3 Indoor Craft Projects to Work on During a Cozy Fall Day

3 Indoor Craft Projects to Work on During a Cozy Fall Day

Hot summer days have given way to the cooler days of fall. The leaves are changing, stores are filled with pumpkin spice everything and, before you know it, your kids will be donning their Halloween costumes and heading out for a fun-filled evening of tricks and treats.

Even if you prefer the fun of summertime and are sad to see the days getting shorter and shorter, there is no denying this is a beautiful and cozy time of year. Whether your idea of a perfect fall day is tailgating with friends, visiting a pumpkin patch with your family, or hanging out at home, there is no wrong way to celebrate fall and all it has to offer.

For creative folks, now is also a great time for crafting. Maybe you’d like to get a jumpstart on making Christmas gifts. Or, perhaps you’re excited to make decorations to give your home the perfect fall vibe. For many people, autumn’s slower pace frees up time for crafting, and few things are more enjoyable than cozy days spent making things. And from creating sparkling works of art with diamond painting to weaving festive wreaths that are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, there are plenty of projects from which to choose. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite indoor craft projects to enjoy on cozy fall days!

  1. Diamond Art

Diamond Art diamond painting

                                                                                    Source: Diamond Art Club

Whether you’re an experienced diamond artist or you’ve only recently learned about the diamond painting craze, fall is a perfect time to work on a shimmering masterpiece. When it’s crisp and cool outside, cozy up inside for a relaxing day of crafting, working on a landscape diamond painting.

Unfamiliar with diamond painting? No problem! Here are the basics. Think of diamond painting like painting by numbers. However, instead of painting every section on a canvas in a designated color of paint, diamond art involves using small resin “diamonds” to add color to specified areas. When you purchase a diamond painting kit, it comes with a self-adhesive canvas that has been preprinted with the design you chose. When you look closer, the design is made up of symbols. Each symbol corresponds with a certain color of diamond. Use the included tools to place the right colored gem over each spot and, when you’re finished, you’ll have a mosaic masterpiece that sparkles and shines like no other artwork you’ve ever seen.

Painting with diamonds is easy, and it’s an activity that virtually anyone can master in minutes, regardless of artistic skills or experience. It’s even easy enough for kids. Plus, painting with diamonds is a relaxing activity that can even provide a mental health boost. This makes it perfect for those cozy fall days at home. It’s also a great way to unwind after a long day,. Whether you display your finished creations at home or give them as gifts, they’re a unique and beautiful way to add visual interest to any space. Uncompleted diamond painting kits also make great gifts for crafters and those people who seem to have everything.

  1. Fall Wreath

Fall wreath

                                                                          Source: Pixel-Shot/

Do you long for a lovely fall wreath for your front door but hate the idea of spending a small fortune on one? Then why not make one yourself. It’s easier (and cheaper) than you might think, even if you’ve never made a wreath before. For this one, you will need the following materials:

  • 12” wreath base (grapevine works best for this project)
  • Acorns, pine cones and any other fall elements of your choosing
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Spray top coat

Start by gluing your largest items (most likely your pine cones) to the wreath base. Spread them out evenly, but avoid creating an obvious pattern. They should be randomly spaced and positioned for a more natural look. Then, start attaching smaller items, filling the gaps between the pine cones. Move on to your smallest items (like acorns and/or acorn caps) and glue them in the remaining gaps. You can add as many items as you’d like. Just keep going until it looks “right” to you. When you’re finished, apply your top coat. We recommend using two coats of a protective sealant. In addition to protecting your wreath from the elements, adding a top coat creates a nice shine. Once the top coat is dry, your new wreath is ready to display.

Tip: Look for pine cones, acorns, etc. in your backyard, or take a walk in a natural area, if possible. While these items are available at most craft stores at this time of year, using natural elements you foraged yourself makes the project more personal. It’s a great way to get your kids involved, too, turning it into a project for the whole family.

  1. Pumpkin Patch Cup Cozy

pumpkin patch cup crochet

                                                                       Source: tilialucida/

If you are a crocheter and a coffee or tea lover, check out this adorable pumpkin patch cup cozy project. Crocheting is the perfect activity for days spent relaxing on the sofa, and this project is easy enough for beginners.

All you need to get started is yarn in orange, green and brown, a 5.5mm/size I crochet hook and a yarn needle. Visit Okie Girl Bling ’n’ Things for the full pattern and additional information. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you might have a hard time making just one! Fortunately, you can whip one of these simple and adorable cozies up in about an hour.

Closing Thoughts

There’s really no wrong project to work on at this time of year. Whether you make something for yourself or someone else, fall is an excellent time to cozy up to a new project. The next time you’re looking for something to do this fall, try one of the projects above.



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