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12 Virtual Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

12 Virtual Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Virtual Thanksgiving Activities for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to spend with family, but if you are unable to get the family together in person for a feast, all is not lost. We have the best virtual Thanksgiving activities and games to ensure you spend quality time with your family for turkey day in November. You can utilize Zoom or your preferred video-calling tool to join family and friends on Thanksgiving!

1. Thanksgiving Crafts

This Zoom Thanksgiving idea is exceptionally entertaining if children are participating in the virtual celebrations. Choose a project in advance, and discuss it in your virtual Thanksgiving invites. By the time the call starts, everyone will be equipped with paper, scissors and markers. Beginning with a family tree or handprint turkeys is a terrific idea. You can also use the opportunity to make Christmas paper crafts with the family.

2. Share a Workshop

Do you know how to make the best apple pie? How should a turkey be cooked for the tastiest and juiciest outcome? Employ a professional or share your knowledge with your loved ones about something new. If you’re having an adults-only Thanksgiving, consider hiring a bartender to lead a virtual mixology lesson or a sommelier to guide you on a tour of the Loire Valley.

Thanksgiving dinner

3. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the simplest virtual games you can play since it is so easy. Select one caller to serve as the “leader” and instruct them to make a list of everyday home objects that the other players will need to find. The contestants will then have 60 seconds to find each thing. The first person to bring the object back to the screen wins a point! Many Thanksgiving scavenger hunts are available to download online if you want to go all out. Enjoy your quest!

4. Create a Family Slideshow

While celebrating Thanksgiving away from one another, old photos will make your family and friends feel closer. Ask for a few of the family’s best photos in advance, and then use Zoom to make a presentation for everyone to enjoy. You’ll love remembering everyone’s favorite moments!

5. Pictionary

The entire family can play Pictionary online, and it’s simple. It is similar to charades, but instead of making movements, you draw drawings. The first person to correctly guess what is being drawn wins a point! It’s easy to do, and you can position the camera toward an actual whiteboard or even use Zoom to draw digitally.

6. Family History

What better occasion than Thanksgiving to research your family’s history? Get to know your ancestors better as a means to express your thanks. Ask your oldest relatives to share their experiences and anecdotes, or surprise your virtual Thanksgiving guests with information from your ancestry.

7. Family Talent Show

Ready for some laughs this Thanksgiving? Showcase your talents! Your family will have a lot of fun if everyone puts their best performance on the table screen. Create DIY Thanksgiving decorations to decorate and have a creative environment to showcase the entertainment. The guests can sing, dance, act or show other distinctive talents.

8. Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

What more enjoyable way to take in a parade than from the convenience of your own home? NBC annually broadcasts all-time zones’ worth of the famous New York Thanksgiving Parade. So watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from your home while cuddling up with your family and friends virtually this Thanksgiving. You’ll have a fantastic time watching the great performances and creating lasting memories.

9. Virtual Thanksgiving Bingo

By organizing a virtual Thanksgiving bingo night, you can have a great time laughing with your family. This fun Thanksgiving activity is a wonderful way to be creative and bond with your family. You can download bingo cards or quickly make your bingo cards online. Encourage your teams to share memories as they cross out each square, keeping the squares related to Thanksgiving.

10. Family Feud

Hosting a family feud night with a Thanksgiving theme is one of the funniest Thanksgiving ideas. This is the perfect activity for an online gathering. A random selection of 100 people is asked questions about Thanksgiving, and two teams compete to predict the most common response. Try using a Thanksgiving family feud template instead of trying to plan this game on your own; you can quickly get one online.

11. Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are currently one of the most popular trends. There are virtual escape rooms specifically created for remote groups to come together and have a fantastic night exploring digitally. Join forces digitally and gaze around the chambers as you go through each level on the interactive platform. A virtual escape room is a fantastic alternative for you and your family if you’re searching for thrilling Thanksgiving ideas.

12. Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of the celebrations with the most focus on food. Host a virtual dinner for your family and friends to spread holiday happiness. Together, you may all eat, catch up and discuss what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Your friends and family will become closer due to this meaningful dinner.

Virtual Thanksgiving activities

A Virtual Thanksgiving Full of Fun

In the end, spending Thanksgiving virtually with your family can be loads of fun and entertaining. This may include a virtual dinner together, playing online games or having a few drinks on Zoom. Either way, you can create beautiful memories even though you are miles apart!


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