Tips in Finding Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

Tips in Finding Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

Many people think that starting a business can be so difficult and you’ll need a big capital, such as Php1 million, to open your own store. Although it would be nice to have that much capital to start a good business, you can actually start small with what money you have.

You can even start without any money, if you’re willing to try dropshipping in the Philippines.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a kind of business wherein the order fulfillment is done directly by the supplier, without the goods getting shipped to you, the secondary seller.

In this business model, you can still have your own online store or shop where your customers can place their orders, but the stocks aren’t stored at your home or facility. After the customer makes the order, the supplier sends it for you.

Because you can’t check the products yourself, it’s very important to find the best dropshipping suppliers to ensure that:

  • They have quality products
  • They can actually fulfill your customers’ orders as quickly as possible
  • They will honestly send the portion of your earnings to you

Top 4 Tips in Choosing the Best Dropshipping Supplier


The only way to know if a company is legit is to research about them – and that could also mean buying their products to check if they’re actually legit. Doing this kind of market research also lets you find those that offer quality products at affordable prices to secondary sellers (so you can earn more).

Ask the Company for Info

Another best way to learn about the company you’re scouting is to ask them directly. Call or send them a message that you’re interested in becoming a dropshipper. They will likely send you more information about their dropshipping program, including information on how much you can earn per transaction or sale.

Study Your Business and Potential Clients

Are you going to sell to clients in the Philippines? Then it might be best to pick a dropshipping company based in the country or has a warehouse here. Order fulfillment can be faster.

But if you’re targeting an international clientele, then your supplier’s location might not be a big issue.

Check for Hidden Fees

Ask for all the fees you’re supposed to pay, including upfront fees and other incidentals – do you need to pay membership fees (monthly or yearly), warehousing fees, etc.?

Be sure to ask whether they’ll also charge some fees per transaction or you might end up with very little profit if there are so many hidden fees being charged.

7 Dropshipping Suppliers in the Philippines

Some dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines:


The platform is free to use and is developed directly by Shopify.


It’s free to join, lets you earn 5-20% from the products, and can be integrated with eBay and Shopify. You can even list your products on other platforms, thanks to the custom API they provide.

Bags On Demand

This dropshipping supplier removes their branded invoice from your customer’s order so they won’t even know you’re shipping products directly from your supplier.


It integrates with Shopee and Lazada online shops, and allows COD payment options for your customers. However, you’ll need to pay for a subscription catalog before you can use their system.


A dropshipping supplier for baby products, you get to sell toys and clothes from newborns to kids 12 years old.

There’s no fee to become a reseller. However, you need to buy at least three products to activate your reseller account.

Lynns Fashion Store

There are two options available: free membership and paid reseller package.

The reseller package comes with a preloaded shopping cart and video tutorials to help you learn how to market your products.


This China-based company has warehouses in the Philippines. It’s a very popular dropshipping option, but you might want to order the products from your chosen shop before doing business with them.

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