most often. But the simple answer to it is “Yes,” you must invest in SEO. Even in the recent UK SEO events, it was stated that investing in SEO is a good choice. If you aren’t still convinced, here are 5 reasons for why you should invest in SEO:

1. SEO will never expire and it’s ever growing

A lot of services are created every day and having an online portal is the best way to reach out to a number of new users. The visibility of your website needs to be very high for the internet users to easily access it. You’ll require Search Engine Optimization to achieve good search engine ranking and to make your website easily available to your users.

The world of SEO will never go down unless the entire internet is ceased. Also, new SEO concepts and strategies are developed every day, making it an ever growing field. This makes it one of the best options for your digital marketing plans.

 2. It doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets

When it comes to SEO, you needn’t worry about spending lots on it. SEO is a lot cheaper than you think. When you hire an SEO agency, Independent SEO consultant, or even an in-house SEO team, the best SEO’s will the value of their skills and how it’ll impact your business. They would often cost very less compared to the other options available for marketing your business or service.

3. Make your website easily accessible

SEO is the only way to improve your ranking in the search engine results. Most internet users don’t have the patience to look at other search results, than the ones appearing on the first page of a search. It’s suggested that you try and make your website get listed on the first page of a search result to acquire enough traffic. Through SEO optimization you can easily achieve good ranking in the search engine.

4. Gives you a healthy content profile

Contents are the deciding factors for the credibility of your website. A website with good content can reach out well and gain enough audience. SEO involves keywords and content marketing as well. With good contents that link various catchy keywords, you can easily optimize your webpage to gain good traffic. If you’d like to know more about how contents affect your search ranking, you can attend some UK SEO events.

5. Stay ahead of your competitors

Almost all website owners would employ SEO for their website. But, how do you stand out from them? You need to efficiently make use of SEO for developing your keywords and website contents. Only through this, you can stay ahead of your competitors. You can very well close your eyes and invest in SEO activities for your website.

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Article Writing Service or Hire a Full-Time Writer – Which one is the best?

article writing


If you have an online business and want to increase your user website traffic and Search Engine Optimization ranking, you have the option of hiring the services of a permanent writer or an article writing service. Companies and online organizations hire these services such as to meet their SEO goals, on account of the time and labour consumed in handling their very own link building and content writing.

The online writing industry is a competitive one and it is of critical significance to have the ability to determine the quality of an article. There are differences between full-time authors and article writing service suppliers. Both services have their very own advantages and downsides, so your decision of making use of each service must depend upon your optimal fulfilment of having your Search Engine Optimization targets fulfilled from each of these services.


The high quality of write-ups by an article writing service

Article writing services have a bunch of knowledgeable article writers on their payroll with the experience and record of equipping well-researched, top-quality, original short articles that will ensure greater exposure for your site. These article authors are experienced in the elaborate functions of online writing and SEO and know what is required to develop superior write-ups that could improve your positions in the online search engine, in addition, to click with your audience.

A full-time author available at might not be consistent at creating articles free of grammatical errors. Furthermore, he may not have the required capability and experience at producing premium Search Engine Optimization short articles in formats required for your objectives.

In some cases, full-time authors may impersonate somebody they are not, asserting to have skills they could not possess. It is tiring to have to check sample articles or any other evidence from full-time writers, in order to identify their capability before you can buy short articles from them. Whereas, article authors offered by article writing service have passed through quality control and are picked based on experience and skills showed throughout recruitment.



Meet due dates, inexpensive & reliable

Writers collaborating with an article writing service have the speed and ability to develop numerous short articles at the said delivery day, without jeopardizing on high quality or creativity as they are trained to function specifically for content writing and link building. Permanent authors usually have a bad track record in totally their projects and it is not always possible to inspect their credentials online as they could change their profile.

Permanent writers are somewhat more expensive than article writing services. You could pay an article writing service on ‘each need’ basis in contrast to ‘fixed monthly pay’ basis. They do not require additional advantages like insurance or bonus offers either.

Article writing service is unwavering and dependable with ensured top quality articles without the physical restriction of directly checking posts. They are experienced regarding SEO techniques and business operations needed to involve users’ interest and convince them to earn a purchase.

Permanent authors are uninformed of the innovations and growth of online writing layouts, which can unduly affect article quality that your website needs. Hence, it must be apparent to you why a content writing service supersedes full-time authors in all respect.

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The importance of marketing planning in selling electric appliances

A marketing plan is a process which defines the position of the business in the market and strategies which are taken by the business organizations for its future growth. It also includes a set of objectives and goals which of an organization. It is crucial for the organization for making specific marketing plan as it is the appropriate framework for monitoring and controlling the various issues and also clarifies roles and functions with allocated resources. It also helps the employees to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness while working in the organizations. A marketing plan is imperative to business organizations growth as it focuses on the specific strategies and objectives. The essential elements of marketing planning are market research and commercialization mix which identify the customer needs and demands. Marketing mix includes various aspects of product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix has a greater importance in the selling process of shark rocket vacuum.


365.294: Vacuum


Reviewing of change perspective in marketing planning

A marketing plan is crucial to business organizations as it focuses on the specific strategies and objectives. The essential elements of marketing plan are market research and commercialization mix which identify the customer needs and demands. Marketing mix includes various aspects of product, price, place and promotion. As many companies are operating in the competitive market thus, they need a current marketing plan which increases the effectiveness of the employees to introduce new products in the market. With the passage of time, the concept of marketing has been changing. Marketing concept includes the idea of goods, selling a concept and also a concept of manufacturing of products. The same applies to the marketing plan of shark rocket vacuum. In this age of globalization, the idea of goods has changed to e-products and e-services. On the other hand, nowadays product marketing has improved, and it’s been through the internet. The Internet has opened the new window of promotion of products and selling of goods through websites. Technology also has created a new dimension of manufacturing of products and distributes the products in various countries.

Examining techniques for new product development

There are various methods of marketing planning for developing the new product in the organizations. As the organizations have their different objectives so in this context, corporate and business goals must be met. New product development techniques may include control methods. The control procedures must be involved monitoring and control systems of management of organizations. Authorities monitor the employees whether everything is going according to plan or not. On the other hand, controlling means the correct taking path for easy going of planning. Control techniques should be included benchmarking, balanced scorecard method, the marketing audit, profitability and sales control, etc. New product development, its pricing policies and communications develop with the help of integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing mix contributes to communicate in clear sense, consistent and compelling message to the customers about the organizations and its brands.  The determining factors of communication objectives are Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction and purchase. The marketing mix in this context; mainly focuses on the 4 Cs that is Cost, Customer, Convenience and Communication.


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