How to Tell Your Kids What to Expect on Their First Camping Trip

Camping can be an amazing way to spend a family vacation, with plenty of ways to spend time together without all the distractions of TV and the internet, along with a chance to be active and teach kids about nature.

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Why You Need to Talk About the Camping Trip in Advance

If you have decided to take your child camping for the first time, then he or she is probably very excited at the idea of doing something really new to them. However, they may also be a bit apprehensive in some ways too. Kids – especially younger children – can become a little anxious when taken outside of their usual routine.

This means it is a good idea to talk to your son or daughter about what they should expect the trip to be like, so they can mentally prepare for differences in how they will do every day things they usually have a routine for like eating, sleeping and getting washed and dressed.

Your child might also have some unfounded fears picked up from camping they have seen on TV, perhaps involving wild animals or even ghosts and monsters, and it is naturally best to find out that they have these and ease their worries before you go!

Show Them the Tent

You can get some fantastic tents for family use in all kinds of terrain and weather, and sites like can help you find the right kind for your needs if you aren’t already all that experienced with camping yourself, or with what you need for the destination you have chosen.

Once you have a tent, it is always a good idea to put it up once in your garden or even indoors to get yourself used to doing it and check there are no pieces missing. This can be a great opportunity to talk to your child and let them explore the tent. Show them the other equipment too, such as the mat and bag they will be using for sleeping, and any lights or other things you have bought.

Explain About Eating and Showering at Your Chosen Campsite

Kids can be somewhat fussy about food and about their hygiene routines, and obviously these are things that are different when you are camping. Depending on where you are going, from a campsite packed with amenities to a place in the wilderness, your plans for how you will all take care of eating and keeping clean and dry will vary, but the important thing is to tell your child what it is going to be like so they know what to expect.

Some kids are more adventurous and may not be anxious about the idea of their first camping trip at all, however even they can benefit from having a good idea of what the trip will be like so they aren’t getting excited about the wrong things. Kids can have wild imaginations and may think they’ll be off hunting bears or exploring a jungle when actually you were just planning on camp fire stories and a nice hike!

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How to Make Your Own Memes to Amuse Your Friends Online

Internet memes are one of the funniest things to come out of millennial online culture. Sometimes random, sometimes cute, sometimes satirical and usually funny, memes are easy-to-share image and text macros that are now found all over the web.

Unlike mass media offerings or YouTube videos created by people looking to become stars in their own right, the charm of memes is that most of them are created by normal people who have a good idea for a joke, and as such, they are really easy for anyone who can use the web to make one.

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Here’s how to make your own meme images to share with your friends!

Learn The Right Meme For The Joke Or Story You Have in Mind

Memes have a certain uniformity to them, which is part of what enables people to get the joke. Want to post a bad pun? Then you may want to use the Rick Grimes and ‘Coral’ from The Walking Dead meme or another commonly used one with a laughing dog. Want to tell a story about something funny or embarrassing that happened to you? A good option can be ‘rage comics’.

Whether you are joking about your own life, something in the news, or simply have a silly idea for a joke, using the right meme template is important to get the joke across to people who are familiar with memes.

If you are not already aware of the most common memes, or classic memes like insanity wolf, success kid, hipster kitty and the many others that have been around for a while, then spend some time on sites like 9Gag looking at the way people use the different images.

Some of them may seem a little bit random. For instance, people use a picture of a bear to post confessions and a cartoon penguin to post about awkward social moments, but when you are familiar with the memes, it can be easy to find the right one to use for your idea.

Find A Template or Meme Generator

For simple one image memes, where you simply want to write a caption on a picture that already exists in meme culture, you can find plenty of templates both online and in apps. However, for more unique images such as rage comics, you will want to use a tool like that lets you place familiar characters with your own text.

Post Your Memes!

Once you have made your meme, all you need to do is post it. If it is just for your friends because you’ve used an inside joke, it is easy to share on messaging apps or Facebook. However, if you have made something you think other people will find funny too, or which relates to a certain niche, there are lots of Facebook groups and Twitter accounts that share memes. You can also add your meme on sites like 9Gag, which solely exist to give people all the memes they want!

