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My Top 5 Tips For Coping With A Family House Move

Moving home with a young family can be really stressful. Sometimes children can become very upset and unsettled by a big move. It can be very daunting for them. For you, having to comfort and reassure your children while you are coping with the logistics of moving house is tough. Here are our top 5 tips for making your move plain sailing:

  1. Hire A Moving Company. Most of us know we need to hire a large van to shift all of our large furniture. Some of us will even hire a couple of guys to do the heavy lifting and drive the lorry. Did you know that some removal companies offer a full service? This can include packing your home on your behalf. Of course, the time they are with you will be greatly increased, but so will the quality time you can spend with your kids. They’ll pack up your glassware and crockery, load it in the van, and even unpack it again at the other end.
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  1. Take The Kids To The New House. Lots of parents buy a house without getting the kids involved. However, to generate some positive excitement about the move, why not take them to the new place? You could let them pick out their new bedrooms, and even choose where their furniture can go. Try to explore the local area and find the best parks and adventure centres too.
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  1. Use A Professional Cleaner. The contract of sale usually stipulates the property must be left in a clean condition. Finding the time to clean thoroughly once the boxes are all out is tough even without kids. If you use a company like I Clean Carpets & Windows to clean everything as you leave with the van, you will save valuable time and energy. A professional cleaning service also uses their own equipment, saving you a car load at the end.
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  1. Stay In A Hotel. Some moves take a long time to complete. If you are moving interstate, you will probably need to travel a substantial distance. To make the move less tiring for the children, why not stop in a hotel for the night? It saves you having to worry about finding plates and cutlery or cooking too. With no beds to make, and no unpacking to distract you, the family can have a relaxed and fun time.
Riviera Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
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  1. New Things. Every move means that new things have to be bought. It might be curtains or a table, or even a new bed. Children love it when they get something new, so why not pick up a little something extra on your shopping trip? A small token to welcome them into their new bedrooms can go a long way toward helping them settle.

Some children worry their toys will get left behind. Others are upset they have left their friends behind. As a parent, this upset can be heartbreaking. All moves are tough, especially for little ones. Make all your lives a little easier with these tips, and have a happy new home.

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  1. It is the duty of parents to educate kids about moving on. Life goes on and we all have to move on. It is also a great learning experience for kids to move to new house.

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