Making new memes can be a fun way to share jokes with friends or to amuse other users, so why not get started today?

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Getting Ready To Pop The Question

Are you getting ready to pop the big question, but you aren’t too sure how to make the proposal one that will truly blow her away? Coming up with the perfect way to ask her to marry you can be a big challenge for any guy, even the most romantic of them. You probably think it has to be a big gesture, one she’ll never forget. But, what’s important, is that it is personalized to your relationship. That’s a lot of pressure.


We have some great ideas to help you prepare to pop the question and ensure it is an unforgettable moment. As part of your preparation, make sure you check out diamond engagement rings in Brisbane from The Diamond Jewellery Studio.

Preparing for the Proposal

  • The Location

Try to choose a location that is sentimental to your special relationship. For instance, the restaurant where you had your first date, or the bar where you shared your very first kiss, or perhaps the spot where you first met, or said those three little words. Going back to a location that has meaning for your proposal shows that your relationship has been a special time and it is now time to take it to the next level.

  • Surprise Her by Involving Friends and Family

You may want to get friends and family involved in helping you figure out what kind of engagement ring she wants and her ring size, but why not get them involved in the proposal, too? Perhaps you could pop the question at a special holiday dinner or family gathering? Or, if you’d prefer the proposal to be private, you could arrange to have the most special people in your lives hiding just out of view or waiting to celebrate somewhere with you. There’s something quiet special about sharing the moment with your nearest and dearest.

Alternatively, with the holidays just around the corner, why not incorporate the proposal? With friends and family in town for the holidays, you could make sure they save the date for your proposal.


  • Consider Hiring a Photographer

Get the professional photographer to hang out near the proposal location and secretly capture the magical photos of your proposal set up. Professional photographers know just how to perfectly capture the light, make the setting look whimsical, and position themselves to get that priceless shot as you ask her to marry you. Best of all, you could keep it a complete surprise and give her the engagement photos as an extra-special wedding day gift.

  • Consider Using Music

Is there a particular song that is really meaningful to the relationship? Or, perhaps you both clearly remember the very first song you ever slow-danced to with one another? Having a significant tune playing in the background can elevate your proposal to extra-special and unforgettable for sure. Even better, take her in your arms and slow dance, regardless of who is around and where you are, and even if you’re somewhere public. Just gather her close and move together for a memorable moment.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a proposal she’ll never forget.

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Hunt And Shoot In Safety

hunt and shoot

A day in the country hunting or shooting is a glorious day out, but accidents and misadventure happen.  Here are a few pointers to help you avoid danger, disappointment, and discomfort.

Carry A First Aid Kit

Put together your own first aid pack. Anti-septic cream, gauze, sticking plasters, iodine, rubbing alcohol, scissors, and a mild analgesic such as paracetamol should generally suffice.  Anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, and insect repellant may be required too, according to the season. You know whether you have allergies; if you do, take the appropriate medication with you.

Dress For The Occasion

You want to be comfortable and you want to be seen.  Game doesn’t recognise colour, so forget camouflage – other hunters need to see you. You want the best of your shooting days, so purchase high quality shooting clothing.  Natural fabrics allow your skin to breathe, so wool, tweed, flannel, twill, moleskin, and linen are good bases for your outfit. However, a waistcoat or vest with a fluorescent colour such as lime or flame will prevent you being someone else’s unwitting prey.

TACT Is Everything Where Guns Are Concerned

Gun safety, whether you are using a shotgun or a rifle is vital. TACT is its essential mnemonic:

  • Target – Be sure you are aiming at what you want to hit, and be aware of what is around and behind it.
  • Assume your gun is loaded – Treat each and every firearm you carry as though it is loaded.
  • Control your muzzle – Carry your gun and see to it that its muzzle is pointed in the safe direction; opinions vary, but, carrying it with the muzzle directly upwards makes more sense than downwards (if you accidentally block the muzzle with mud, you will have a nasty shock when you shoot).
  • Trigger – To be safe, keep your finger off of the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are certain of your shot. Many experienced hunters see this as an element of being a better shot as it is natural to point your finger at what you want to hit.

Wear Ear Protection

At close quarters, a rifle is much louder than you imagine. Louder than a jet plane’s engine. The damage this can do to your eardrums is immense, and it doesn’t heal itself. This is the same no matter how many shots you take. Quality ear protection is an absolute must when you are hunting or shooting.

Wear Eye Protection

Shot or bullets can throw up splinters, and recoil can cause the most experienced hunter’s gun to buck unexpectedly. These hazards occur far quicker than the eyes can blink. So, protect your eyes. Toughened lenses are advisable, and goggles are available which can fit comfortably over prescription spectacles.     

Strap Up On Trees

The elevation a natural feature like a tree or crag gives you a great advantage over game.  However, precarious positions have their literal downfalls. A safety harness is a wise measure to take if you intend to patiently wait at a height. Quality safety harnesses can be light and still very strong, check the weight the maker guarantees it will bear before you purchase it though, you wouldn’t want to find out the hard way, would you?

Shoot Responsibly

You don’t like the idea of other people drinking and driving, so don’t drink and shoot. One beer can slow your reaction time and cloud your judgment, so stay sober. You will shoot more accurately, and won’t put yourself or others at risk.


Follow the tips we’ve shared and rest assured that you will be safe while you are on a shooting or hunting trip!

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What Every Car Owner Needs in their Garage

If you own a car, you are bound to own some tools. If you own a garage, you need to own extra ones. Here’s a list of useful items that you’re going to need if you want to be able to perform at least some sort of work on your car.

garage tools

1.      Car buffer

If your car is more to you than just a method for getting from point A to point B, you probably want to make sure it looks amazing at all times. A car buffer can be of huge help here, as it is used for giving the perfect finish to your vehicle, bringing it back to its original shine. A quality buffer is even capable of removing scratches and minor scrapes from the outside layer of your four-wheeled friend, giving it that polished look.
The pneumatic buffer relies on air as its main power source, while the electrical one uses electricity as its power source.

2.      Garage vacuum

Every owner who takes care of its car’s outside look will also want the interior experience to be as impeccable as possible. The garage vacuum is the most efficient way to clean both your car and your garage properly, which is hugely important, seeing as how a motor vehicle is capable of creating quite a mess. There are two types of garage vacuums out there:

Wall-mounted vacuum is installed on the wall (doesn’t take up too much space) and comes with a long hose that can reachdifficult-to-access places.

Handheld garage vacuum, on the other hand, is a budget-friendlier option and it does the job quite quickly. The downside here is that it has a small capacity.

3.      Jack + jack stands

Your garage might not have a hole in the floor for the purpose of doing check-ups on your car’s bottom side, but there are other ways of doing this. Use a good jack and a quality set of jack stands to lift your car and you’ll be able to do anything your local mechanic can, but without spending a ton of money (depending on how serious the potential issue is, of course). Most importantly, though, make sure to learn how to safely jack up your car!

4.      Magnet

This might sound weird, but you’d be amazed at how useful a tool this can be. If you’ve ever done engine maintenance, you’ve definitely had a screw fall deep into the engine bay. Now, while the fact that some car manufacturers charge a hell of a lot for ridiculous items such as screws is irritating, forking out the unnecessarily high amount of money for a borderline trivial item may not be the worst part of losing a screw in the engine – you’ll be thinking about it constantly, wondering when your car might break down on you, as a result of the screw ending up god knows where. This is exactly why a magnet is an excellent tool to have in your garage. In fact, even if you drop your key in the gutter, a magnet can help!

5.      Fluids

Your engine oil levels should be checked on a weekly basis and there should always be some of it in your garage – never drive without acceptable engine oil levels. In addition, there are many other fluids that your car may need: brake fluid, clutch fluid, antifreeze (especially for older vehicles), de-icer, screen wash, glass cleaner – all of these are extremely useful to have in your garage. We recommend Castrol for maximum reliability, no matter which car fluid type you might need.

Finally, don’t even think about not having some WD-40 lying around!

These five items are incredibly useful for every car owner, especially if you have a garage. So, make sure you have all the tools for keeping the car both clean and well-maintained!


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